Monday, April 16, 2012

Ria's First Communion

I don't have all
my pictures here
but I will give you a 
little peek
into our day yesterday.

Here is Ria 
with her 
Great Uncle Paul.
He is my brother-in-law
and a wonderful Uncle
and darling brother-in-law.
I made the veil
and Lulu wore it 2 years ago.
I will try to get
a close up of it for 
later post.
It is a pretty piece.

During the ceremony
there was also a
baptism of sweet
little baby girl.
All the little ones
making their first
communion were invited
back to the font
to watch the baptism
up close.
Sorry-It was hard to get a 
good picture from our position.

CharlesInCharge was
quiet for most
of the service.
Afterwards, we headed
to my daughter's house.
She has the gift of
Her home is always open
and she can create
magic on a moment's notice.

Here is the cake
she MADE for
Ria's special day.
Isn't it beautiful?
Are you one of
The ones that want
so that you get a
LOT  of frosting?
I used to be.....
until I gave up sugar!
She had beautiful flowers
all around the house.
Feathers and fru-fru
were mixed in amongst
the beautiful roses.
There were lots of
people there.
Notice the light fixture
above the dinette table?
It, too,had feathers and florals.
Seven different quiches,
Baked blueberry & cream cheese
French toast,
chicken salad croissants,
and several other salads
were available
to quell the rumblings 
in the crowd stomach.
AND there were
2 beautiful topiaries 
with strawberries
dipped in white chocolate.
It was a wonderful
day, filled with the love 
of family and friends.

There was only one
little mini-meltdown
that I witnessed.
watched happily as
Ria opened the
gifts she received from
family and friends.
She was counting the
money Ria got.
I told her that in
a couple of years
SHE would be making
HER first communion.
She said....
Yeah, I know and 
I gonna get a 
LOTTA money
for my furhst cummuniohn.
Lotsss mohre than Ria.

some of Ria's  cards
 dropped on the floor.
quipped her other gramma,
Can you pick up the
cards Ria dropped?

Still eating but....
Out comes the  lower lip.
Whhy do I alwahys hafta
doo evfreything enyway?
Isss not my turn to
phick upp Ria's stuff.

Turning to me she
quickly changes
the subject...
eyeing up my

Arhe those REAL pearhls,
Why? I ask.
Cuz I only lihke 
REAL pearhls.
She has already laid
claim to my
blue topaz which
is her birthstone.
I suppose she will be
writing her name on
these now, too.
What a  GEM she is...
Get it?
Gem? Jewelry?
Have a great Monday!

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Blondie's Journal said...

What a great day, I love how the girls look like little brides. The veil you made is beautiful. And how cool is that having a baptism for all the kids to see! Of course they don't remember their own!

Your sister had a wonderful celebration after the communion! The food sounds fabulous and she has a real talent for making cakes! I had a brunch after Emily's baptism and it was so much fun. Wonderful post, Diana!


Susie said...

Diana, Love all your photos of the wonderful event. Funny how little ones think they have to do all the work:):) It's hard for the smaller children to not be a bit envious. Hope you have a good day, Smiles, Susie

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

aww... sweet girl, sweet day and sweet memories!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Such gorgeous photos of her special day. She's just precious. That cake is just heavenly.

outjunking said...

Very nice and thanks for sharing such a special time with us. Yum to all that food and I still don't know how you say no to sugar!

doodles n daydreams said...

lovely photo's of a lovely day. Ria looks beautiful, first communion is a precious day.

The enchanted home said...

Thanks for a laugh to start my day...what a wonderful day you all had. Beautiful pictures!!

Gina said...

What a special day! Ria looked so pretty! The veil you made is wonderful as is your daughter's cake! I love all the feathers!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

A wonderful day had by all and Ria looked so pretty!! Loved the end of this post Diana, it gave me a good laugh!!

Debbiedoos said...

Ria looked so pretty! Love the feathers on the chande. And hey sweet cheeks is no dummy, she is putting her claims in early!

Mark said...

