Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Too Tired To Eat!

Who wants to go eat?

I do! I do!

Look! One of us is happy about it

One of us is thinking~

Okay! The Thinker

Thinks it might be a good idea~
The little stinker -er-I mean-

SweetCheeks is too tired to care.

Where do these girls want to go?

Not McDonalds.

Not Pizza Hut.


Want to go to a


Wisconsin is full of buffets!

All kinds of buffets!

Ria is a good little eater~

She loves strawberries-

And apples-

And fruit-

Lulu, on the other hand,
Likes lettuce & salad~& pickles-

MyHero decides he will help SweetCheeks!

Ria watches very closely,

She is the Food Monitor
So far-so good-

No spills yet...
SweetCheeks ate all her potatoes,

And her chicken,

But decided that instead of

green beans- or broccoli-

She would have

A cupcake!

And she did!

AND-being a tired little girl~

She fell asleep eating it!

Just another day for our little SweetCheeks!
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Natalie said...

I've been that tired before :)

WeeFaerie said...

I'm with the cupcake eater! Excellent choice! :)