Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Do you like Fall?
Do you LOVE Fall?
Are you all about Fall?
We are!
This family LOVES Fall!
Saturday we decided to
take all the kids
~big and little~
and head to the
Meuer Family Farm
in Chilton, Wisconsin
to get some PUMPKINS
for Fall decorating.
We all LOVE
Don't ya just love PUMPKINS?
Meuer Farm is quite an
A-MAZE-ing place.
It has what is touted as the
World's Largest Corn Maze Family.

Is this a cute ad, or what?

This is an overview of this year's maze! Pretty AMAZE-ing, huh? Yeah...You could get lost in there for years. Some have ventured in and never come out. That's just what I heard but I dunno if it's true or not? Do
you see any little noses sticking out of the maze in this picture

Below is Papa & Ria &
TheBrawnyMan & SweetCheeks.
They are trying to hit an old car
with water filled balloons.
If you hit the car you get a free
root beer.
Guess who hit the car?
Yep- Our little SweetCheeks.
She was the only one that hit
the car. So...for approximately
$23.00 she got a FREE root beer!
Uh-huh...amazing how that works!

One of the best parts of the day was the hay ride.

Everybody loves a hayride.

There's Mimi & TheIslandScout & BabyE.

Here's TPot and the three girls

(can you recognize them without their monkey faces?)

TheBrawnyMan is cleverly hidden behind SweetCheeks & Co.~

This is one of my favorite shots.
All the kids hedged by the Daddys.There was a petting zoo.
Ria & BabyE are checking out the goats.
SweetCheeks warned BabyE not to
Ghet too closse cuz dey can heat yoah
fhingeahs off!SweetCheeks really liked the chickens.
Now-I wish -how I wish- I had
taken a picture of the sign.
It said.
These chickens are 8 weeks old.
They will be ready to butcher
in 8 weeks.
If you would like to place an
order for a chicken
please see the
HUH? Lulu asked..
What does THAT mean?
Never mind-some things are
best left unsaid.
SweetCheeks-not understanding
said she woud lhike
to take
a schiken hoamh in aight wheeks
Hmmmm...would that be ATE weeks..
or eight weeks?
Next on the list of
Things To Do?
The 80' long slide...
Nana did NOT go on this..
Mimi got stuck..
I laughed so hard I almost peed...
but I didn't
because there were porta-potties handy.
The yuck-yucks from the slide
turned to Uhk-yuks in the porta potty..
Just something about looking down
and seeing..
well-YOU know-
Here is BabyE making his first run down.
He is being held from behind by Lulu.
TheIslandScout was there to record the whole trip.
And...let's not forget the duck races...
Even SweetCheeks could do that...
Her Daddy won everytime..
He was SOOO proud of himself!
Papa told him-of course you won..
You are playing against girls..

There was a hay maze for the kids..Baby E. King Of The Mountain.A little corn to jump in..

Having a bit of Polish blood in their

genetic makeup..

Our girls decided to make

Corn Angel impressions...
The big kids thought it looked like fun too.After MyHero smarted off a few times..

the big boys took him in hand

and THREW him into the corn pile...

just because they could.

A walk through the maze

(a maze of maize-pretty cool huh)

and it was time to head for

Joe's FoxHut for pizza.

As we were sitting down..

Lulu remembered something important.

Hey! We came down here to buy PUMPKINS..

At the Pumpkin Patch farm.


And so we did!

I guess we might have to go again!>)

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Gabriele Agustini said...

What a wonderful day you guys had!!
Fun photographs!
Glad everyone in your family is still a kid at heart!!
Makes life a blast, doesn't it?
Thanks for your funny comment on my blog. :)

LDH said...

Yes, I do LOVE fall and just the kind of activities you guys have done with your family. Such fun! Great pictures! Great post!

Shabbyfufu said...

What fun! I have to admit that I am jealous when I read about Fall on all of the blogs....we really don't experience that season here in South Florida. xo, Janet

Patty Patterson said...

Did you make that slide? And did you make the duck race pumps? That looks like a fun game to play during Easter celebrations, too - so I was wondering just how it's made.

And I'm a new follower. I just ran accross your blog looking for fun things to do with grand children and I think it's going to be a gold mine of ideas.

Greenwoodoshh said...

Yes, I do LOVE fall and just the kind of activities you guys have done with your family. Such fun! Great pictures! Great post!