Wednesday, September 15, 2010

UP in the UP

That would be ..Up in the
Upper Peninsula-one of the
beautiful spots we like to go.
This is Hougton...just under the
Welcome sign, on the corner..
is a wonderful little coffee shop..
with good books...good coffee..
and it's good for people watching..
one of my favorite things to do..
that and talking to complete strangers..
Yeah...I'm good at that too~

See the trees on the picture on the right?

The hotel that we stay at is just down below them..
on the water...we can see that bridge from
our window...and the water..
and if we are on the first floor..
we see...
people walking by and looking into our room..
That's why MyHero keeps his clothes on..
cuz I like the drapes open until it is dark..
He is modest like that...sometimes..
Did you ever look into a motel window
and notice someone sitting there in
their tighty-whities?
That might be MyHero...
or...maybe not~
Anyway..after a good night's sleep
we get up and head to Copper Country.
The first stop is Calumet.
They have all these wonderful churches
preserved...even though much of the
town has quietly closed up shop.
This one is right next to the one above..And..they have a cute little downtown area.
Later, I will tell you about MyHero
and his rock-ing experience..
and forgetting his wallet...
and losing my own credit card...
and buying some clip on glasses...
but that is an experience for another day...
I can only pack so much excitment into one blog .
We drive further North to Copper Harbor..
There is a camp there that was set up
during the depression years.
Family stayed there..worked there..
and made their homes there during
the Depression years.
It has a lovely old lodge where you
can stay or where you can
just grab a bite to eat in the dining hall.
This is a picture of the grounds as you
drive up Leaving there we drive South
towards Florida where I really want to go -See- It is less than 2000 miles away...but Nooooo we have to go to Lake Superior where it is cold enough to freeze the butt off an antelope Eagle Harbor

Isn't this beautiful though? mouth is already watering when we
pass Eagle Harbor...for soon...
soon...but not soon enough..
we will find this
sweet and darling
little place..
where they make the best
muffins you have ever had in your life...
They make a gingerbread muffin that is
to die for...with lemon cream cheese frosting...
my mouth is watering...
there's the sign!!!
Their little front door is always open
with wonderful smells
wafting through the screen..
You are closed on Sundays?
Are you nuts?
Ohhh...You're religious..
and it's your day off..
Do you suppose they left the back door
open by mistake?? hmmmm-
might be worth checking..
I didn't see a No Trespassing Sign.
No? Huh? Why not? *sigh*
MyHero has NO sense of adventure!
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If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

mom, you can't go to the monks place of business on a Sunday and expect them to be should have gone on Monday (you know, the day you played hooky from work)!

Diana said...

Enjoyed the story and pics!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

O.K. crazy lady I don't want to have to bale you out of jail. You better check out the hours of operation next time. I hate when that happens. Thanks for taking me along.

Julie said...

Your pics are beautiful! I am just stopping by to say thanks for being a faithful reader of my blog & always taking the time to leave meaningful comments. So sweet of you!

Donna said...

I loved the sign that said Miami 1,190! Too funny! We are going to the UP next week in our motor home, can't wait! We were up there 3 years ago, my first time that far over, believe it or not. We loved Calumet, and The Jam Pot, too! Did you see their fabulous monastery? We couldn't go in, but we were enjoying walking around the grounds and seeing the beautiful flowers. I said something to one of the monks working the grounds, and he ignored me! Guess he either didn't hear me, or he had taken vows of silence :)

Vanessa said...

What a darling little bakery! I love those kinds of finds! I cracked up about your "talking to total strangers" comment because my hubby will always ask me "what new friend did you make today?"! You just never know, maybe that total stranger will end up being a great friend!

Debbie said...

So that was your husband we saw sitting in his tightie whities in Frankenmuth at the hotel!!! Had I known, I would have knocked on the window. Oh well, maybe next time.
Great pics Diana.

Hope Filled Living said...

I'm so jealous....I want to be there right now! That's the same trip we take each fall. We have also stopped at that little bakery! The world is such a small place! I laughed too about the "talking to total strangers" thing because my kids, friends and husband tell me that I make friends wherever I go.

Love of the Sea said...

Love the photos....the scenery looks beautiful. Can't wait to hear about the interesting stories...p.s. your only 1990 miles away from where I live!!!! Not too long of a ride!! :)

NanaDiana said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments. I try to reply to those personally that have active emails addresses available...except to my daughter because she is SUCH a smart-butt! lol

I love all your comments and feedback. You guys are something special! xxoo Diana

Amy Kinser said...

So sorry you didn't get your muffins. Next time...

Love your photos. Sorry no Florida, but looks like you had a lot of beauty all around.

Julie Harward said...

I think I begin every comment I leave here with...LOL...but thats just what I do when I visit here! This does look like a great trip and I would have tried the back door too! ;D

WeeFaerie said...

LOL! Stay out of trouble young lady! No breaking into bakeries... unless you brought your own Starbucks and in that case I think it would be considered just cause lol! Beautiful photos!

NanaDiana said...

You girls are so dear to me...except for the smart alecks amongst you...and YOU know who YOU are!

Now WeeFaeire...I hate to say she lies...but she told me beautiful photos and I know I just point and snap...for beautiful photos you MUST visit her blog-if you haven't already because SHE has beautiful photos...but..hey..I will take any compliment I can get-

Julie-LOVE that you come here to laugh!

It is a small world, indeed-Donna & Mary have both been to that same bakery. Debbie saw MyHero in his whitie-tighties--sheez..and told people about it.. I am amazed at how often some of us have crossed the same paths but at different times...much like life..the path of bride/motherhood/parenting/grandparenting. Isn't it amazing how we are all so very connected in so many ways? Yep...I'm getting sappy now-time to go to bed! uh huh! xxoo Diana

Heaven's Walk - said... thinks if YOU had been in YOUR tighty-whities that maybe you could'ave talked your Hero into taking you to Florida!!!! Keep that in mind next time, you nut! lol! Loved seeing these pics, Diana! Hubby and I were there many many years ago, and LOVED Copper Harbor! Soooo pretty.....Thanks for the sweet memories, darling D! :)

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Jettie said...

you nut! I'm afraid to look in the windows, afraid I'll see more than I ever wished to see.
Only 1990 miles huh, that sounds like a weekend drive to me...