Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SweetCheeks-American Idol-Second TryOut

As you know...
Earlier on
SweetCheeks made it
through the first round
If you missed it..
well..you missed
a smile!

She called herself
and sang her way
to a ticket to

Now, she must
do her best to try
and make it through to
the Final Round.
Her "story" has
changed a bit from
Round One.
I think I like this one
even better.
Hello...Young Lady..
Tell us your name
and tell us about yourself.
Wehlll...mhy name is
(At least the name has
stayed the same)
and I liffve wiff my
Nana & my Papa..
My Papa is verrrrhy old
but him drived me all the way
heerh in his oldd buss
an we doan't haff enouff to eat
sumtimes and I doan't know
where my otther famley iss..
But I reeelly lovffe to sing!
What are you going to sing for
us today, Rose?
I haff my own liddle peeano and
I gonna play it and my
is gonna sing backup.
Whatever is the matter, SweetCheeks?
I mean, uh, Rose?
My bhackup singarh is laying down
and hers woun't hellp me
wiff my addition!
Look...there she is jus' layin' therhe!!!
It's okay, Rose...
Your back up singer won't
be able to go to Hollywood
with you anyway...
So...just go ahead and sing..
I gonna drum too!
(to the invisible back up band)
My Papa is oldd and hims just
sittin' here whatching me sing
dis song and hims drives
an old buss and him rubs
my Nana's feet sumtimes..
and yestuhday when hims
wus wurking and I sett next
to himmm...himms smelled
like an old farhm animal...
(and just for your own knowledge-
we do NOT live on a farm...
nor do we have animals-hmmm)
An' thass my song....

How'd I do, juddgess?
Hmmm...Well, you had kind
of a rough start because of
your back up singer..
but you overcame that and
did really good! It's a Yes
from me...(Nana)
Thanhk you!
You got a yess from
me-even if you said I smelled bad..
you sang pretty good and
I love the way you played your drum...
Thanhk you!
(who has moved from Twin sister
to judge-thru the magic of childhood)
Hmmm...well, you sang off key
and I don't know that song..
You get a NO from me!
Dusn't matter! Dusn't matter!
I got
I can hardly wait
for the final show!
I'm thinking of filming it..
cuz I'm sure you won't believe it~
I don't know if I will
believe it myself!
I am thinking of taking
the SweetCheeks act
on the road.
She is a one-woman show!
your photo name


⚜ ↁℯℬℬᴵℰ⚜ said...

Whoo hoo Rose, see ya in Hollywood!

Julie Harward said...

She sure keeps you entertained..you might not even need a TV! ;D

Pam said...

Can't wait to see her in Hollywood. I love her background story. Sorry she doesn't have enough food to eat all the time!

Karen said...

LOL!!! Get that girl an audition!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh Nana, that little Rose, is going to HOLLYWOOD, I just know it!

By the way, you've got a medal, for sure! Way to go!


Kathy@ Gone North said...

It is that Pouty face that gets me every time.. :) (same face from your Super Bowl party)... She sure is a hoot...

Craftberry Bush said...

lol...too cute! hero smells like an old farm animal? and she still goes through to Hollywood, she must be really good ! xox
so much fun !

Tete said...

Rose, huh? Rose going to Hollywood is going to over the top. Can't wait for her next routine. Maybe you should teach her some songs...that don't involve smelly barn animals.
One thing is for sure- you can never tell what's going to come out of her mouth.
Oh yeah- she needs a microphone.
Hugs- Tete

Anonymous said...

Poor Papa, so tolerant. Bald, old, friendless, smells like a farm animal. Does sweetcheeks understand about genetics??

Lisa xx

Grannys Attic said...

Way to go Miss Rose Hollywood bound! :)
You are having way to much fun! Hugs, Vicky

Patty Patterson said...

I think you are going to have to video her next performance. I really feel like I am missing a really good show and that pictures just aren't quite enough. I need SOUND!

And congrats to Miss Rose for making it to the final round. Surely she'll be the winner! But, I can't wait until the final show to find out!

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Diana Sweetie...
I love that Sweetcheeks, I mean Rose. She is SO good, you tell her that she has my vote as well. I will be calling in for Rose. Loved her outfit as well, pink is her signature color.

Loved PaPa's reaction. That is so darn cute. Even if he does smell like a farm animal. Sometimes I wonder where these little gals come up with these things. So stinkin cute.

Hope you are doing well. I think of you each morning when I drive by Starbucks and smile.

Many hugs and much love, Sherry

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh Sweet Cheeks has my vote, Diana! She is so adorable! She is totally a "one-woman show!"

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I have to get on that phone and vote for Rose!


Flora Doora

A Cottage Muse said...

Your road act will be a hit...she plays to this sold out audience!!

Tootie said...

I don't think Sweet Cheeks has anything to worry about. I feel sure she's going to win in Hollywood. :)

You asked me about the project. We're redecorating the ground level in our house. Like everyone elses projects, it was going to be a simple one, but of course didn't turn out that way. :)

CIELO said...

Too too cute! ;) And I love her pink satin dress and crown... a true Hollywood actress! yeah!

Sending hugs


Simply Debbie said...

I will be voting for Rose and I will get all my friends to vote for her even if her papa, the very old bus driver, who has very little food to feed to her and her papa, smells like a farm animal...lol
I love her pink satin dress...she needs a childs karaoke machine that comes with a live microphone.
SHE IS ONE OF A KIND AND I SAY HIT THE ROAD....even better put her on u tube singing and telling her story and it will have lots of hits.....
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie