Saturday, March 5, 2011

SweetCheeks, Starbucks And Donuts

Now, I ask you..
Did you have any doubt
when you opened this post
that I was going to be able
to tie all three subjects together?

I'll start by telling you that
MyHero and I
beat our daugther, TPot
(well, we didn't BEAT her-
maybe we should have!!)
No..we beat her as in the
sense of
~made haste~
We beat her to Starbucks.
And we knew
that she had
a tag-along.
Can you guess who that might be?Well, I knew you would figure that out.
It's SweetCheeks..
who takes one look
at the plate
holding three pink, sprinkled
and asks
Arhe they all forh me?
I thought they were for
Papa and me.

Noah- Yoah is jus' foolin' me, Nana.
Thohse arhe forh me...
an' I gonna eat that
pink one furst.
Well, they are ALL pink.
I know
gonna eat thaht one furst!Which one?
THAT one, Nana, you silly goose!
Are you SURE you want to eat
all of them, SweetCheeks? Isn't that a
for one little girl?
No...Isss ONLY THREE, Nana!
An...they are BABY DONUTS!I takeded my skarff off
to eat them, ohkay?
Oh! No!
Can youh wahtch them forh me, Nana..
cuz I gotta go potty... HEY!
Who eated mhy donuts?
I dhin't say youh culd haff one!!!
I only have part of one,
the other part is on your plate.
Wellll...where is the offther
one then?
Nanneee...I see
youh is hiding one
behind youh backk..
an' youh iss NOT funny!
But..thaht is ohkay, Papa..
Youh cahn haff just
that parht!
Nana, I fixted my hairh myselfh
today...I haff on a headbanhd
and two bharettes..
do youh see that?
I think youh shuld fixx yourh
hair or sumthin' too.. luuks like youh
need to fixx it or sumthin'
Do youh know that, Nana?
Did youh brushh yourh
hair before youh comed here?
(giving me the inspector's stare)
She is off and walking around..
talking to anyone that will listen..
and to some people
that no one else sees...
We are all staring at the one
donut left behind...
thinking about
the one donut
left behind..
Not quite daring to
the one donut
left behind.Ohkay! Now I ahm gonna
eat the lasst one!Yummm...this is gooohd!!
An' you know whut, Nana?
Nope! What?
I wanna mofve to a differunt house.
I wanna mofve to a differunt house!
What kind of house?
A PINK HOUSE, sillyhead!
Can Papa and I come and live
with you?
Why not?
Cuz we only gonna haff 2 bedrooms..
One for Mom & Daddy
and one forh us gurhls.
Well, can't we share a room
somewhere too?
Noh..Noh you canhn't.
Well, why not?
Cuz.. no old people
or fatt people is allowded. mean we can't come?
Noh...cuz youh is a fatt people
and Papa iss a old people..
and youh haffa to livve in
a old people house.
Well. Thanks. A. Lot!
Yourh welcohme!
(SweetCheeks-eye rolling
and giving us the
stinky eye)
Well, can I at least have
a piece of your donut,
SweetCheeks? Papa asks~
Noh...cuz this iss the
lasst onhe...and
the lasst onhe always
tastes the besst.
an' youh alrheady had
youhr shahre when I
wuz in the baffroom
and Nana wuz supposta
be whatching them forh me!
(evil eye now on Nana)
Oh! Yummm!
This is sssooooo good, Papa.
Iss too bad there iss
no morhe pink
donuts forh youh!
The donuts are gone
but the adventure is
Stop back tomorrow..
and I will tell you
about the
Pirates That Invaded Starbucks.
It is a scary, dare-y adventure
and THAT is where the
come in!
your photo name


  1. the one last donut... well the grandchildren around here know what their Pop-Pop always says as he gobbles his donut: The first one done helps the others! Yup, that's a really unselfish Pop-Pop!

