Sunday, June 13, 2010

Nana's Big Adventure

Mom! Mom! Come Out-
Come out and see my toy~
It's not quite done yet-
But she runs smooth as silk
And Oh-So-Fine!
But...but...why are you washing her?
It is ready to rain.
Come on-I'm taking you for a ride!
Isn't she a beauty?
Wait until she is fully restored.
Wait until you see her with her
chrome wheels on-
Wait til you see how she runs!
Come on-come on-
Get in-
Quit your whining-
What do you mean there's no handle?
I told you-she's not done yet.
Didn't you ever hear of bungee cords?
Well, of course I have!
Just not to hold a car door shut.
Don't we need seat belts?

We start off merrily down the road,
We're off the see the Wizard-

The Wonderful Wizard of...come on...sing along...

Whoooppps...stop singing...

When the car stops..

We all stop...





Not sure-but we're only 4 miles from home.
Can you fix it?
But first we have to cover the car.
And then?
Go home!
Home? How?
Why~Call TheBrawnyMan, of course!
Fly us home-oh great Super Hero.
Fly us home so I can pick up my car.
I will take MamasBoy to get...huh?
Get what?
A fuel pump, Mom!
It's a fuel pump!
Of course it is!
An hour later-
We are good to go..
But my partner in crime,
my son,
my friend,
Shall take this trip alone~
For-I am not nearly as daft as I look!
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Jettie said...

BTDT, thank goodness you were only 4 miles from home, when the fuel pump died. I'm sure it's funnier now than it was when you were sitting there, wondering if you are going to have to hoof it home.

Natalie said...

My dad has an antique car and my mom always worries everytime they go for a drive that it's gonna break down! At least you weren't too far from home :)

Heaven's Walk said...

LOL! Funny story, Diana! You told it well and had me laughing! :)

xoxo laurie@heavenswalk