Sunday, April 1, 2012

I Am Tired Of Blogging- I Quit!

Look at Poor
She is sad because
this is the last post about her.
I am tired of writing about her
and her antics..

I am sick of blogging..
I don't think I have
one more story
one more laugh
left in me..
and I think you all must be
getting tired of all my nonsense too


APRIL FOOL!Had you going there for a minute
though, didn't I?
Well, sorry to say..
you can't get rid of me
that easy!

I will be here and
checking to make sure
I am keeping a tally,
you know?


Tete- Visited- Check
Donna- Moving- Check
Jettie-Too tired to read - Check
Laurie, Lynne, Betsy,
Laura, Pam, Cindy, Connie-
all the Sue/Susie/Suzannes-
etc. etc...

I am checking!!!

Here is my all time favorite
April Fool's joke!
Well, not counting that I 
got some of my early followers
again this year here.
I tape down the handle on
the kitchen faucet sprayer.
and then I wait..
and, eventually,
who shall remain nameless
turns the faucet on
and stands there dumbfounded
while the water courses down the
front of him.
Works EVERY year!
And EVERY year
he is just as mad as he
was last year.
Consistency at its best...
If nothing else I am

That being said...
I'll be here tomorrow~
your photo name


  1. You got me! I often have wondered how you post so often and give comments so fast and all so personal. So yes I thought you have had it. I was already missing you and that's no Aprils Fools.

  2. Diane, I thought you were serious!! You had me lady! Glad its not true!

  3. LOL! I love the kitchen faucet prank except if I did it I would have to clean up the mess lol! Happy April Fool's Day to you!!!

  4. I totally knew that was an April fools day. YOU will never run out of material with your grands..especially Miss sweet cheeks herself.

  5. GIRL! You had my heart so sad...really! I'm happy that you only pulled an April Fool's trick on me and I will be able to keep up with your fun life thru your blog.

  6. LOL! You are so bad, Diana! : ) That's pretty funny with the sprayer. I'll have to think of something to do especially with my son visiting. I'd love to get both him and my husband today. My son may be aware it is April Fool's Day, but I don't think hubby is!

  7. Ha! I forgot it was April Fools Day!! Thats pretty sneaky of you!

  8. Seems I've heard that April Fools before about quitting blogging.
    I read and post, but sometimes my posts don't 'stick' lately.
    MyHero must be getting forgetful...if that works every year.

  9. Your favorite April Fool's joke was played on me a few years ago. My rotten kids laughed for days about it. I was so mad because I was wearing "my face" at the time. If I was sans makeup, I may have actually laughed!

  10. Diana, Honestly at first I thought "oh no". You are right up there with the grandkids girl.:):) Funny some times how the can turn the waterworks on... but it still is heart breaking.:( Have fun tricking your hero all day today. Smiles, xo, Susie(She Junks)

  11. Iknew you were kidding right from the start because as much joy you bring to us its so apparent you love it too, you were meant to blog, beside if you quit we would all drive over to your house to see whats wrong, it might take me a while to get there, (DAYS) but I would, , with one eye I would drive ha ha ha, you bring us so much joy, you and your family don't stop, and your poor husband , does he not remember year from year, you would think living with you all these years he would expect something on April fools day, have a great day!

  12. Diana Yours is my 1st April Fools! I was like going into shock!

    I hope you will Come and enter my amazing Cross Bottle Guy Giveaway! No Fooling!

    Art by Karena

  13. You stinker you Diana!
    Had me going there, had me feeling sad, it worked!
    Happy Sunday anyhoo!

  14. You didn't get me! I know your heart and those adorable little ones in your life :)

  15. I knew you were joking!!! Didn't you try that joke last year?
    Glad you are here to stay!!!
    Have a great Sunday!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  16. You're a mess! I would miss Miss Sweet Cheeks and Nana! I love the taped handle on the kitchen sink! My mom made me cardboard sandwiches for my school lunch! Happy April Fool's Day!

  17. You got me there! I was reading as fast as I could to see what set you off. ~ Maureen

  18. Haha! You would have gotten me, only I had already learned that it was April Fools Day! I think the 4 pictures of positive pregnacy test on facebook clued me in. Now, if anyone really is pregnant, I probably won't believe them.

  19. Glad to hear you aren't quitting your blog. Your poor husband, you think he would learn about getting sprayed especially since you do it every year. I would be cautious today Diana. He may be planning a surprise for YOU.


  20. Oh Girl - YOU ARE MY HERO!!! I wish we had one that pointed out - I'd go do it right now - before he gets up - yep - I'd have to be a the look out for the rest of my life, but oh so worth it!!

