Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tharhes No Phlace Wlike Home!

Open the door and-Welcome Home Fairy Friends!

Yesterday- Summer really began!

Yesterday the playhouse got cleaned! What fun! As you know those darned elves left all their Christmas stuff in heaps and piles. They also forgot to wash their windows....and their curtains.....and they left the carpet dirty...and they didn't mop the floor....they were decorating with cobwebs and dried up bug husks. What WERE they thinking?

I don't think these were our usual elves who seem quite orderly and in their toadstool and acorn houses. No...I think it was the pinewood elves who hide and remain unseen-coming out only at night to naughtify the world.

Nana has swept them from the house! OUT with the pinewood elves and IN with the Summer Fairies!
One of the good Fairies did a lot of work yesterday!

The curtains are washed. The windows now shine. The carpet is clean. The floor is mopped. The bed is made. It smells Murphy's Oil clean and sweet in here.
The PlayHouse is waiting for visitors with hushed anticipation.

Two little school girls spent the night. When they awoke I told them the fairies had cleaned their playhouse. Off they rushed in nightclothes and bare feet before they touched their Three Bears Cereal. They are happy little girls. Tomorrow is the last day of school and the PlayHouse is officially open for summer fun and tea parties!
But wait!!!! WHO hasn't seen this yet? It's our little SweetCheeks!

Hurry! Hurry! Bring some flowers...the fairies are waiting!

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