Monday, June 7, 2010

BabyE Beloved

There is nothing in the world like seeing two older girls doting on the newest member of the family. Little Lulu & Ria think their new cousin, BabyE, is the cutest thing in the world. They love him unconditionally. He is little enough to capture their hearts and souls with his antics. He is not yet old enough to be a pain by destroying their artwork or taking away one of their prized possessions. As the newest member of the family, he holds court just by being present.

However, there is one member of the family that withholds full adoration of this newest family icon. She is less than pleased that someone has usurped her position. Although she is somewhat entranced by his antics she is not fully given over to outright admiration. When he does something funny she will give out with her deep, little chortle before catching herself. She also likes it when he dresses long as we don't think he is cuter than she is~
One day I asked - "SweetCheeks, don't you LIKE being the big one now...and being kind of a big "sister" to BabyE? She gave me one of her looks-y'all know the one-the one that says~Nana. You. Are. Crazy.
"NO! I doan't lwike be-in the bighest one cuz I'm shtill jus a lwittle gurl my own self! And (she added just for the record) remember, Nana, hims chan't use my own spoon and forkie or sitt in my own chairh effer...cuz I am still yoah baby too!" you are, SweetCheeks! And you will always be a little girl to me-even when I am old and you are walking down the aisle on Daddy's arm- I will whisper, "There goes our baby girl"! Let the crying begin......
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Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said...
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Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said...

Sorry Diana, I am going to try again. I removed my last post because my brain went to sleep. Sleep okay, maybe that's why my brain does these silly things. Anyway, your grands are ADORABLE.
K (I'm down to K now)
Also, I love the baby chick costume a lot!