Friday, March 25, 2011

SweetCheeks Is Full....

She's full all right-
full of blarney..
and other
devilish tricks..
But, today,
we are talking about
As you can see
ate her meatballs first
and then worked on her
(the best ever)
and green beans..Lulu, on the other hand,
ate her green beans
first and then,
ate her mac and cheese
then her meatballs
in that order.

Ria, sweet little Ria,

doesn't eat much of anything.

She eats everything,

but not much of it.

I never make my grandkids

"clean their plates".

I find that most kids

know when they are full..

and making them eat



sets them up for

a love/hate relationship

with food....or......

eating disorders,

and makes them

dread mealtime.

Each, and every, girl

announced that they

were too full to eat

another bite.

We cleaned up after

our meal and the girls

dressed for the evening....

2 brides and

the Princess...

They said they were


However, when Papa

pulled out his

secret stash

of these....

3 sets of eyes

brightened up.


I thought you were


I ahm full..but Ih'm full

of reggyoular food

but nott doughnuts...

cuz doughnuts are my


Ih'll share mine with Lulu....Look...we cahn each

haff ouhr owhn cuz therhe are

threehe donuts and

threehe gurls...

Look...we arhe so fhull

they arhe cohming right outta

our moufths!

Seerreeusly, Nana!

Seriously? Hmmmm...

Maybe we should just put them

away if you are so full?

Noh...Ih'm jusss' kiddin'..



Arhe there eny more lefft~

Cuz that one sinked down

to my toes and I cahn

haff another one now.


Seereeeously, Nana!

Let me check...

Nope-all gone!

Seereeeusly, Nana...

yohu are nott effen funny!

(pffft...maybe I'm not funny

but I know someone who IS~

and I'll let you guess who that might be)

Did you pick out SweetCheeks favorite

new word? Seeerreeeusly, did you?

your photo name


Blue Creek Home said...

Seeerreeeusly Nana, of course you have room for a powdered donut effen when you are full!

Love your cute girls.


Cat & Cricket said...

Who doesn't have room for more treats!
Love your post!

Anonymous said...

I have to ask, does Lulu start with her least favourite and work her way around to her most favourite? I still do that sometimes. So does Miss I. And Sweetcheeks reasoning is quite often heard here too, but in this form "I'm not hungry for vegetable, just icecream" Some things are universal.


Cindy Adkins said...

Now I want a donut too! lol and I love those heart-shaped plates--adorable!

And so happy you're headin' out of town--that is awesome!!!

Simply Debbie said...

Your granddaughters are so pretty...tis true, always room for doughnuts...I never knew why fat tasted sooooo very delicious. My daughter, did not want her food to touch each other and she would eat her favorite food son I still tease because when I cooked chicken or we went somewhere they had chicken....he would remind me..."i don't want any dirty meat"...he only eats white meat whether it is chicken or turkey but he would mix his food up, telling you not think it is not going to touch each other, when it gets in your stomach....yes, she said, but I am not looking at it in my
sweet post... I AM READING EVERY POST I HAVE MISSED...they are like watching television...I enjoy reading your posts
Have A Sugar Sweet Day
Simply Debbie

Love of the Sea said...

That is so cute. I wish when I was full, I was full of all food but I also leave a little bit of room for sweets!

Sweet Tea said...

Brides, Princess's and Donuts - Can it get any better than this?
Great photos and beautiful girls!!

Tete said...

I knew there is always room for doughnuts! They don't fill you up because there's a hole in the center! Silly Nana- you should know that!
Actually, I was nothing like SweetCheeks. I was more like Ria. I was very, very shy and bashful. I came out of my shell in about 4th grade and really didn't go all out until I was an adult. Really.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

How sweet and adorable!! There's always room for doughnuts in my book :O)

Glad I found you this morning while I was blog hopping. I'm a new follower :O)

Gabriele Agustini said...

Oh how I love those girls! :)
And 'seriously' is one of my favorite words, which I'm trying not to say so often. But now I'll be saying it all day!!

A Cottage Muse said...

They are soooo cute!!

Rebecca said...

Happy Pink Saturday my funny friend. I know you are away but had to tell you I miss you!

Your "girls" are soooo cute!


Lin said...

Your life is so full of preciousness!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

"sinked down to my toes" that!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Always room for an effen donut or two. Words to live by! I love those girls and sweet
baby E...they always bring wonderful laughter to us. They are children who are full to the brim with love. Thank you for sharing, Diana.

Debbie~ said...

Seereeeusly, we call that 'Our Dessert Stomache', when we're too full to eat what we should, but of course neva eva too full for dessert! Or, if someone sneaks a cookie before dinner, it Seereeeusly won't fill ya up, because it's only going to the dessert stomache! :) Seereeeusly! Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

"That on sinked down to my toes!" I love it! In our house we do the Cooper stretch. My son Cooper perfected it and it means when you are completely full but, you just must have one more bite or indulge in dessert, you sit up as tall as you can, stretch slowly until everything sinks (maybe down to your toes) then, walla! You have room for at least one more bite. (By the by) - I never made my kids or make my grandkids eat all their food. As long as they are eating things that are good for them as well as the treats, I think kids know when they're full. I hear they consume the same amount of calories each week no matter what order they get them in, i.e.. eat lots one day and barely a thing the next. Mine all seem to be turning out fine so we're going with it. Blessings to you and yours, Tia