Congratulations to Ria on her First Holy Communion!
Claire just did hers last year and I know how special it is for them. And to see all the 7 year olds in the dresses and suits, so cute!
Take care!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

What a lovely family day! And it sounds delicious too!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

What a special day! Congratulations, Ria!

pembrokeshire lass said...

Love the pictures...a happy family time. sweetcheeks is just a lovely little girl who will grow into a lovely woman with such a great Grandma to help show her the way! joan

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful day! Your daughter has inherited her momma's talents, thats for sure, what a wonderful meal you had.The feathers and flowers are beautiful, I love the white theme.
Sweet cheeks has got taste I'll give her that!!!You did such a beautiful job of her veil, thats a beautiful child.

Patty Patterson said...

What a beautiful celebration! And that is quite a cake.
And - it sounds like you're going to need a few more nice pieces of jewelry so you will have plenty to hand down. You need to go shopping to make sure no one is left out!
And Grace's initials spell GEM. Grace Elizabeth McGriff Her initials were carefully planned. No matter who she marries her initials won't spell anything gross or bad - in her Momma's opinion. Her Momma wasHeather Ann Patterson (HAP)and is now Heather Ann McGriff (HAM) AND she hates even the thought of pork. Anything pork - or even fake pork. No imitation bacon bits, no spam or turkey ham and no cooking it in the house and stinking up the place. I'm not a fan of pork either, but I actually cook it on occasion because my husband likes the stuff. And it's really not that much more gross than other meats. (I could go vegetarian very easy..... but no sugar and I would starve)

Anonymous said...

What a special day. Thank you for sharing the photos. You did a grand job on the veil. The food/decorations are just gorgeous!

Cristina Garay said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful day Diana! I love the veil you made, all the girls wearing their white dresses, and the beautiful cake!

Lucille said...

What a beautiful day. Ria looked so lovely for her special day with the Lord! "CharlesinCharge"! That name just cracks me up! Because of that name, he will probably grow up to be an "in charge" kind of guy. You're so funny! Did you give him that name? And, poor SweetCheeks, she looks so sad on that last photo. But, her day will come. The veil you made is fantastic! You're so talented and so is your daughter. That cake is a beauty.

As for sugar, I think it gets easier to give up the older we get. That's how it was for me. It does not agree with me that much. I used to eat candies galore but I could never do that now. And, you will have to stock up on jewelry, young lady! So that everything can be divided evenly. That's just how it goes! Until next time!

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

Ria looks beautiful, many congratulations to her.
The cake your daughter made is outstanding, what a talent, and as you said everything looks so good. It sounds like you all had a fantastic time.

Lynne said...

All beautiful! The veil is exquisite. What a perfect family heirloom in the making, Your daughter is talented like her Mama!

Nellie said...

It's rough on little ones when an older sibling is the center of attention. I'm sure she enjoyed the party anyway!:-) It sounds amazing!!


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh so sweet Diana! Brings back memories of my first communion!
I love how the dresses have hardly changed at all.
Your daughter is an amazing hostess, beautiful cake!
How could you not eat a piece of got willpower!

Sweet Tea said...

What a special day for your family.
I love when families come together to celebrate life events.
Great funand great memories for all involved. Ria looked beautiful!!

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Diana: What a sweet day you had. Won't that be a nice momento for those little one's families to have the picture of all the girls in veils around their babies? Your daughter is very special. Her cake is gorgeous. Glad a good time was had by all and that Sweet Cheeks got to stake out more of her inheritance!..Happy Monday..Judy

Jettie said...

Beautiful celebration. LoL about the jewelry, At least she has great taste.

Anonymous said...

Such a special day for your family! She's adorable! The cake is lovely! I'm with Sweet Cheeks on the money and pearls! That girl has good taste! She's a doll too!

Petie said...

Baptism's...what a beautiful thing to witness. The party after looked AMAZING. The food sounded incredible. I loved the invite from the last post.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

What a happy day for your family!
The list of delicious food is making my mouth water. I am not one of those people that wants the corner of the cake- my favorite is right out of the middle. More cake, less frosting for me! Ria looks beautiful in her dress and veil. I love that Nana made it.
Sweet Cheeks- that girl knows her stuff. Don't question, Nana. That's how she rolls!

momto8 said...

what a beautiful day. Everything about it!

