Friday, June 25, 2010

My Father's Family

Here's my Father's family-
Those that lived long enough to
Grow into adulthood.
I always thought this was all of them
but today I realized that Uncle Clifford
is missing.
Or late.
He was always late!
And now he really is late-
The Late Uncle Clifford.
My Father is standing front and center
Next to my Aunt Marion
(Father always called her LittleBit)
On the far left hand side is Uncle Guy-
His claim to fame? He was born with only one working ear.
The other ear looked like a little rolled up
cigarette made of skin.
He had somewhat limited hearing in the other ear,
But he could hear every word of every joke
My father ever told him.
Aunt Bessie is hiding in the back next to Guy.
And behind her Dad.
She was camera shy and
To me.
Next to Aunt Bessie is Grandfather.
He was Grandfather with a capital G.
He lived with us when I was quite young &
I was always just a little bit scared of him.
I never heard him raise his voice &
I don't ever remember seeing him wearing anything...
But a suit.
Aunt Bice is next-gazing adoringly at
My Father.
He had probably just told one of his
Crazy jokes.
The reason I know this is because even Grandfather
Has a semi-smile on his face.
Then there's Erma.
The feisty red-head.
I roused her temper a few times.
Boy! Did I!!
But those are stories for another day.
They are all gone now.
Gone to a brighter, shinier place.
But memories keep them near and dear.
It makes me think that someday
I will be just a face in a picture.
I hope the memories accompanying that picture
Provoke a few good laughs~
For I am my Father's daughter.
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Jettie said...

I love old photos, I can sit for long periods of time and lok at them, without knowing half the people.
I guess I'm lucky, I managed to get a lot of mom's old photos before she flew off the deep end.

WeeFaerie said...

What a beautiful family and memories! You wont be just a picture though because your words are here and already bringing smiles and laughter.