Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Three Bares-er-Bears

This night was one of the best sunsets
we had all year.
A beautiful full-of-fire sky...
Breathtakingly beautiful..
Marred only by the noises
coming from inside the kitchen.
Come on girls- Hurry up-
It's bathtime..
Please ignore the counter mess...this is
not House Beautiful..
at least not when
you-know-who is spending the night.
Lulu, seen below,
informs me that she only takes a bath
about once a week..maybe once a week..if that.
What? Huh?
Now remember...we call her Literal Lulu.
I ask Mama....So, Lulu only takes a bath
once a week?
What? Huh?
My sentiments, exactly.
Lulu takes a bath just about every day.
Oh..wait...let me clarify that...
She SHOWERS regularly but
only takes a bath once a week...or so....
(whew-guess I don't have to be calling
Child Protective Services on my
own daughter-what a relief)Another bubble bath..
Listen...Here's a secret for you~
Try Liquid Dreft...
It is marvelous for kids' baths..
It leaves them silky soft..
they smell marvelous...
It is 1/3 the price of bubble bath...
and it does not cause any
allergic reactions...and they
come out squeaky clean..
Seriously...I know..I know..
No one believes I use Dreft...
but I do..
pssst...sometimes I even use it for myself..
Yes...I do...
But don't tell MyHero or he will be
wanting to try it too....
Thank You!After bathing we put on our pjs
and head for the big bed upstairs.
We all pile in and read this..
We have been reading this since
Lulu was one year old...
It is their favorite bedtime story..
and I imitate all the voices..
from growly to squeaky..It's a pop-up book.
How cute is that?
This is the page about the porridge..
uh-huh...And when the sun comes up..
and little heads peek out of bed
and head down the steps
this is what they find.
Nana's own kind..
Made with my secret-til-I-die
recipe. Yep! Til I die!
And THIS is my extra secret
super dooper WOWSER factor..
Can you say Cinnamon?
YUM!However, it MUST..oh yes it must...
be served in these..
special heart shaped bowls...
We had for each girl..
Someone (who looked a lot like Papa
in his robe) microwaved one of them
into something that resembled
a frisbee...
Although it didn't look nearly that nice...
and it didn't work like a Frisbee either..
I noticed that as I shot it at MyHero's head
as he walked away from the microwave
mumbling about plastic bowls..
Uhhhh...WHY are you using those bowls to
begin with...Do you see where I'm going here...
Never mind-I was just dreaming that part!
So now we only have TWO
heart shaped bowls and
poor, poor Lulu
graduated to a round
Precious Moments bowl..
Not nearly as cute..
Just something about those big eyes
staring up at you from under your spoon
just doesn't set well...Oatmeal is spooned in..
(oh my...oh my..oh my..)
is dropped on top..
along with 1 SCANT teaspoon of raw brown sugar...
Which SweetCheeks promptly eats
off the top and says...
Nana...I think yoah forgetted to put enuff
shugarh on my oatmeal..
(It's porridge...duh)
Does she get more, you ask?
Faster than a duck gets on a June bug!They finish eating...
Get dressed...
Pose for a quick picture on the swing...Then self-load into the car...
and are gone...Gone for another day...
SweetCheeks waves goodbye
and promises that she'll be back later..
Exactly what I was afraid of- I tell her...
And she gives me her special
wonderful little response
that she uses when
she doesn't quite
know what else
to say...
your photo name


Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

So cute and that sunset pic is to die for. I love a pretty sunset. Do these girls live with you because they are always at your house?

Jettie said...

Hi Sis, I love the sunset, it is a beautiful shot.
It seems we have about the same recipe for our morning porridge for the grandchildren. I do add apple sauce to it, that way it helps sweeten, and cool at the same time.

Donna said...

Hi Diana,
The photo of the sunset is stunning! Postcard worthy, for sure! When I was little, I loved taking bubble baths (I still do!), and my thrify mom would use dish soap instead of buying bubble bath! I always ended up squeaky clean! Looks like you all had a great time! Maybe you can become my grandma! tee, hee!

NanaDiana said...

LOL- No, Kim, the girls don't live with me. They live about 5 miles away but, given the choice, would move in WITH me, providing Mom & Dad could move in too. When I am not working, I see them just about everyday of life. They even show up once in a while after I get done working for the day.

Jett- Sometimes I stick my own in the freezer for a quick cool down.

Donna-The door to adoption is always open at my house!:)

Thanks for all the comments ladies. You all make my day! Diana

Vanessa said...

