Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday To TheIslandScout

Are you wondering where our son-in-law
got his nickname from?
If not you can just scroll down
through the pictures and then leave a
polite little comment and
pop along on your merry way.
But..if you are interested..
he got his nickname
because he was the
manager of the
SeaScouts in Key West.
He was approached by them
before he ever left the Army..
and, being an Eagle Scout,
he was all about
The Boy Scouts.
He and my daughter met
after he transferred up to
Wisconsin (can you imagine?)
from KeyWest to KeyCold.
Anyway, the first time we met him
he and my daughter had decided to take
the old sailboat we had for a little
trip on the lake.
He showed up in his Scout uniform
complete with knee socks and
kerchief. Uh-huh...
We thought maybe he was
headed to a costume party...
but he had us at Hello.
We spent the whole
evening laughing..
and they spent the whole
evening-NOT sailing..
(no wind).
Well, this Southern boy
sweet-talked his way right into
our youngest daughter's heart.
She went out to
Kansas City, MO
to meet his folks..
and it was love on both sides..
(at least that's MY take on it)
He is just goofy enough to always
bring a smile out of his folks.We knew he was really an
all right kind of guy
when we met his big bear of a friend
from Atlanta, GA.
He said not to put his picture on the
internet cuz he was afraid he was
in too many places.
Geez..I hope I didn't ruin his life
(Hey MrM-ya know I love ya)

We knew we liked him even better

when in September he married our

beautiful daughter in an outdoor


We didn't like him quite so much

when we found out how smart he was...

and knew that because of his work ethic..

he would be promoted 3 times in 2 years..

and move away and take our daughter with him.

However, we decided he was a "keeper"

when he gave us this beautiful

little grandson, BabyE.

Can you tell he's a proud Daddy?

Can you see that he is smitten?

Can you tell he just loves on that baby?

Please don't tell him that Nana

gave his BOY

gave HIS BOY

Yes-that's right...gave


a baby of his own to love on...

Cuz being a Southern BOY himself..

he thinks dolls are for sissies!


Ooopps..almost forgot to add- I love you , BigJ!!

The checks in the mail~

your photo name


  1. Adorable post!!... and even if he had done NOTHING ELSE RIGHT?... that grandbaby makes him a keeper :-)

  2. I so agree with Karen! BabyE is so darn cute- anything could be forgiven, but since he's such a wonderful SIL- there's no worries!
    I am so for the scouting program, spending many years in it here! Way to go- even in the full get up- I am so proud you didn't throw him in the lake!
    Tell MyM to grow a mustache, just in case, and no one will ever know it's him!
    And you tell Macho guy that boys need dolls, too! My brother had one and so did both my boys. If he says anything, just ask him if he had GI Joes or Ninja Turtles when he was a kid- then just say- case closed!
    Love your posts!

  3. He sounds like a great guy for sure..those Eagle scouts are..I have 2 myself! That little one of theirs is just so cute! :D

  4. Hello Diana,
    What an adorable were blessed with such a cutie :)


  5. Is that all you people do over there in Wisconsin is throw birthday parties??? lol! What a wonderful post, Diana! Another loving tribute and fun photos! :)

    Hugs, friend!

    xoxo laurie

  6. Hi Diana,
    Oh when I read about the knee socks and saw a photo coming up on the bottom of the monitor , I just hoped..... but you were kind and only show nice photos:-)) I did wonder which would be more embarrasing the knee socks or the doll... hope you don't get in trouble..... haha :-))

  7. Diana I love the way you speak from your heart! Happy Birthday to your son in law!!

  8. I wanted to see the knee socks!
    About the doll, every child needs a huggie baby, even if they are male.

  9. Is this the month for birthdays in Wisconsin? Let's see 9 months ago was what January, February. So I guess there's nothing else to do that time of year there? Anyhow, there's nothing wrong with BabyE having a doll, as long as it's blue.

  10. What a sweet sweet story Ÿ You are very lucky to have such a wonderful son in law and your daughter and grandbaby are gorgeous Ü

  11. Good Morning Sweetie...
    What a gorgeous share this morning. I so love the wedding photo, and that Baby-E? Well he is just PRICELESS. I love this photo of him, and all babies need a baby to love, whether they are a boy or a girl. Need a baby, yes indeedy.

    You are a beautiful writer. I love reading through your post this morning. So elegant sweet friend.

    Funny that you should tell me I have an old soul, I have been telling my husband that exact thing for 35 years now. I married an older guy (he is 11 years older than me), and I have always gotten along better with people older than me. Yes, I truly have an old soul. I just connect so well. Grandma thought I had an old soul too. Thank you for such a beautiful compliment. I am so glad that you found me, otherwise our paths might never have crossed. I so adore visiting you sweet friend.

    Have a beautiful Tuesday. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

  12. Hi Diana...just wanted to take a second to say thank you for always leaving sweet messages on my blog...I look forward to reading them ! thanks again ! you are lovely !

  13. Ha! How cute, we gave our boys dolls too, they really loved it!

  14. That little one is too precious for words. What a beautiful child. Happy Birthday to your SIL. They are a gorgeous family.

  15. What a nice tribute to your son in law. He is a keeper, for sure! And your grandson is too!

  16. Your comment today on my blog totally cracked me up! There have been moments when I would have TAKEN THAT CAR! ahahhahahahha

    Totally kidding here!

    What a sweet tribute to your SIL... Your little GS is a doll my friend.


  17. What a cute post but I quickly became confused when you said the SIL was the manager of SeaScouts in Key West...I just assumed it was some sort of fish joint....until I went back and read "manager of THE Seascouts".....


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