Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Pearl-Up Close & Personal

Now my friends...
If you remember~ I said I wanted pearls
for my anniversary...
Lovely, glowing, lusterous,
luminescent pearls.
MyHero chose to present me with
something that he says will
GLOW like a pearl
is covered and/or gone.
Then, he says,
She will have earned her name...
Come along to the garage with me..
which he insists he built with her in mind.
10' high clearance (most of THEM are higher)
And no more than 28' long..
so that he can walk behind her.
(He has already walked behind her ONCE-
you can find that story HERE)
But I don't think that is exactly what he meant
when he was talking about walking behind her.
There she is...oh be still my beating heart.
She was the MacDaddy of her time.
The be-all/best-all ever made.
Her wood cabinetry was hand polished and
oh-so-fine...still is...
Here's the door latch...
a bit smudged from the dreaded
Mechanic Fingers.We grasp the handle,
open the door,
and what do we see?
Well...carpet on the door.
How clever is that?
It is to "dull the road noise"
I am told.
Hmmm...thought maybe it was so my
footprints wouldn't show the KICK marks.

Upon entering I notice that the


is in almost perfect shape...

because it has always been covered by this:Cool! No need to replace something

that is just like new...(MyHero's idea)

Right? Wrong-o!

Can you say Pergo?

Ooooooh...what is THAT?

Well, that is a STOVE

cleverly disguised as a stainless

steel countertop.When you raise the lid you see this:Oh great-Now I can go on vacation

and COOK...just like I do at home.

Whoooeeeee-can it get any better than this?

Oh. yes. it. does. because

here is the countertop and under those two

little cut outs are two sinks.

Wow! I can COOK AND

wash dishes...What fun for me!Not to worry...Whilst I am

washing dishes I can watch TV

and use all those VCR tapes

that I have so thoughtfully packed away..

Did I know this day was coming?>(AND...while watching TV I can

pop my popcorn in the

handy-dandy Radiation leaking,

tumor curing MICROWAVE~

All this for no extra charge!Glancing to my right I see

a dinette-where I can serve

each gourmet meal I prepare.

This little beauty adroitly folds down

into a BED -just in case we have

company. I hope they are not tired

when I am hungry or we are gonna have

BIG problems!Straightway ahead of the dinette is

the passenger seat where

MyHero will ride...

because, if you remember,

I like to drive...

and he likes to ride.Notice how he has hidden the FOR SALE

sign under his chair?

We would not want anyone else to have

the chance to own this beauty!

I will sit here.

I will drive.

I will drive with

a brown bag over my head

until this baby is NOT orange.

Turning around we head down the hall.

Refrigerator is on the right-past the stove.

Are ya LOVING that wallpaper?

Honey-it ain't never gonna be

1975 again! It's gotta go!Put your sunglasses on cuz

next up are the COUCHES.

Now, I want you to remember something.

This is INSIDE a garage...

There are NO interior lights on in here.

Look at this baby GLOW!The back of this little honey flips up

to make a bunk bed above

the lower berth...

Speaking of which...

do you suppose any berth making went

on in here? Oh..I's spelled

birth-English language is funny like that, huh?

But now that I have thought of it....eeeew

Spray those suckers with Lysol fast~
Walking straight down the hall we

walk into the bathroom!

I see this....What IS this?

I dunno...but I'm betting I can

spray paint this little gem white.

Oh! Now I VERY ingenious.

A toothbrush...cup...toothpaste holder.

What? No used toothbrushes? Really?

Did you notice the lovely blinds
up behind the counter here?
It's a sink for midgets!
I can get my whole right hand in there
at a go. Whooopee!
Oh crap! The sink picture deleted
by's tiny!

On my immediate left is a pretty way to say it...
it's a toilet.
Well, it's the right color
at least it won't show any pee.
And haven't you always just
in a bathroom? uh-huh
Sitting right up close and personal
is the bathtub.
Now I'm not saying it's small..
but I have long legs..
I figure if I get my legs in there
and bend over
I can moon the people that are
directly behind me.
Whaddaya think?
Hope we're not moving at the time
I want to bathe. Now that I'm looking at it
I think the grandkids could probably pee
in there and I'd never know...
we have ONE that would...
And are you loving THIS special wallpaper?Well, that's our Pearl.
When she is all prettified
I'll come back with an update..
but meantime..
I'm thinking with all her
special things..
and all her sweetness..
and her coloration..
maybe we should call her
Whaddaya think?
your photo name


Diana said...

I'm a camper as you know so I can't wait to hear more stories and see more pics!!

Nancy's Notes said...

Oh, you are so clever, love the tour of The Orange, I can't wait to see the Pearl!

laura said...