Debby said...

I think we keep each other in stitches.
Love Ria in her dress. That veil looked like what I wore when I got married. The cake and the party were wonderful......How many quiches......that lady is on the ball.
I think Sweet Cheeks is actually about 10 years older that her birth age. She is so abused and over worked.....he he.

At The Picket Fence said...

Oh, congratulations to darling Ria on such a momentous occasion! She looked absolutely beautiful! :-)

Something Nice and Pretty said...

You are so talented Diana and your daughter must take after you, the cake is gorgeous as is your granddaughter:)

It's Just Dottie said...

What can I say!! Just so lovely and a blessing to the heart.
Thanks for your comment . I think I have turned it off. Smiles, Dottie

Ruth Kelly said...

Amazing celebration. So how is that working with giving up sugar? I think I need to go there but I now seem to crave chocolate and it always has sugar.

Tete said...

Well, it all looks wonderful! Ria looked so pretty. The cake was beautiful. That kid of yours must take after you.
About the pearls- just tell sweetcheeks not to worry about them. They should be listed in the will under me or Jettie...
Hope you had a good day.
We missed all the bad storms last night. Yeah. By the time they did get here, they were so small and nothing much in them.

Dixie Delights said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day! I adore the flowers and fru fru. And that cake... gorgeous! xo

Rebecca Nelson said...

How absolutely lovely. They all look like little brides to me....


Thank you so much for sharing. I love it when I see religious traditions carried forward.


Kristens Creations said...

What a beautiful communion...the veil you made was beautiful!

Thanks for the tips on the ivy. I am hoping it's in a good spot. It gets the afternoon indirect light. Maybe I can keep it alive! =0

Cass @ That Old House said...

Oh my -- I guess I don't have to tell you that it will seem like the blink of an eye before you are making a veil for Ria's wedding.

Lovely post, my friend.
And WOW your daughter can sure throw a party!!!

Japolina said...

Congratulations. Everything sounds wonderful especially that lovely cake.

I think sweet cheeks should have her own tv show!

Claudia said...

Sounds like a heavenly day full of laughs and happiness and family. Love your description of the meltdown!


The Polka Dot Closet said...

What a special day! your daughters cake and decorating was gorgeous. Oh, I remember my first communion, getting to wear a pretty white dress and veil!


renae said...

Ria! congratulations - hope your day was super.

Heaven's Walk said...

Such a sweet, memorable day for sure, Diana! When you show the girls these photos years from now, they'll either laugh or cry! :)

xoxo laurie

Donna said...

What a wonderful day for your Granddaughter, Ria. God bless you, Sweet Girl.

Sweet Cheeks is a clever one, heh? Real pearls? The veil looks great, Diana. That is really nice, since all of the girls will wear it - a family heirloom! Sweet Cheeks may want the pearls embroidered in to it, if they are REAL, that is.

Blessings, dear friend!

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Looks like a wonderful family time full of memory making...

Wendy@Once upon a rose haven said...

Hi Diana,
Congratulations to Ria! Your daughter did a great job, that cake looks divine!

Savannah Granny said...

What a blessed day filled with faith and family. Boy, I would like to have been there for lunch.
Blessings, Ginger

Elaine said...

Wonderful day for the family..The cake is to pretty to cut into..
Pearls for the priness... better hide the family jewels it looks like.

Donna said...

What a great day! Miss Ria looks so grown up! And you had me totally drooling over the description of all of those yummy treats! And yes, I love the corner piece of cake! Either that, or one with a giant rose on top. What a gorgeous it was, how impressive!! And too funny about SC!

Blessed Serendipity said...

What a wonderful day for Ria and the family. Ria looked beautiful in her first communion dress and veil that you made. The cake was pretty too.


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Ria looks so beautiful and your daughter did a beautiful job on that cake! And, oh yes, I am one of those corner piece girls!

Kathleen said...

She looks lovely, and you did a great job on the veil!
Our gson makes his on the 5 th. They all look so angelic!
God bless her and keep her close to his heart!

Davis said...

What a special day! Congratulations, Ria!