Sunday, June 27, 2010

Faces Please

SweetCheeks has decided that
sunglasses are a good
Especially if you have an owie on your chin!

Lulu, on the other hand,
Likes to have her face painted

So she can go incognito

HEY! Wait a minute!
I whant MY OWN fhace painted too!!
I wanna be a fwrairy fwace too!
No sooner said than done.

We need An Inspector to make sure that

Mama is doing it right!

Hold still SweetCheeks!
I YAM holden shtill!
I juss moffing my eyes
to see whut you isss doohin!Lookit me, Papa...
I haff a beautiful fwrariy fhace..You sure do SweetCheeks!
You have a beautiful fairy face!
You have the most beautiful fairy face
I have ever seen.

Now why doahn't yoah paint yoah face
so you look like a fwrairy too?

Papa decides that, just for today,
He will pass on that offer~
your photo name


WeeFaerie said...

I have to admire girls that want fairy faces :) Next they'll be wanting gossamer wings...

NanaDiana said...

LOL-At your comment. Wait until you see the Faerie Festival the two older girls went to...AND wait until you see the wings she made them. I am waiting for pictures from my daughter.