Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WOW!!! Wisconsin Welcomes Spring!!!

Today is March 23, 2011
Spring Has Sprung!
Here is the street that
I take to get to
after work....
This is what it looked like today~
Beautiful huh?
Don't you just love
Spring In Wisconsin?
Do you have anything that
looks like this at
At dusk last night
the playhouse looked
like this...
Now at 4pm CST
it looks like this...
I guess we won't be playing out
there today, will we?

Well, then...

How about a bit of alfresco dining

on the patio off the dining room?

Would you like iced tea or coffee?

Your choice!

Mind you don't put
your mukluks up
on the good chairs-
I just recovered them.
Happy, Happy
your photo name


  1. BUMMER! What a nasty thing old man winter did to you.
    We just dropped 20 degrees in the last 2 hours. There was hail north of here. We have very high winds and our high tomorrow will be 40. Down in the 30s tonight. We could get snow in the next couple days now.
    I hope you get a thaw soon. Maybe you and Mr can come up with some indoor games to keep you busy until it does- wink...
    Hugs- Tete

  2. I feel so sorry for you..that looks like December instead of Spring! ;/

  3. Yep, it looks like your daffodils will be up any day now!

  4. All of our family is back in central Minnesota, they received all of that, snow, sleet, high winds, foot plus, today they even had tornado warnings?
    Stay warm!
    p.s. don't pack away those boots just yet ;)

  5. Holy cow!!!! Mother Nature must have her seasons mixed up!

  6. Here's hoping you get an extended spring and summer. You've certainly earned it. Sending you warm hugs, and hot coffee (Starbucks of course)

    Lisa xx

  7. Diana,
    Wow will your snow never end? We are hitting the high 80's here in Orlando (yuck) I am not looking forward to the hot summers. Your snow is pretty though and hope your Spring comes soon!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~
    P.S. Whenever I see a starbucks now I think of you and your sweet girls :)

  8. I feel your pain-we are getting 3" of snow here in massachusetts tonight! on the brighter side-everything looks so lovely & cozy there. :) chris

  9. snowed all day today..:o(
    but that's ok...I keep telling hubby that it just means we have more time to get in shape for summer....It'll go away soon enough ! xo

  10. UGHHHH!!~ I am so sorry, that is all I can say!

  11. THis is all I've been seeing on of this back home!! I said to my girlfriend back in just cured me of my homesickness!!!

    Pammie xoxo

  12. Please keep it there... DO NOT send it across the lake... (though it is truly beautiful...:)

  13. Oh wow!!!! That is just not right! It iced here then changed to rain and melted in the middle of the night. It's amazing how hard you were hit! Stay warm!

  14. Those photos would make lovely Christmas cards! I hope spring will catch up to you soon!!!

  15. I guess Wisconsin didn't get the memo huh? That is totally depressing Diana but at least you can have a sense of humor about it all! Did I detect a touch of sarcasm in there though? :-)

  16. It looks just like that at my place Diana!
    And I am totally sick of it too~ GRRRR, when will we get relief?
    Remember how nice it was last March?

  17. OMGoodness!! Spring sucks in your town!! I feel bad that I was complaining because it was only 58 degrees out here!
    All that snow sure makes for beautiful pictures though.
    Wishing you warmth and sunshine, any day now!!!!

  18. No wonder you go to Starbuck's so often. It's COLD there and you need a good hot cup of something to warm you up!

    I think it's going to be about 80 degrees here today. It's warm and sunny and we are already having to run the air conditioner.

    I'm also thinking of putting in a pool because in a couple of months, we're going to need a place to cool off!

  19. BRRRRRR!!!! I am cold just looking at your pictures! We are having lots and lots of rain here in California, but I keep telling myself that we will have beautiful flowers and greener landscape because of it! Have a wonderful week, Marcia

  20. We escaped the snow that was forecasted today, thank goodness!!

  21. We've actually already had to mow our yard twice and I've been out weeding in the garden. Can't imagine still having snow!! But you can laugh when it's 105 here (Louisiana)and your sipping wine on your patio with temps in the 70's.

  22. Hello Diana, so sorry for the cold weather you are having; but those photos are very pretty, specially the playhouse; looking foward to see it without snow. :)
    Warmest Hugs ~*~Wendy~*~


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