Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Is A Beach

It is a bright & shiny
Sunday afternoon.
We decide to meet the kids
(big & little)
in Algoma..
On the shores of Lake Michigan.
TheBrawynMan, being a big kid himself,
Likes to play.
What is he playing with?

Why it's a KITE.
A BIG kite..
A kite so big it pulls him along the sand.
Lulu has something in the air too.Hmmm...SweetCheeks and Ria notice
and come running from the water's edge.

Ria & SweetCheeks race each other..

They want a turn..SweetCheeks decides she can run faster

on the boardwalk.

However, being the sweet little girl she is~
(uh-huh)She lets sissy go first.
Good job, WRIA-SweetCheeks says.Wait-Listen.

HEY! RIA- ISSS my own turhn now!
I gonna fly da kite wif the
lwiddle man.

I'hm the bestest Flwyer, huh Nana? Yep! You sure are!
But Ria doesn't care because she is
sifting sand through her fingers
and marveling at the silky feel.And where is the kite's owner you wonder?
Well, she's right here

Sand bathing in her good Sunday dress!
Of course she is...

But no one cares..

because this is just

a happy childhood Sunday

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WeeFaerie said...

Looks like a beautiful day on the lake! Now, if you got on a boat and went directly across the lake, that's where I was the day before lol!

Julie Harward said...

Hi there...thanks for your visit to my blog and the kindness! Your sure have some cute grand children and it looks like you have so much fun with them too! Come say hi any time :D