Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy Birthday To TheBrawnyMan

From Scrawny to Brawny...
Little does my son-in-law know
that I found these pictures.
Right about now he taking a big gulp
of his morning caffine-free coffee
and snorting..
out his nose..
cuz he had
no idea
I was gonna do this.
Here is his first grade picture.
Can you tell he was kinda naughty? know...the kind
the kind of kid
that rides their bike across
the school playground after
being told NOT to...
yeah...that kind of naughty.Here he is at the beach..
It's a modest family...
They only show legs.
The neighbors knew them
as the family with the kids
that had "all the arms and legs"
Like...Most people DON'T
have arms and legs?
Hmmm...I think it was just that
they are all tall.
Here's our boy!
I think he is saluting his father..
His Dad would like that.Below you see him with his first
girlfriend fish.
He still loves fishing & boating.He was always a Mama's Boy
although he claims he's not.
Notice he is right behind his Mom?
Yeah...he was a Mama's Boy..
ooooh...LOVE those glasses..
pssstt..what was in your Mom's glass
cuz she looks pretty cheerful
for having 4 half-grown kids underfoot.
Your brother, on the other hand,
looks like he does NOT want to share
his popcorn.
Plus-he's mad cuz you are Mom's favorite.Ooooh- You're growing up...and
looking pretty dude-ish with your
Love the hair, too....looks kinda like
one of the
Backstreet Boys..
(whoever they were)And here you are again...
A birthday celebration...
You had no idea
what your future held for you..
You were blissfully unaware
that soon, all too soon,
you would be paying for
LOTS of birthday cakes.
One of MY favorite things about
you is that no matter what I serve you
you always say it is
"The best I ever had"...
Yeah...Moms like cooking
for guys like you..
pssst...don't tell YOUR Mom
that you like my cooking
better than hers..hahaha..
just kidding, Marilyn...
Yeah..cuz then YOU
won't be HER favorite
One day, by chance, you met
your future...
Her last day on the job..
and you walked in..
just before closing..
who knew?Who knew that this beautiful girl would be
your bride? did pretty good, huh?Before you knew it Lulu was 18 months old
and Sweet Little Ria
would join the family.
Your life was not all sweetness and light
because you lost precious little
AnnaBella 18 months after that.
But you stood strong and weathered that storm.
And, about 18 months after
that along came
Look how cute she was back then!Being a good Dad you were never

afraid to have your picture taken
with your daughter and one of your relatives a character.
Do you see the resemblance?

Huh?What is it, you ask?

Why-you are BOTH wearing hats!

I wish we could pay the girls

to pretend they like you..

As you can see they hate having

their picture taken with you...

I'd say you did good, Dad!
Happy Birthday..
Did you tell me that some girl called you a
yeah...well...what I think she meant
was that you were driving
Dream Boat!
Happy Birthday Big Al!!!
We're glad you're part of
our family! are stuck with us now..
Like white on rice!
Life is just like that sometimes!
your photo name


  1. What a sweet birthday wish post. Tell him happy birthday from me since his is one day after mine!

  2. Best wishes to the birthday boy! Bet he's going to love seeing all of those old pictures! :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to him!!!
    What a sweet post! I bet he's gonna love all those old pics!!

  4. Happy Birthday Honey! You finally made the big time. A one-day, personalized write-up in blog land. LOVE those glasses you used to wear. (I think it was best I didn't know you then!).
    ~Tpot (ps. Nana- wait until you see the write up the Brawnyman is doing for your birthday. It is under 50+ SWF section in the UP's daily paper. Make sure to look for it next time you are up there.

  5. Great post....what a nice way for him to celebrate this birthday....this is a wonderful gift!

  6. Hi Diana~~~HE does look like the BrawnyMan!!!
    What a nice post for his birthday.
    The "sheet" money is on it's way...had to wait for a paycheck this week. Sorry it took so long.
    Enjoy your weekend toots.

  7. You dun well, Diana.....You dun well! :) Happy Birthday to Brawny Man!!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  8. LMAO @ TPot! Can you post this write up for Diana's birthday? We would LOVE to see it! :P

  9. Diana, these are great photos! and happy birthday to your son in law, this is a lovely little tribute to him! I am sure he wont mind all the pics!!!
    hugs to you,
    Laura xxx

  10. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments....and, in case you are wondering, I am IN the UP for the weekend. I will be searching madly for the ads for OVER 50, SINGLE WHITE FEMALE to see if I have any takers. Do you think MyHero would mind? Nah....after this week-probably not!>) Diana

  11. Happy Birthday Al!! What a wonderful, fun, tribute to your beloved son-in-law :-)

  12. What a wonderful post! You are too sweet & your hubby is adorable. You make a very cute family :)



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