Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homemade Mac & Cheese

Now I admit
I am prone to opening
a box of Velveeta
Mac & Cheese shells
to make quick
Mac & Cheese for the girls.
The routine when the girls
stay over is I fix them
Octopus on the Rocks.
You will find that recipe
ever and something for you
to try to expand
your bland diet.

However, when Pam from
sounded ever-so-good.
She has the recipe over
there for you to print out..
so I will let you pick it up

But- I made it
and it is the
best mac & cheese
we have ever had-ever!
You start with the recipe
and a few staples...
The base starts with a bit
of melted butter
with flour stirred in and
then some milk added...

and cream cheese

cut into cubes Once that has melted down

you add the good old

sharp Wisconsin cheddar cheese.

(That's the trick- you MUST use

Wisconsin cheese because we have

the finest, cleanest cows you can imagine-

they are so clean they don't even poop

when you are walking by them-

they excuse themselves and go to

another room- You think I'm kidding?

Well, I know this is a fact because

SweetCheeks told me so)

Anyway...stir in the cheese...Add a bit of salt and pepperIt is a paler yellow than regular

mac & cheese..

makes no difference..

You mix it with the

pre-cooked box of noodles..

(forgot that picture-sorry to say)

Add the seasoned bread crumbs

and it will look like this...I made some mini-meatballs

and green beans to finish the meal



because it is at Nana's house

they can sit in front of the TV

and watch Snow White

while dining...

as you can see by Ria's happy face..

the Mac & Cheese was a

big hit.So, Pop by my friend's blog.

Her name is Pamela

@ French Buttons...

(and don't call her Pammie-Cakes

cuz she doesn't like that)

You're day will be enriched

when you meet her...

because she is a

good soul!


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Tete said...

That would make a great cheese sauce to use in a lot of other dishes just to make it a little different. Glad the girls liked it. I will use this base for other things, too.
Thanks for posting it. The cogs are turning now!
Stand back- it could be dangerous!
Hugs- Tete

Love of the Sea said...

Oh my gosh. One word YUMMY.

Pamela said...

Oh you did a better job of posting this than me! You are sooo funny!! Wisconsin cows are the cleanest lol!!
Love the photos!
Oh you can call me Pammie anytime I like that!!

Anonymous said...

yum,good ol comfort food - thanks for sharing, and Sweetcheeks 2 cents

Lisa x

Donna said...

Ok, if I come over for some mac & cheese (if I get invited, that is), do I get one of the cute pink tv trays? I sure hope so!!! This looks super yummy! I will have to check out her blog for sure:)

Pam said...

Well, that looks yummy. I make Kraft Mac & Cheese (powdered cheese - the kind that has never seen Wisconsin or a cow). This looks much better! And Pamela has one fantastic blog!

Craftberry Bush said...

...my address is........haha...
it looks so delish it's midnight and now I'm craving mac n' cheese...my kiddies love homemade mac n' cheese...but I'm sure yours has that perfect 'just like momma used to make it' taste ! xo

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh homemade mac-n-cheese is one of my all-time favorites but my kiddos don't like it...crazy kids! I think it isn't quite neon orange enough for them so I might have to start adding food coloring or something! :-)
P.S. Love the button Miss Diana!

Karen said...

oooh, this does sound GOOD!!!!!!!

laura said...

Well, I dont know where I might get me some wisconsin cheese!!! I am guessing its a sharp-ish cheddar?/ But what about the noodles? really? packet noodles? okay, and breadcrumbs? well, i started my diet today(dont tell anyone!!) so i dont think i will be trying this dish!!! Looks delish though!!
lots of sweet hugs to you!!!
Laura xx

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

This looks and sounds delicious! Eating it in
front of TV watching Snow White must be just
the best!

Flora Doora

AnonyaMouse said...

Yummy looking, and I have 3 grandkids that think cheese is a vegetable....Oh and here in the boonies, we can get real Wisconson cheeze, and I buy it, so I'm glad to know the cows are very well trained. I love the Extra Sharp, I was told by an adult that the grands wouldn't eat that, I said "no? they inhale it!" And they call Cream Cheese 'Cracker Dip".

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

I thought forever trying to figure out what octupus was before hitting that link! And it's copied and pasted and printed and waiting for my own sweet cheeks when they come this summer to visit me. :) Sad for me thought I can't have that fabulous sounding mac-n-cheese. The diet doesn't allow me anything good...boohiss. :)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I think my day was enriched when I found *your* blog. Your posts make me feel happy. You have such a lovely way about your writing.

This sounds so yummy! My husband lurrrrves Mac and Cheese...I might have to give this a go!


Gypsy Heart said...

I'm hungry...I'll be right there!


Patty Patterson said...

That looks difficult!

I just boil the noodles and mix in a can or Cambell's Cheddar Cheese soup. It's quick and easy and taste home made to anyone who's under 30.