Sunday, March 6, 2011

Do YOU Have A FloraDoora?

NO- It's NOT!
This is a Jane!
This is a Jane
that lives in Naples, FL.
This is a Jane that lives
in Naples and she
is the plural or
Makes no never-mind..

I'll bet you think that is coffee

in her mug, don't you?

Nope...Guess what it is?

Well, I can't tell you but

you will notice that she is

SITTING and not walking around!

(Now, no one TOLD me what it is

but I have a pretty good guess-hiccup)

Jane is one of the sweetest
people I know..
and No...
NOT just because she
makes FloraDooras
(and sent me one---
stick your head in doo-doo)
I digress..
or is that
her little bloggy badg-y
thingy- whatever they're called..
Looks LIKE this! And I think that badg-y thingy
is a picture taken in her laundry room?
Am I right, Jane? Maybe not...
Look what I found in my mailbox!
I did a post on lavender..
and Jane found a piece of
fabric with lavender flowers
and the rest is history..
well, almost...
Here it is..lying flat on
my scanner..This doesn't do much for it, does it? it is hanging on a door.... Still lacking a little something,
wouldn't you say?
Oooooh...How about this?
Turn your head to the left..
It is beautiful....
Filled with lavender
and hanging in the bedroom
that has lavender accents.
You can see pictures of that
Here she is up close and personal...
Look at that fabric!!!
And it is lined with plastic..
so that you can fill it with
water and put fresh flowers in it.I hung it in the little space
between two doorways..
One door goes
to the bathroom
and one goes to the closet.
A perfect little piece
for that particular spot.
That odd spot that
nothing ever seems to
work in.
Can you believe it?
Is that perfect, or what?Quick...quick...
Turn your head to the right...
Ooooooohhh....Love it!!!!And just inside..
In this guest bathroom..
you will find this little
bit of lavender...I love this little jar..
I keep drugs in it..
Nahh..just kidding..
It holds Q-tips..
securely latched to keep
SweetCheeks from
sticking them up
someone's nose...
Did you know that
I am one of those weird
people that likes to iron..
Well, I told you I was weird..
but I DO like to iron...
and I LOVE to iron with this...
there is nothing like it in the
Imagine pillows freshly laundered
and sprayed with this and ironed.
A bit of heaven on earth...And one more bit of
My friend, Jane,
who for no reason
I can fathom...
sent me this..
just because...
just because..
she is that kind
of sweet person.
And now I think
of her every time
I walk into this room..
I see my lovely friend's
face...reflected back
in fabric that her
hands touched.
Thank you Jane..
You are a good soul.
Please pop over and
visit her blog...
It is as lovely as she is....
your photo name


LDH said...

That is the sweetest little bag!!! What a dear she is. Going to pop over and visit with her,

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh my! I certainly don't deserve such a post!
But how wonderful! The Flora Doora looks
really beautiful with the lavender! I loved
seeing it! OH but why did you rat me out about
the coffee mug...I had everyone fooled!

Thanks for a beautiful Flora Doora post!


My Blessed Serendipity Life said...

Well isn't that bag adorable filled with fresh flowers? Love it. Oh and by the way, I will be dropping off some ironing for you to do since you love to iron so much (just kidding of course).


Suzann said...

What a beautiful Flora Doora bag!!!
I hope you are doing well!!!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Anonymous said...

what a lovely bag for an old, eerrr,
lovely lady. I love the display.


InMyOwnStyle said...

HI Diana-

I lovvve the bag and the purple flowers are my thing!! They look so pretty together. I do like your head turn shot - pretty cute of you!

My best- Diane

Pamela said...

Love that bag and what a lovely girl!!!
I love lavender and I am weird too Diana because I love to iron!!! I iron my tea towels lol !!!

THat's funny about the Qtips and SweetCheeks!!!

Pamela xo

Yeah the boys approve of my painting thank god oh else I would have to listen them whine and complain and gang up on me!

Pam said...

That is too cool. Love that you can put water in it. I'll go on over and check out her site. When I first saw this post I thought it was about Dora The Explorer. I might watch too much kids tv.

kerrie of sea cottage said...

That is the sweetest thing. I have seen her Flora Doora's and how they came up with the name is such a sweet story. The blogging community is so heartwarming.

I am feeling better today. This actually is the first flu I have had in two years. The rest of my family has had different flu's since Autumn and I have been endlessly taking care of someone sick! I have been so grateful to have stayed well for so long.

Julie Harward said...

You are so lucky..that is the nicest thing and what a pretty thing to have hanging around...lovely! ;D

Heaven's Walk - said...

LOL! You are the best of friends, sweet crazy Diana! No wonder Jane sent you that adorable Flory Doozie or whatever it's called! lol! It looks so adorable with the lavender in it. :)

Now.....please tell me about that lavender spray, my dear.....?? Where do I find it??? ♥

xoxo laurie

Anonymous said...

I visited Jane's site just the other day for the first time ever, oops sorry sweet cheeks - evahh!, and saw the beautiful bags she makesm and read the funny Flora Doora story in the sidebar. That is a lovely lavender bag. Love the idea of plastic lining it for water and flowers - too perfect. And I love you q-tips holder. It's pretty.

Lisa xx

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

That little flora doora bag is beautiful :-) and I'm going to have to look for Best Press too; I've never seen it before.
I just read through your adventures with Sweetcheeks at Starbucks...adorable :-)

A Cottage Muse said...

I am a big fan of Jane's work!! I have a few around my nest and share them in my booth as well!! I also gave them as favors for my Christmas Party...the girls loved them!

Melissa said...

Your blog is simply precious.

Melissa said...

Hey Sista! Im ALIVE!!! Barely! LOVE that bag! WANT! And...if shes got what I think shes got in her "Coffee" mug...I needs me some too! LOL! You always make me laugh till I wanna teetee! What can I and me...sistas!