  2. She is just so sweet. Love the scarf she has on. It is so cute. Looks like a fun time at Starbucks.

  3. Truth hurts sometimes eh? LOL!!~ It reminded me of a time long ago when Mike and I were first married, we all went to Canada for the weekend, parents, grandparents and Mike and I. Well in Canada donuts are on every corner, so we stopped got a box and went back to our adjoining sweets. There sits my FIL all ready to go, he gets up for just a second, and we all swipe his about funny, he was so mad! We ate it too:) XO

  4. So, you are a fat old lady who doesn't brush her hair...hmmm...didn't know that. Thanks SweetCheeks for the heads up!
    If I ever get grandkids. I'm not taking them out to Starbucks.
    Hugs- Tete

  5. That looks like a totally smitten papa to me!

  6. That is just too hilarious, Diana! I love all of Sweetcheeks expressions! At her age, she can still get away with speaking her mind!!!!!

  7. Maybe they will have donuts in the old folks home that Sweetcheeks is going to put you in. I hear they have beauty shops in there so you won't have to have messy hair anymore. Not sure about a gym though. Sweetcheeeks must have been on a sugar high after all those donuts!

  8. That is too cute, she eats your donuts and un-invites you to the pink house lol! You have quite the spirited princess there!

  9. These all need to go in a book. I wonder what her children will be like! Her dress is so pretty.

    Lisa x

  10. Out of the mouths of babes! She is quite the character Diana!
    I suppose I should appreciate this non-talking stage of grand-parenthood I am in!
    When my son was about 5, he told my Mom that she couldn't kiss him because she had crinckly cheeks!
    She was only 47 at the time!
    Being a grand-parent can be humbling.

  11. I don't know that I have ever met a child quite like Sweetcheeks. I do believe she'll be a good lawyer some day.

  12. Sweet Cheeks tell it as she sees it, the good the bad and the funny...

    Reminds me of my Julia, who always spoke her mind, no matter the situation. I remember when she started school, wondering what her teacher would think of us, and wondering if we'd have to move, lol.

  13. OK, OK now this is the funniest one yet!
    Adorable! I am laughing out loud!

    Flora Doora

  14. She is wise beyond her years...the last one does taste the best!!

  15. Oh my gosh, she is toooo adorable!! And I love that story...aren't kids just the BEST? You are a ray of sunshine in blogland, I swear!!! You always put a smile on people's faces and even your grandchildren are taking after you and doing it too!!!

    Wishing you a happy and "sweet" Sunday!!!

  16. Cheeky sweetcheeks!!! isnt it funny how they think everyone over the age of 30 is really old!! (yep, we did too once upon a time!) Life just passes WAY too fast, doesnt it? Growing old happens way too fast!! But, so much wiser! thats the best part i think... oh, i am rambling a bit!! Probably bcos its 4am and i am half asleep!!!
    Laura xxx

  17. Nana, I do believe you left out the part about the prayer that was said by Sweetcheecks just before her first nibble???!??!? "Gawdd ohwr fawhther", (we repeat in a sing-song voice), "once ahgen" (we repeat, but not loud enough for her or anyone else to hear) "I SAYEDDDDDDDD... ONNNCCCE AHHHGGEEENNN" (we repeat only slightly louder as we don't want the customer's at Starbucks to feel we are pressing our beliefs on their private coffee time) Oh, Good God, she is yelling "WHHEEE WHILL AHSKK YOWH BLESSINGSSSS" (we repeat with our heads down and eyes closed - not in reverence - sadly - at this point, but because we don't want to be recognized)now she is singing opera "AAAAAAAHHHHHHAAAMMMMMMENNN!" (we repeat quietly - and silently thank God that the prayer has concluded...) or has it?

  18. This is just precious my dear friend. I have my Miss K tonight and I love it when she stays with me. She keeps me young and hip! hahahah

    Love sweetcheeks' hair. What a girl. The boys will surely howl for her one day (if they aren't already!).

    Love to you and PapaMan~


  19. If I'm ever lucky enough to have grandchildren, I'm going to diet and get a hairdresser before they can talk!

    When our daughter Anne was about 6 she took hold of my mother's upper arm, and swished the "flab" back and forth. (My Mom was tiny, but hey when you get old, things swish!)

    "Muttie," Anne said, "See how your skin wobbles back and forth like this?"

    My Mom said, Yes.

    "Well ... " pronounced Anne, "it's because you are OLD now, and we learned in science that you have lost the subcutaneous layer of fat under your skin. You are going to sag all over now ...."

    That's when you are tempted to home school.

    Can't wait to hear what my grandkids will say about me ... or maybe I can!


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