Hi Diana! Oh, this makes me miss my parents so badly! They live out of state and leave the most pathetic messages on our answering machine about how much they miss my kiddos. My dad will say "I wish you could drop the kids off to spend the night at Nonna and Poppa's house" and then they sniffle a lot. :-( They make me follow the kids around holding out the phone just so they can hear them playing. Seriously! Anyway, those girls definitely got blessed when they got you as their Nana!
P.S. I'm trying the dreft! :-)

Leo said...

How wonderful! Love Literal Lulu. Well - she's just presenting the facts...! hahaha..Maybe she will be the lawyer. That is how I was when I was a kid. And maybe still am. :)

Love the photos of the girls. They are so sweet looking. Just adorable.

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Sooo cute Nana Diana!
We make oatmeal, Goldylocks style very simular!

Then there are the mornings when only Vanilla Ice cream on oatmeal will do!
(My personal Favorite!)
No need for milk or sugar then...built right in! along with the mongo calories!!!!Ha!
Grandmothers are amazing people...yes we are!

I laugh everytime you come to my site!
Patience is a virtue Nana!!!!!
I bet you peek at your Christmas gifts before hand too!!

Love your spirit!
xoxo~Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Gabriele Agustini said...

Those girls are SO precious and I love the things that come out of their mouths!
Some of the things my grandkids have said, still make me laugh - years later!!
Wonderful photographs and I can almost 'smell' your yummy-looking porridge!
Have a great weekend -
Thanks for your comments on my blog! Much appreciated!! :)

Debbiedoos said...

What a gorgeous picture of the sunset. You are so lucky to see those little gals often. I live a distance from my Mom, and I know she would love to be closer too see my boys more. When we do get together we always make the best memories though....your grandchildren are going to have LOTS of them!!~

Julie Harward said...

I love to get to spend these times with my grands too..and they love it so much! They sure are cuties, every one of them! :D

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

You say it all so well. The sunset is amazing, you captured it at just the right moment. Now those babies of yours are squeaky clean just like I like em. I'm going to have to try that Dreft. We have Irish oatmeal around here most days. We add blueberries and everyone loves em. Our bowls have built in straws so that whatever is left in the bowl that is liquid can be drunk up. They especially like that when their Papa gives them Cocoa Crispies (on the sly).

Rebecca Nelson said...

Girlfriend you always make me smile big! :) Loved the sunset picture and reading about the DREFT! My girl was allergic to Lanolin when she was a baby and I wish I had known about this then... :)

Now...about the tree in my yard... NO IDEA what it is. When we bought the thing it was little bitty and we LOVE how it looks now. We do have to prune it back twice a year though. In the spring it goes completely WILD and gets really branchy so we are constantly cutting it back so it doesn't grown into the driveway! It's not cool here in Oklahoma yet...but it's coming!

Love to you friend~


Debbie~ said...

Looove that sky! Who wouldn't want to be one of your Granddaughters?! Have I ever told you I have a Lulu too? Yep, she's 3 1/2! Way tooo old/smart for her britches! Anyhoo, thanks for the Dreft hint! Your girls are just adorable! Now 'Nana Debbie' feels the need to dig my Goldilocks story out and introduce our Lulu to the porridge concept... it'll be easy, she loooves oatmeal and butter! (Wow, I can't believe you just visited my blog...) When do you sleep? :) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Lynn @The Vintage Nest said...

Before you actually said it, I was going to ask if you can use liquid dreft on big girls too. I don't take a bath either .... wonder if it works in the shower. I want to try it. And I have used your "secret" weapon forever...always cinnamon on my oatmeal when I was little and reallll butter...not that yucky margarine stuff! I kept the little bowl my baby boy used with his name on it when he was little and we now use it for Boo when she visits. Grandmama's special bowl. :)

Lindy said...

Diana, I'm a nana too. There's nothing more fun than that, I think. You've got to be the funnest nana ever with the reading and porridge and such. I envy the 5 miles distance between you and your girls. You are so blessed but I guess you know that! I really enjoyed your story!

Janet said...

Hi Diana,

What fun. :)

I just miss my grandma and grandpa. My sister and I used to go to their house almost every weekend.

Grandpa would take us about 4 blocks down the street to this big play field that had giant swing sets and a slide.

The swings were the good kind. A wood plank with chain links to hold on to. Not the kind they have now that are curved rubber that make you feel FAT when you sit on them.

Grandpa would push us so high that we could see all the way downtown to the Space Needle. And miles beyond to Mt Rainier. :)

Oh, and I loved your waffle post. Grandma always made waffles for Sunday breakfast. :) YUMMMM

Enjoy your evening. :)
Janet W