Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The A is for Awful- B is for Bestest- C is for Cafe in Blogland

The  ABC Cafe
Awful Bestest Cafe anywhere.

Remember the
Whistlestop Cafe
Fried Green Tomatoes?
Didn't you just love
Kathy Bates in that movie?
She found herself
by listening to another
woman's life story..
and because she
started a conversation
with a little old lady 
in a nursing home,
the woman's life
revolved around
the Whistlestop Cafe
and gave Kathy the couage
to HAVE a life.

I love the little things that
cause a conversation to start.
The talk usually goes in a
completely different direction
than I think it is going to go.
The other day I had an
radio station playing.

SweetCheeks said..
I know that song.
You do?
I heared it in a restauhrhant.
You did?
By now song Number 2
is playing.
Nana, I know THAT song, too.
You do?
Yep! I heared it in a restauhrahnt.
Okay- NOW I think
there is a story afoot.

What restaurant, SweetCheeks?
The ABC restauhrahnt.
Here's what it looks like
in case you are interested.

The ABC restauhrhant huh?
It's akctually 
(one of her favorite words 
of all time)
just the ABC restauhrahnt
because they only serve
things that start with
Like what?
Hmmmm..long pause...
It is just the A restauhrahnt
cuz everything can just start
with A.
Like what?
A apple pie
A Burgher
Where IS this restaurant,
SweetCheeks, maybe I'll
 go there.

But, but, but, Nana....
Yohu CAHN'T go there.
Why not?
Ah-ha gotcha now...
you are gonna have to 
fess up that there 
IS NO such place.
Welllll, Nana, you
cahn't go there
cuz yohu arhe on a
diet and you 
can't eat any 
A thinhgs
and the ABC restauhrahnt

I can't wait to 
meet the man she
is going to marry someday.
I hope he is 
your photo name


  1. She'd make a good diet coach, maybe I could borrow her for a bit? LOL

  2. Hi Di,
    if that kid doesn't become famous it would be a sin! She is soooo entertaining. you need to send in a video to Americas funniest video's.

  3. That kid's mind is always working:):) She's so darn funny. Good artwork. Yes, at times, I would love to just drive my car into things, like Kathy Bates did in that movie. LOL Smiles, xo, Susie

  4. I'd love to hear that child say chicken,I can almost hear it now.

  5. You must publish your sweet cheeks stories and give them to her on her wedding day! (There is no doubt in my mind that her husband will be smart.)

  6. Hmmmm... doesn't sound like you'll be on that diet long if you can't eat any A things. Especially when "A Burger" starts with A. So does "A Banana" or "A Candy Bar" or anything else worth eating. That means you can't eat! And if you can't eat - the diet is not going to last long at all. When you don't eat, you either don't last or you get off of the silly diet completely! *LOL*

  7. Love the movie and Kathy Bates. I think maybe Sweet Cheeks gets her smarts and her large vocabulary from her Nana, ya'll are as tight as two peas in a pod!

  8. Diana, like so many movies I've seen, I can't remember any of the details. Little SweetCheeks looks adorable with that flower in her hair and her art work is so cute and her characters are smiling which means she's a happy little girl! You naughty girl, you've made me hungry for junk food. I have some low fat fries in the freezer. I'll have some for lunch with chicken and a salad. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. How sweet and "direct" is sweet cheeks. Love this post and her drawing is very special.

  10. Oh my gosh. That child is something else. Well, with you being on a diet and all, you probably wouldn't want to eat there anyway. The stories she comes up with are so out there. Most kids don't have imaginations anymore.
    Her husband? Smart? Maybe, but you know what they say- Love is blind...that's going to help her out a whole lot.
    Have a great day and take it easy.

  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes and your Grand is darling! I love how kids think!
    Blogger changed my format...not me! I don't know if I can change it back as I'm not computer savvy at all...

  12. Apple, bacon, cheese should all be at the ABC restaurant - sounds like a winner to me.

  13. Apple dumplings, Artichoke dip, Asparagus, Acorn squash casserole...

    I bet they have A lot on the menu you could eat. :-)

  14. Loved that movie! I love the word actually, too. She has such a great imagination! ~ Maureen

  15. I'll take ALL the avocados, please!

    Precious post!


  16. too cute Diana! Hey girl, let's forget about the diet and us two hit the ABC Restuarant (couldn't remember how you spelled it)lol! I'll talk a slice of that apple pie.

  17. Good for yet another laugh out loud moment. lol.

  18. You and me both!! Aren't kids great! Joan

  19. I am soooooo hungry right now and looking at this post doesn't help any! But I don't think I am allowed to eat at the ABC restaurant either....phooey.

    I loved that movie and I love Bates. She is such a great actress. I love that scene where she pulled into the parking space bashing in the "smart*&%" teenagers car and yelled at them, "I am older and have more insurance".

    Her show "Harry's Law" is a great.

  20. Conversations like this one are priceless. You are blessed to have her close to you so the two of you can spend time together. Such a cutie.

  21. Isn't being the Nana the absolute best?

  22. I have seen your comments on a few of the blogs I follow so I decided to pop over for a little visit. I am so glad I did...I REALLY enjoyed this. I loved that movie, Fried Green Tomatoes too. And the conversation with your grand daughter was just priceless! Isn't being a grandma just wonderful? Looking forward to visiting again....Blessings, Debbie

  23. So sweet and funny!! That was such a great movie....you had me laughing and now have me very very hungry! (again)

  24. Leave it to SweetCheeks to have all the answers!:-) However, asparagus is a very good choice if one is on a diet, as are apples - without the pie, of course.:-)

  25. She is just the best...so smart, an old soul! And looking out for you! ;-D


  26. I missed seeing that movie...Fried Green Tomatoes. I shall have to look for it. You are making me hungry with all those food photos. Love your Name. I am also Nana to my Grandkids.

  27. I LOVE coming by here and reading your humor..Fried Green tomatoes was one of my favorite movie..Kathy Bates when she said "I'm oder and have more insurance" Just me me smile..Hope you have a really GREAT week my dear friend..Hugs and smiles Gloria

  28. Oooh too cute Diana!... now, get off that diet and take that sweetie for a piece of apple pie and a burgher!... xoxo Julie Marie

  29. Oooh too cute Diana!... now, get off that diet and take that sweetie for a piece of apple pie and a burgher!... xoxo Julie Marie

  30. Did you have to show that apple pie? Now I want pie...my all time favourite !!!
    She'll have him wrapped around her pinkie!
    Pamela xo

  31. She is so adorable and cute and smarter than all of us!
    What a sweet post!

  32. Hi Diana: She'll make out just fine....If his name starts with A..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  33. She sure has an onery streak. So funny. When you go to the ABC ket me know and I will meet you.

  34. She is just too cute. What an imagination she has :)

    Looking at your food pictures made me think..ok you show the food and I will show the desserts. The chocolate pictures that I have. LOL

    One more week til I can eat chocolate again...Oh dear. Drooling over that chocolate cake pic that I have.

    Thank you for your fun comments on my blog. :)

    Gotta go. Take care, Janet W

  35. I love this!!!
    After reading this I know lots of memories of car conversations with my kids will pop into my head...thanks!

  36. Are you kidding, Nana? This kid is going to get herself any man she wants, he'll just need to do what our men do and learn to tune the dial so he can say uh huh once in a while!

    And, no eating 'A THINHGS' either, Nana!

    I love this wee one!

  37. Wonderful post! Sweet moments and great memories! What a blessing! Jenn


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