Sunday, March 6, 2011

SweetCheeks, Papa, Pirates &Starbucks Songs

Well, if you read
you know we are at
eating donuts,
and talking about life
in general..
which includes
but we will skip
rehashing that scene.
We have just about
finished eating
our donuts.
SweetCheeks is telling
us a wonderful story
about herself...
we are always
to hear her stories.
Papa tells us that she
has a good imagination..
She smiles sweetly at him..
until she realizes that
he thinks she is
Thiss is a twrue storhee!
Itssss REALLY REALLY twrue!Awggghhh!
I chan't belieffe that youh think
I ahm making thiss upp!

Papa- I am not

effen going to talhk to youh enymore

about it~

An' I canhn't effen hear youh now!

I ahm just gonna go talhk to

my ofther frweinds overah there now..SweetCheeks makes two rounds

talking to her "friends"

and then comes back to sit down.

What's that in your hand? We ask.

Theese are swhords, silly.

But...youh gotta stwraighten them outt


What do we need swords for?

*big sigh*

Youh need them to fight off the Pirates!

What pirates?

*bigger sigh*

The onhes right ofver there

They are on orhe boatt!

Get yourh swhords ready cuz

we arhe gonna need them!

Loohk! Pull them out stwraight..

Like THIS~An' then when youh seee a

Pirate cohming...

you jabb him like thiss with yourh swhord!

Got it?

Yep! We got it!


DON'T holhd youhr swhord like this..

cuz youh ken cutt youhrselff.

Got it?

Yep! We got it!


What's the matter, SweetCheeks?

The pirhates have taken ourh

boat ovfer and we arhe headed

forh the Waterfalls...OH NO!! Is too late for the swhords..

Yell BOO!


YELL save ourhselvfes.


We whisper/exclaim (feeling like idiots and not

wanting to disturb other patrons who

just MIGHT want to enjoy their coffee

in silence)

NO! LOWDAHR! They can't hear us!


They cahn't hearh youh yet...Lowder..


(wanting to get his over with)

Hooooohhh...Juss' in time..

We is saffved!

Let the song(s) begin..

(sung to a tune you will never

hear on the radio-or any other

place for that matter)

We hass sahfved ourselffs frum

the Pirates...who wuz gonna

make us walhk the plank...

orr they wuz gonna eatt us

or sumthin' and they would

havfe eatted Papa furst..

cuz hims is a old people...

and I coulda ran away while they

wuz bussy wiff that..An' my sistahs are safffe cuz they

arhe at skool...and..

WAIT! WAIT! They are coming

back...We are headed towarhds the

Falls again...

Yell BOOOOO...Quick...


(We have learned our lesson this time

one big BOO and it will all be over)

Ohkay...we arhe


See them up there in the sky?

They isss gohne FOREVAH!


Whare to you think they

are ghone to, Nana?

I don't know, Honey,

but we have to be gone too!

We need to leave now...

Buttt....NANA! We jus' gott here.

SweetCheeks...that was an hour ago..

Thass whut I mean...We just gott herhe!

Well, maybe that hour passed

quickly for us...

but I am not so sure it

went so quickly for the other

patrons who were on the

Pirate ship with us...

the ones that wanted to use

their computers and read their

books in a quiet enviornment.

The funny thing is that even people

that don't like kids..

find a bit of humor

in our little

Drama Queen.

Our little blessing...

who will soon be a big girl

and won't want to

show off for us at



I am dreading that day~

your photo name


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

LOL...I am convinced this young girl is going to grow up to be something in Hollywood..or perhaps a screen writer. I was actually thinking about all the peeps with their laptops and coffee trying to catch some quiet time. Oh well, next time they will either sit back and enjoy the show, or get the heck out fast LOL!

CIELO said...

SweetCheeks is so so cute! And those dreamy blue eyes! I'm enchanted by her... and her imagination! love each and every picture, and I so thank you for bringing me here, I have so enjoyed her story and seeing all those cute sweet inocent gestures and and... I just adore kids... and their pure hearts... no wonder Jesus said we ought to be kids to enter heavens.... there's so much truth there, don't you just think so?

Love you my dear Nana Diana!


Diana Ferguson said...

Fun post!

Cindy Adkins said...

Hi Diana,
Sweet cheeks is sooo beautiful AND expressive--she should be in the movies!!! I love her pirate story AND her imagination--WOW!!! Isn't she just so fun?

Proud grandma, I am sure!!!

Donna said...

SweetCheeks is quite the little swashbuckler!! I bet next time, you guys will find a different Starbucks to patronize. Either that, or the other people there will find a different one, for sure:) How funny, gotta love that little song of hers, and all of her expressive ways!!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

She has quite an imagination and I love reading these funny events! I will start helping to babysit miss Leila this week. Thursday is my first day.

Patty Patterson said...

And I know that every bit of that was true! Sweet Cheeks wouldn't dare make any of it up!

Anonymous said...

I love it when I'm out and about and see children like sweet cheeks. I'm thoroughly entertained by them. It makes shopping and every thing else so much more enjoyable (because they're someone else's). Actually my daughter and I carry on rather a bit at home too. We were doing impersonations at breakfast today. So fun. Why do they have to grow up? If I were at that Starbuck's I'd be coming over and saying hi for sure!

Lisa xx

Kathy@ Gone North said...

She must keep your whole family in stitches..
No grandkids here yet, but yours make me want some... : )

Diane said...

Don't you just love the innocence of a little drama queen's imagination? And yes, it is fleeting. My little drama queen that I used to take to Branson every summer and have soooo much fun with is now a junior in college and works at a bank. Where did the time go??? But, I still enjoy every minute I see her. She came by for lunch today Ÿ