Friday, September 3, 2010

Whut About Me?

Yesterday was not an ordinary day for
our little SweetCheeks..
No, indeedy!
It was the day both her big sisters
started their school year.
She thought she had a 1 hour
nursery school
she got all dressed and combed her hair
and brushed her teeth..
But, alas, it is tomorrow.
Yesterday was for the 4 year olds
and she is only 3.
She looked at her Mom-
Whut About Me?
Whut Am I Gonna Do Today?
Guess what she did?
She called Nana!
Nana to the rescue!
We met at Starbucks.
I got SweetCheeks and a latte.
My daughter got her FREEDOM
for a few hours.
First up is the swing on the porch.
Can you see she is holding her
new Hello Kitty sandwich keeper and water bottle?
Yep-they are both empty but she doesn't care.
She has a great imhaginashiun
She will pretend they are full of sumthin'.
Sit Up-I tell her-so I can take a NICE picture.
I am..she says..smiling ever so sweetly.
Nana-Lookit my fairy ribbons in my hairh!
Aren't dey bedyootiful?
And Mama gaved me sum Mimi braids too!
I see that! I tell her..
Then she looks down..
I see a slight scowl forming....
What's the matter, SweetCheeks?
My Mama forgetthed to paint my toenahils
and hers was supposed to paint them pink
and sparkly too!
That's okay, SweetCheeks..
Let's go inside and you can put your
princess costume on.
Well sumbuddy has to hewlp me wif my buttons!
And doan't look at my pwrivate parhts, Nana!
I won't, SweetCheeks!
I promise!
What ARE your private parts, SweetCheeks?
Yoah know dhat! Dey is da parhts whare
yoar baffthin suit is! Oh-yeah!
Now! Whatch me dance..I am dancing just
like Cinderellha at da bawll.
Yoah know whatss sad?
I doan't haff eny ghlass slippers.
I whish I had sum ghlass slippers, doan yoah
whish yoah had sum too, Nana?
Nana? Yoah is probarly too old to have sum
ghlass slippers enyway cuz yoah
would probarly break em or sumfin.
Yeah! Good thing I don't have any of those old things!

Do yoah know whut happened afhtar the bawll,
Uh? Did she marry the Prince?
Noah! Cinderellah wus so tihred her
setted down and fell asleep for
a hunthdred years and
then the Whicked Whitch gived her
a good apple and now her lives
in the forest sumwheres with
sum little people.
Oh- I see..
And, Nana?
Yes, honey?
Her knowhs that Dorfee too!
The one that whent to see da
Whizard of Oss...
And member the lion? Hims went wiff her.
Know what else?
Hmmm? Hims kinda gooofee cuz hims
asked Dorfee if hers had any sisters.
Well...yoah know dat..
I know? What?
Dorfee was an only child!
(Hmmm...I'm thinking that if your Mama
had YOU first-You might have been
an only child too)Bye-Bye-SweetCheeks-
Time to go home now..
Your carriage awaits you....
And tomorrow will be a whole
new adventure!
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Diana said...

Every day is an adventure with our little ones, right?!

Debbie said...

let's try this again....
You are a fairy godmother for sure Diana!
and yes...when I got home from work last night, there was a package in between the doors.Thank you,ever so much, for the beautiful linen hand towel! You are a blessing to me.

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Diana...every time I see your little princess I think of how my little girl used to wear Belle's dress all the time. I must post about that soon!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

Lin said...

I just love to hear the tales of Sweet Cheeks, she is just adorable & she has the best Nana too!

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

Oh My she is just the cutest!! I love her pretty dress!!! What a princess!! My 4 year keeps asking to go to school! My girls have those Hello Kitty lunch stuff!!! Looks like she had a great time with Nana!!! Have a great weekend!

Tootie said...

What a great 'Sweet Cheeks' day. :) We will be reading tomorrow about the day she is having today, right? can't wait.

By the way, are you bringing Pearl to Sanibel's Periwinkle Park for a vacation? I was just thinking that maybe that's all Pearl needs too make her right again. :)

Love of the Sea said...
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Love of the Sea said...

Sorry - I hit send too soon!! She is so sweet...what a cute little face. She was probably very happy to have you all to herself!!!

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

How precious is this little girl!!! I know you love her lots. I love the sweet little conversation too.

Pamela said...

Lovely time spent with your granddaughter! Very precious!
Pamela xo

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, she is the cutest thing!!! Also, I love her dress, too cute.. What an imagination. Someday I wanna have a cute grandchild who will babble just like that! Have a wonderful weekend!

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

That Sweet Cheeks makes my day. What a little dolly. Today I babysat my grandkids, and the 4 year old, when I told him to tell his mommy to bring him down to the beach soon said, " Grannie, what date do you want to put that on the calander?" Got to love me some grandkids! My 6th is due any day now!