Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Puzzle

The day is cloudy, rainy, dismal.
A good day to put together a puzzle.
First we must pick a puzzle.
Love these floor puzzles.
This one is called Farm Animals..
Not to be confused with
House Animals
(otherwise known as grandchildren)
So we have our box and remove the top.
Under the cover lies this mess...
This one says Ages 3 & Up..
SweetCheeks informs me..
I'm three, Nana.
I can do dis all by mysthelf.
Of course you can!Ok-I tell her..
Take the puzzle pieces out and lay them
all face up so you can see them.
"Noah, Nana... I jus' gonna takem
outta the box an' usshe dem that way.
Hmmm...I see the frustration building.
The shoulders are hunched and slumping a bit.
"Nana, dis is too hward!"
Do you want some help?
Noah! I not wanna eny hulp. I gonna do it!
Okay then...I am leaving you alone now...
"Nana, dis puzzle is all messy ahnd
the peeaces doan fit rwight."
BabyDoll has been thrown to one side.
This is NOT good!
Do you want some help, SweetCheeks?
NO! I sayed I gonna do it.
The plot now thickens because
Ria has joined in the
Puzzle Party.
She quickly helps SweetCheeks
form the outer edges and helps
her put the other pieces in place.
I look over at the two little girls
with the now completed puzzle.
Good Job, Ria! I tell her.
SweetCheeks smile turns upside down.
Oooops-I should have said..
Good Job GIRLS..
uh-oh- too late now!
No-HERS didn't dood it Nana.
I dood it.
Ria, of course, being only a bit
older herself, rebutts..
No, SweetCheeks...I did it..
You are too little to do it.
NOAH I NOT! I dood it too!
The tears now start to course down
the ruddy little cheeks.
I tell them they BOTH
did a good job..
Ria you HELPED SweetCheeks..
that was really KIND of you..
You did great putting that puzzle
together, right Ria?
You BOTH did it!
SweetCheeks head begins to nod
up and down vigorously...
"Yeah..we bofth dood it, Ria!"
The squall has passed, the tears have dried.
The sun is out..
All is right with the world.
Wait for it...wait for it...

SweetCheeks picks up her baby
and holds her while she starts putting the puzzle
back into the box.
Ria looks at her with those big innocent eyes,
smiles slightly and says,
"SweetCheeks, next time you get the puzzle out
I will put it together for you AGAIN...
just like I did today...
Let the crying begin.....
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Diana said...

Gotta love it! Hope you had a great Labor Day.

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Nana, there's nver a dull moment with little grandchildren around! I saw in an earlier post that Sweet Cheeks is starting nursery school. Today was Madison's first day...our girls are movin' on up in the world. LOL

Julie Harward said...

LOL...I hate puzzles! Good thing this 3 year old is so determined about them! She'll most likely be a lover of puzzles! :D

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Too too funny. I love when you do these posts and look forward to mine talking and crying.

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Great post! I loved it! The last pic is
too cute!


Flora Doora

Lindy said...

I love puzzles! My grandmother had millions. The grand got into them yesterday - what a mess. It will take a genius to figure it out!

sewingseeds4U said...

Told like only a grandma can...great story. Patty