Monday, September 27, 2010

TPot The Tailgater

Today I was going to tell you about our trip
to the Pumpkin Patch. It will be delayed
until tomorrow to bring you this special
News Report.
If you live in the shadow of Lambeau Field
you know how to tailgate.
Our kids have been tailgating since
they were little more than babies.
Our TPot has the distinction of being
in the paper more than anyone I know..
And she is not even a criminal..
Unless you count stealing the limelight
a crime.
Here is her latest "interview"...
BTW-She is not really a "partier" at all~

(I scanned the article from the paper)

It says: Tailgating under a tiki hut can make Lambeau Field feel like an island. But toss in a few tribal masks, grass skirts and an surfboard on a string, and suddenly you're thinking TV's 'Survivor'.
"It IS like Survivor, but I don't make my husband eat bugs. He eats brats, said *TPot (our name for her) from her tropical paradise in the Lambeau lot before the GreenBay Packer-Buffalo Bills home opener on Sept. 19.

Unlike the contestants on the CBS reality show, TPot and her family and friends didn't have to search for food. They enjoyed salsa, homemade chips, and sizzlin' chicken kabobs.
"They seem to taste better when you make them in the Wisconsin air," she said as her husband, (TheBrawnyMan), manned the grill.
TPot, a season ticket holder from Green Bay has been adding items to what was once a plain white tent ever since her husband brought back a tribal mask from Hawaii about seven years ago.
"And we are big Jimmy Buffet fans," she said, explaining the other inspiration for her tailgating theme.
TPot stopped watching "Survivor" about five seasons ago, but if she could enter into an alliance with any Packer player, it'd be left tackle Chad Clifton. (he is her neighbor although most people don't know that) "He'd protect me", she said of Clifton, despite his lack of playing time this season.
The player she would trick into an alliance before secretly voting off is former Packers quarterback Brett Favre. "But he's already gone. Actually, I think that's what happened," she joked.
However,TPot's husband has granted immunity to Minnesota Vikings quarterback, Favre, which may be upsetting the Packers gods.
"There should be marriage counseling for Brett Favre issues," she said.
TPot's loyalty to the Packers is part of her growing up in Green Bay. "You don't have to find it, it's in your home," she said. "At 9 years old, I could quarterback a game. There's a certain excitement, but it's all in good fun." Among her favorite tailgating times was the 2007 home-opener win against the Philadelphia Eagles, when she celebrated her husband's birthday with a giant cake. "We gave cake out to everyone that walked by," she said.
But, besides the sweets and the island beats, what TPot likes best about tailgating is bonding with her husband over brats and Brett. "It sets a nice tone for the rest of the week, especially if we win," she said.

YEP-That's our girl-If there's a camera out-she's in front of it! The TPot lives on!
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WeeFaerie said...

Love her devotion! It's so fun to see someone really get into something! GOOOOOOOO TPot!

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

It is pure fun and that is what makes life
so good! Thank you for the post! I love it.
Have gotten into football in my old age and
am loving it!

Flora Doora

LDH said...

Love reading about your fun loving and really cute TPot girl :)

Julie Harward said...

That is very cool...sounds like so much fun! :D

Debbie said...

Shhhhh...please do not tell anyone, but we are loyal Buffalo Bills fan...I know, please do not tell a soul!~ Can't help it, we are native Buffalonians...loyal. We know all about tail gating...nothing like a Buffalo Bills fan! GO Bills!

Janean said...

go tpot! the packers are on in the background as i type...

we're chief's fans (through bad and good), but respect all teams. :)

The DIY Show Off said...

Way to go Tpot! lol! What a cute story! I love that they enjoy it together.

My husband would love it if I was a football but I'm a little embarrassed that I have absolutely no idea how the game is played. No interest in learning either. Besides, his idea of tailgating is his recliner in front of the tv while I'm painting or working on a project. Works for us. I won't go into our...uh "his" favorite team, let's just say there was a lot of dancing and celebrating in front of the tv on Sunday. ;)

I always love your stories. It's not hard to see where Tpot gets her talent!

Heaven's Walk - said...

LOL! What fun, Diana! Hubby and I have been die-heart Survivor fans from day one and still don't answer our phone or our door while it's on! :) Don't follow football at all (shhhh!), but sure looks like Tpot had a great time! :)

xoxo laurie