Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Come on SweetCheeks. It's time to go to the babysitter's house. No-ah! I not wanna go see WENNDEE KINGAH (read that Wendy King).

Sure you do, SweetCheeks, she is waiting for you!

But I not wanna go, Nana, I wanna shtay wiff yoah!

Sorry, Princess, that ain't gonna happen (I love to say ain't here-because I never say it anywhere else)! Leave your book in the car for next time!

Uh-oh...let the lip tremble...let the tears well in the eyes....BUTT, Naneee (she thinks calling me Nannee is especially endearing) I doan lwike going to WENNDEE KINGAH'S house. (Liar, Liar, pants-on-fire! Before I have even pulled out of the drive you are laughing and getting a game out)

Go knock on the door!

Turn around so I can see how cute you look! Ooops-lost the bow you had but we aren't gonna talk about that now, are we?

OH! Look! Look who loves SweetCheeks! It is the bestest baby sitter in the whole world, bar none!

I am almost out the door...wait for it....wait for it....Hey, Nannee..doan forghet to pick me up at free oh-clock! Hmmm...How many three years old even know what time they are going to be picked up? Ummm...I think Daddy is picking you up, SweetCheeks! Hmmppff...Nannee..heres da rhule....if yoah gonna drop me off yoah gotta pick me up...and dats the rule! I slip out the door I am thinking one thing....Rules are made to be broken!
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Anonymous said...

Now Nana, don't be mean to that little one, you know you have nothing better to do than to take off over there this afternoon and pick up that little cutie.... ;-}

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Yep, you are right...rules are made to be broken! LOL