Thursday, June 24, 2010


Somedays just for fun,
I pick SweetCheeks up
When I make my morning run for coffee.
Sometimes she begs,
"Less go to tha carh wasch, Nana!"
And we do.
It is one that you sit in and ride through
Making it all the more fun
If you are three.
"Whut iss they doin'?
They are getting the bugs off the front of the car.
I doan seee eny bugs, Nana.
Ahre yoah shure they isss getting bugs cuz
I thinnk they ahre just washing yoah headlights
So they shine.
SweetCheeks knows the routine by now...
Putt yoah carh in pawrk now, Nana.
I know she means Neutral
So I let it slide,
Rather than argue with a 3 year old.
OOOOHH ~ Thiss is da bestest phart,
I see Rainbow coloahrs,
There musst be Fwairies up thare..
Huh, Nana?
Must be - either that or a coin eating goblin.
OH NO! Here comes the dryer~
Dis is the pahrt I doan lwike the best..
Iss tooo loahwd...
Juss drive fowahrd now
Cuz thiss noise hurhts my years~
Hurry up, Nana!

Nope! I paid for it...

I gonna get it!

Plug your ears, SweetCheeks~

Ih'm alwready doin that!!!

Okay- I doan like this carh wasch eny morah!
Look there!

See the sign?
It sez drive yoah car out now!
So it does!How'd you like that, SweetCheeks?
It was berry louwd~
It maked my years hurht.
Wait...wait...wait for it...
Can we pwlease go thru again, Nana?
Not today, little one
That is quite enough excitement for one morning!
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  1. Ah, she's so cute! And you are so smart not to argue with a 3 year old...I have to remind myself not to do that all of the time!

  2. So darn cute! I love your pictures, that Sweet Cheeks is a doll. I took my puppy on a ride through the car wash once and it scared him so much he peed on me. So you're way ahead of me. Sounds like you may get to take her again. Me, not so much.


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