Friday, June 4, 2010

Hi Ho-Hi Ho-It's Off To Work I Go

This, however, is not a usual day's work. This one is HOUSE
CLEANING! Not your normal house cleaning- Oh No It's Not! Look How Sad SweetCheeks Is!

SweetCheeks informed me~ Ourah pwlayhouse is durty and dere's bugs an' shtuff all'them elffes foarhgetted to put thair own Chwristmass stuff away an' now iss jusst sitting hearh an' dere's no place for no buddy to pwlay! (Okay-take a breath-take a breath-inhale) I thenk dos ellffes hafta come bhack hearh and get diss mess cleaned up.....Right, Nana?

Just let me slither into my sweet little green
elf outfit the minute you leave and I'll get right
on that!

Here's what I need!

One dirty playhouse- Check-

Cleaning supplies- Check-
Ambition- Check-

Now where did that supahvisor go? Well-it's out the door for me! I'm off to wurkh in my pointy toed shoes!
See ya all tomorrow!
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If SHE can figure it out.......... said...

Your elves need a maid. When you get done cleaning up that play house, can you come over and reorganize babyE's dresser drawers? I can't find a damn thing in there and I won't have a free moment until never. Thanks.

Shugee @ Blue Heron Cottage said...

Laughing at the above comment. Okay, Diana this is all adorable. Great playhouse.

NanaDiana said...

Yeah-I'll get right on that Mimi! And just think - you used to make fun of me for organizing everything. I should have started organizational classes for people years ago...and got paid for people make big bucks doing that!

Shugee-Bring your Starbucks and come sit a can have the chair and I'll take the bed! (See tomorrow's post-Playhouse is clean and good to go)

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Can't wait to see the after pic of the playhouse! LOL

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I am getting a complex. What is going to happen when my sweetcheeks isn't funny any more? Are you going to toss her aside like your used Starbucks cups (oh...that pile is SO high) and then replace her with the newer cuter kid that comes along? However for now, I will soak in the glory of it, because she is one funny cute kid. I guess she really is a lot like me!
I love reading all of these posts.. Makes me realize that I really do have cute kids, anyone can write a blog and dreams really do come true! Love ya!
p.s. Dear If SHE can figure it out,
(you know who you are)... Get over it. and ps again.. your drawers will never be organized. You have a child and a husband that digs to find 18 months sized WINTER clothes for a 9 month currently SUMMER sized baby.