Saturday, June 19, 2010

We Got The Blues

We sure do-
Have the blues...
And, I don't mean blue eyes.
Why so sad, baby SweetCheeks?

Cuz I falleded offa my twicicle..
Ann I hadda go to thuh mercengy room-
Ann I hadda get sum shtitches-
I got 11/20 shtitches.
You sure did!

Let me count..
Hmmm... I see
Twelve stitches!

You need a sink bath SweetCheeks.
And we'll wash all the blood out of your hair.
And put a dressing on your boo-boo!
And give you a kiss
So you feel all better!

And by tomorrow you won't feel a thing!

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1 comment:

WeeFaerie said...

Ohhhhh poor baby! Those are some pretty sad eyes in the first shot. I hope she is feeling better today!