Soooooooo funny Diana, I am gonna show my husband!!!!!!!! I love it!!!! Hope you are having a great day gorgeous lady!! Lots of love and hugs to you, from Lauraxxxx

Donna said...

Oh, Diana,
You made me laugh thru your entire post again! I had a Barbie Winnebago when I was little that looked alot like your Pearl! I am so lovin' that wallpaper! And hey, I hear that orange is making a BiG comeback (seriously, it is!!). I think you should give it a girly-shabby chic make over. I see crystal chandeliers, white panted everything (or pink,your choice!), and lots of toile, since I adore toile! And TheN you can come camping with us!!

Natalie said...

Oh - that was a fantastic early morning laugh!

Pam said...

What about calling it the Great Pumpkin! Seriously, I would be changing out the carpet in the potty area ASAP. Who knows how many boys have missed their mark in there and then you as a girl will have to sit a little too close to that for comfort. It reminds me of the camper we had when I was young - well, because that was the in the late 60's. And we had a yellow bathtub!!!

Jettie said...

I'd change out all the carpet, if it were my choice, as you know, I'm not a Carpet Queen, and yes, that wallboard is 70's chic, I'm not sure it is paper..

Now for the bathroom window, lol, I'd be putting something on it that would at least mute the picture of you mooning the world, lol.
Love ya sis!

fairmaiden said...

Thank you for all the visits and sweet thoughts you leave at my Sea Cottage. You are going to have so much fun fixing her up. Did you know our Vintage Cottage Camper is named "The Pearl" after my great-grandma...I tell the story on my blog. We have to completely renovate ours too because of dry rot.

Lin said...

It's been so nice to have that tour of your Pearl, can't shake the image of people mooning from the bath!! lol

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

What fun you are going to have fixing that peach up. Leave it for awhile and that orange just might grow on the comfy driver's and passenger seats! Can't wait to see more! xoxo

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I think you should just embrace the 1970's and run with it! You can pick up some VHS tapes at a yard sale and you'll be all set. You can watch gems like 'Smokey and the Bandit'. You's gonna have a lot of fun in that rolling Pearl!

Julie Harward said...

Yup, that orange carpet and seats...makes my heart beat fast! LOL

Debbie said...

Oh Diana....the pearl is gorgeous!
(I'm trying to encourage you, hon.)
You should get some platform shoes, and big bell-bottom hip huggers to go with Pearl. Big hoop earrings are in style, so they won't be hard to find. You need a pet rock for the window sill. Don't forget to wear bright blue eye shadow while you drive her. I think that should do it.

Bella said...

Hi Diana... Oh my you are sooo funny!!! It does have everything!! I never knew a bathtub was an option / but I am a bathtubb girl :-) I know you can make the rest lovely and I can't wait to watch!! When you pack movies pack only chick flicks after those dinners and dishes you'll deserve it!!! Oh yes.. I noticed You were the bus driver, no doubt the best tour guide around :-)
The paste wax was Howards citrus... burn your nose and give you a headache kind, run form it!! mine hit the trash can as soon as I finished :-)

LDH said...

You have the very best way of describing this pearl! It really has all of the comforts of home right there. I suppose I don't need to add any more compliments ~ i think you covered them all :)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Oh, I so needed this laugh at the end of a long day. You are so funny and yes orange was big in 1975 when we got married and we put orange counters in our first kitchen. Yep orange they were. I have been getting ready for a little vacation we leave on in the morning. Taking the laptop and hopefully will be able to check in and post some. Have a super Labor Day weekend!!

Lindy said...

You've got to admit it wouldn't be near as much fun to describe her if she were already cute. I'm sure you're up to the challenge...let us see the after, please...

Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Oh Diana! She is a pearl! I have to say, I have been around a lot of campers and your Pearl is in the best shape I have ever seen for one her age! She was well taken care of for sure!

Take a look at my posts about our camper. We put laminate flooring in, reupholstered, painted and even painted the counter tops to look like laminate stone! I stained the cabinet doors again to make them look new and she is so sweet. I just love it!

Thanks again for all your encouraging words on our financial situation. I came over here for a good laugh!!

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Oh the fun you and hubby will have rolling down the road in Pearly Girl! It's "togetherness" at its finest! We used to camp with 3 kids, a guinea pig, and a parakeet! Our "home away from home" was harvest gold...LOL

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Now that was just a blast to the past. Thanks for that ride. I think. You crack me up, and I'll bet you made some pretty sweet memories in that orange pearl of yours! Looking forward to hearing more.

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

Oh my goodness. I bet you will see the Partridge family when you get this baby out on the road! Love it!