    Although - you did have me going for a minute there! Shame on you Diana for scaring us - and for getting Sweet Cheeks involved in your antics! No wonder her older Sis is such a sassy pants! You teach 'em all young!

    Have a wonderful day - "fooling" around!! Crazy lady!!


  21. O.K. That caught me off gaurd!! I can't imagine your blog without a little story about SweetCheeks every now and then. A happy day to you, Diana. I was wondering if you ever saw my SweetCheeks sign on our post? Give her a hug from Sheri.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  22. Ok, you got me. I was thinking, where is she going with this, HA!
    I had no clue today is April Fools, thanks for the remimnder, I love practical jokes! Happy Day! xo ~Liz

  23. Well, I know that you would NEVER tire of miss Sweetcheeks, Diana, so I knew this was your idea of an April Fool's joke!! So funny about the kitchen faucet! Love it! I got an early April Fool's scare yesterday, my blog disappeared! Yes, I am serious! I panicked, but thankfully was able to retrieve it in a few minutes. I need to learn how to back it up, like you said you do with your blog!!

  24. We'd be so sad if you left! Do you think your kitchen faucet joke will work this year since you wrote about it? I'm sure MyHero reads here daily!

  25. Ha! You got me!! I totally forgot today was April fools!

  26. HERE! I'm here! Tally Ho, my friend! Do not stop! You are my am Starbucks Midwest pit stop! I've had my 2nd cup, visited with you and Sweet Cheeks!
    Ready to seize Sunday!

  27. Diana
    I knew this couldn't be true, even though I had forgotten it was April Fool's Day!
    I hope you're marking down I stopped by today!!
    We do notice if our friends are missing, don't we?
    You sure have a good tempered fellow there! Are you always so ornery?

  28. You are too funny!! You had me going at first and then I saw the 2nd picture of Sweet Cheeks and burst into a smile!
    Gonna have to try the faucet thing. I imagine I will get the same reaction here..hahahaha

  29. Oh are a real "stinker".....
    Happy April Fools to you.



  30. You are BAD, BAD, BAD!! 40 lashes with a wet noodle.
    Better still Sweet Cheeks gets to give the lashes.
    Love ya girl, Ginger

  31. I didn't fall for it, Diana. Too many stories left in you for that nonsense. BTW, you're a little devil re: the water trick....
    :-) Sue

  32. glad you were just kidding ! You scared me at first.

    You are a naughty one

    watch out should Mr decide to get you back with a trick of his own...
    Happy April
    - KAT -

  33. definitely got me!! happy April. I am happy you are sticking around!!!

  34. Not falling for it!
    I did fall for that same sprayer trick when my son pranked me. I was soaked and so was the kitchen. I can still hear them all laughing. Makes a mom proud- I taught them well. We are a pranking family. ;)

  35. had me wondering there for a minute! but we're having TOO much fun, aren't we! Happy April, my friend! ♥

  36. LOL..quite the jokester! I'd miss you if you quit, so please don't ever give it a serious thought! Love the kitchen sprayer had me laughing!
    Hugs, GraceinAZ

  37. Lady, you crack me up. LOL

    I started thinking you were serious but at the same time I was thinking 'NO WAY' So you only sorta got me. Even then, it made me a little sad. I would miss you.

    Nope, we won't let you go. :)

    I love the faucet joke. And if I did it, like WeeFaerie, I too would have to clean it up myself. I can just dream of what it would be like. But maybe it would be worth the pain of being on my hands and knees wiping it up just to see Mel's reaction. LOL

    Have a great evening and a wonderful Monday...

    Take care, Janet W ((hugs))

  38. Whew...ya got me! glad it was all a joke!

  39. Well it would be a sad day if you really decided to stop blogging!

  40. I was really worried Diana! Thank you for getting my attention and "fooling" me. That was the first for the whole day!

    I LOVE the sprayer idea... that is classic.

    You are awesome! Don't you go anywhere!

  41. Oooooo! Yeah, baby! I just learned another naughty trick from you, D! hehehe! Can hardly wait to pull this one off! lol!

    And....right. Do you honestly think that we'd let you quit blogging?? Not a snowball's chance. lol!

    xoxo laurie

  42. You are one funny lady. Not only trying to fool us, but I've been getting entertained reading your post. All the way into 2010!!! I like the way you write, like your right next to us.
    I can see your hands going like me. French folks do that a lot.
    I see your sweet pic all over blog land, and have been meaning to come over, and there you were on my blog.
    Great minds think alike ; )
    Nice meeting you. I think April fool's is over now. Good one,lol.
    love from Canada

  43. I didn't get to pull one single joke..not ONE! What the heck's with that??
    Faucet you say? :) Gotta try it next year!


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