Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Devilishly Delightful

SweetCheeks descends on a house with a flurry of activity and an abundance of energy. She is not a child to softly pad across the floor and play quietly with her toys. No, she is the child that brings with her a host of imaginary friends and grandiose ideas and leaves a path of disorder and mini-messes. Gotta love a kid like that!

A few weeks ago she went to visit Auntie Mimi to play with BabyE for the day while her Daddy did some work on the house. I look at this beautiful child and can hardly believe he belongs to us. He was a long time coming....

A few doors down lives Auntie Mimi's new BFF. This BFF has a baby (Eli) that is just a few weeks older than BabyE. The BFF also has a cat. I don't know his name so we will just call him CAT. Mimi took SweetCheeks on a walk and they stopped for a short visit so that SweetCheeks could meet Eli. Upon entering the house, CAT came near to "inspect & approve" SweetCheeks. This cat is docile, quiet and quite aloof (imagine that). SweetCheeks turned her gaze on CAT and "growled" CAT growled back. SweetCheeks growled louder. CAT's growl became a deep yowl-growl. SweetCheeks gave him a look that we fondly call "The Firestarter Gaze". CAT turned tail and ran.

BFF looked at Mimi. Mimi & BFF looked at SweetCheeks. BFF asked if her Mom & Dad were Catholic. They are. Mimi wondered WHY the BFF wanted to know if they were Catholic. I thought he put it rather nicely when he replied, "Because I don't know of any other church that can perform an exorcism!!"

WHAT? Take the devilish playfulness out of THAT child? I say NO WAY! I, personally, like a little naughtiness....perhaps because she reminds me of my brother. He was the naughty one in my family. Okay, okay....don't send me one of those hateful e-mails, Charlie. I'm just kidding! We both know that the naughty one in our family was my invisible friend, Felicia! Yep! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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