Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hold Your Horses!

Lookit what we have here!
Yesterday you saw TPot's dining room.
Someone let the cat outta the bag..
and now she knows..
and..well...honey, sweetie, darlin',
I already TOOK the pictures of
your living room so I might as well
you know...just post them now..
I promise not to show
Ladies, Listen up...
We don't talk about
so don't even be asking about

When I stepped in the front door
I saw this...Hey! I ask-Did you get a horse?
No..why? (blank stare)
Just wondering......
Jokes are no fun when you have to explain them.
I'm gonna tell you a little secret...
TPot really loves horses...
but, sadly, every time she
sees a horse..she sneezes...
and her eyes water...
and she sneezes...
and she starts making this
deep little snarky sucky sound
in the back of her throat..
Yeah...you guessed it..
she has allergies..
to horses.
Now remember this fact because
I am gonna tell you a little
story about that a bit later...
But first I want to show you
what lies just beyond the boots
by the front door.
Look to your left
(remember-dining room on the right)
Ahhh...there it is..
the living room..
A real living room...
A room people actually use and
live in!
See the piano?
The lovely, warm old piano?
That belonged to MyHero's grandmother.
She was a concert pianist.
She taught many, many people
to play. One of her students
is quite well-known and has
traveled abroad giving concerts.
This piano always reminds me of her.
It was part of her estate.
We got it when Grandmother K passed away.
Because TPot played the piano
and loved it well....
We always told her that when
she had a home of her own..
we would give it to her...

When they bought this house and moved in
We gave her the piano..
and are so glad we did.
If you look behind the piano
you will see TPot and TheBrawyMan's
wedding photo.
They got married on a cold February day.
As a surprise to his bride
hired a horse and carriage
to take them from the church
to the reception.
It had a nice, warm, cozy blanket to
keep them warm..
Guess what was on the blanket?
Horsehair..just a bit...of horsehair.
Remember the allergies?
Remember the watery eyes?
Remember the snarky throat thing?
Yeah? Poor TPot!
Poor BrawnyMan...who thought
he was giving her the most
wonderful, awesome present ever..
oh...well...All's well that
ends well...
A little fresh air and
she was once again
the radiant bride..

To the side of the piano
along the wall is her sofa.
She bought this when she was
only 22 or 23.
I'd say she had a pretty good eye
for a kid.
It has stood the test of time
and still looks great.
The painting over the couch was one
she spotted in a little cafe
where we were having lunch.
She loved it and called
He met us there
and bought it off the wall.
That was when their marriage
was young and fresh and
Yeah..remember those days?
Yeah? Me neither!

As you can see,
I didn't do any "fluff and puff"
for pictures.
The pillows are just like
the kids left them when they went
bouncing off to another spot!
And she has her bust on the music
cabinet...well...not HER bust...
but A bust...
Don't get all crazy on me here.
If you could look out her window
you could see her neighbor
working on his oh-so-perfect
lawn...He is the kind of guy
that you love to live next to
because the view of HIS lawn
is so perfect you can forget
how bad your own looks.
Wonder how he
likes it when SweetCheeks
throws a few stones over
the lot line when no one is looking?
Hmmmm...Let's not go there.

And there is Lulu's guitar by the tree..
She had a few lessons from
Uncle MamasBoy....And, although she likes her guitar,
she has discovered that she has
a very good aptitude for playing
the piano..
and composing her own music.
She is whipping through her music
books like a hot knife through butter.
(we never say margarine in WI-
that is blasphemy of the highest order)And...not to be outdone by Big Sister...
our little Ria is just one step
behind..following right along.
However, I think she is going to be
a ballerina...or an actress...
she has that Judy Garland
look about her..
And we already KNOW this one is headed
for the Circus Side Show Broadway
just maybe...
one of them will grow up
and play in a concert..
Just like their Great Grandmother K did..
A special concert.
A concert that will be heard in Heaven...
Wouldn't that make GrandmotherK proud?
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  1. Hi Diana~~I'm just off an eight day stint myself...soooo tired today. LOVE your pics, as always. What a talented family you have! Your daughter's house is gorgeous!

  2. I love the dialog you create to go along with your stories and photos. It just makes me smile :-)

  3. Thank you for tipping me off to this one!
    I laughed out loud! So cute! Really, you
    are a very good writer...something I wish I
    could do...make people laugh, well intenionally

    I love your blog and the stories...

    Great family!

    Flora Doora

  4. I love you and your blog stories. You muse puts my heart at rest. And I need that MORE than you may know!

    Thanks for the smiles...I roared out loud over the horsehair! :)


  5. Hi Diana!

    How wonderful to see children playing music! My son is in piano and LOVES it!!

    I want to see photos of your spode (when your hubby ain't lookin'!)
    I love your comments on both my blogs !!!THank you so much you're the best!
    Pamela xo

  6. In true Mimi fashion.. those are her boots, by my front door, on the floor where she took them off. Just outside of this picture is the dirty diaper and wipes left on the floor where she changed baby E's diaper... Where is that masking tape of mine? You know.. the roll I used to use to divide our shared bedroom into halves? On one side sparkling clean, lines in the carpet from the vacuum and cassette tapes from BMG music club in perfect alphabetical order; The other side: (Mimi's side) Let's not go there. I still get OCD thinking about it. All in good jest Mimi.. Love you! ~Tpot

  7. Ah yes- You see the sisterly competition continues...even into adulthood. I think the masking tape down the center of the room was my idea...it was like black & white in there.

    Thank you all for all the wonderful comments...and Jane, I just thought you would get a kick out of reading about SweetCheeks on Broadway-lol

    Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday...I am done with work for a few days...yeahhhh.! xxoo Diana

  8. Hi Diana... Lovely and completely amusing as always, you are one delightful lady:-)
    What a beautiful piano... and so wonderful to have all the music in the home:-))))

  9. The best laid plans......oh well....he sure tried to please her. What a shame she was/is allergic to horses. 'Fraid she wouldn't do well around here...horses everywhere. :) Always love reading your post!

  10. Love this post. Your daughter's home is just gorgeous. I love the floors. Wow - they are beautiful. And so is the family..!!!

  11. Such a pretty room with that beautiful piano in it. Glad they actually use it. You can tell that last one is going to be an actress. Looks like she already is.

  12. Very pretty room! My very good friend here is a piano instructor. She is so very good and so entertaining to watch. Her favorite composer is George or Harry Winston...did I say that right? Well his music is something else, she is working on a piece now. THanks for your recent drop ins...took me a long time to catch up on comments on that hairy post:)

  13. You are a hoot!!! I enjoyed reading this from beginning to end!
    TPot's home is so pretty - love the piano and the story that belongs to it.

  14. Thanks for the 'peep' just like you promised. I think Tpot took it well. Greatly entertaining, as always and loved the pics. Were those really your boots? Very cool.

  15. Wow... all the fine details....but it makes swell reading.
    Yes some have the allergies.....I know of a person who was allergic to prawns and .....well it had a sad ending (so I will not elaborate)
    By the way following you as I like your style of writing.

  16. Another chapter in a nice family story. I love the house and grandkids are super special. :)


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