Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Friend's A Friend Forever

Remember that song by Michael W.Smith?
Yeah..well if I knew how to plug that
music box thingy into my blog
that's what you'd be hearing right about now.
Instead..I will write about
a special friend...
Sometimes you meet someone
along the walk of life that
touches you and makes you
realize what friends really are all about.

I recieved the card shown below
from my friend, Connie..
(and she signed her hubby's name to it too-
maybe because he can't write?-hahaha
just kidding Roger and now I have one coming,
don't I?)
Anyway...she is wonderful, warm and caring..
and Roger....well, Roger is just Roger..
He always can make me laugh..
he's ALMOST as funny as I am...
(looking that is)
Wait! Is that an insult to ME?
Anyway...because people say that sometimes
when they are writing a blog they wonder
if it's always worth the time and effort it
takes to do it-if anyone really even reads it.
That's why I do it just for me..
Anybody else that pops in is
just along for the ride...
Remember I warned you..
fasten your seatbelt before
you start reading.
I opened my mailbox a couple
of weeks ago to find this!
Inside was this:
(I will type it out below because it is scanned in
and not of the best quality)
Hi, I read your blog everyday at my desk-
I know I'm supposed to be working.
It starts my day off on a good note.
You have such a way with words it's like
having you sitting here talking. That's
what makes it so enjoyable + the
great "subject matter"! Take care
and hope to see you soon. Here's a slip
for your memory box. Sorry- I didn't have a
fancy scissors. What a great gift from the kids.
Love, Roger & Connie

Now I ask you ladies...WHY do we always

sign our hubbie's name first when

he usually has no clue that we

even OWN a card-let alone that

we are sending one? Yeah..just wondering..

We became friends with these guys when we lived in
Door County. And, although we felt called to
move back to Green Bay, we have very
fond memories of some of the special
people we met during the 5 years we
were there.
So, Connie...I love you...and miss you...
and wish we saw you more often..
and thank you...thank you..
thank you...
I will try to give you a smile
every morning...cuz I know
what it must be like to wake up
next to Roger every morning.
Wait! NO I DON'T!
For those of you that are wondering...
I NEVER woke up next to Roger!
Amen...Thank You, Lord!
Are ya smiling, Connie?
your photo name


WeeFaerie said...

That is so sweet!

Diana said...

Good post this morning!! Happy Thursday.

Gabriele Agustini said...

This one really cracked me up! Hope Roger was just as amused! :)
Good job, Diana!!

Julie Harward said...

That is reading your posts and being "along for the ride"...:D

Anonymous said...

Funny one today, Diana.

Lin said...

So funny, you do have a way with words & I just love checking your blog! Thank you also for the sweet comments you always leave on mine :)

Hugs, Lin.

Heaven's Walk - said...

You goofy girl, you! No wonder they miss you! You're not there to make them laugh! LOL!

Huggles sweetie!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

It sound like Roger and Connie have a similar sense of humor (even if he doesn't get it) or know he has it. I'm not sure why people sign their husband's name when actually he probably doesn't even know its been written. What?/*? I just leave the card out with a pen beside it and remind him to include his own sentiment. It usually goes something like this: ditto, Love, Scott.