Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, I know Y'all
think I'm nuts
but just so you 
I am doping it,
(old hippie term for 
smoking pot-or worse)
which, by the way, I
missed that whole scenario somehow...
and I didn't live in a commune,,
or on the streets of 
San Francisco...geez-
I missed ALL the fun..
I am HIGH on some
prints I received
from KAT over at

I was going to wait until
they were framed to show
them to you but they 
are too beautiful to 
keep under wraps any longer.

This one is an 8x10.
It is a photo printed on 
high quality stock and actually
a painting on canvas.
It is going in the guest room
once I find a frame for it.
Don't you love it?

This one is smaller.
A 5x7.

When I get this one framed it
is going in my hutch with 
some of my china because it
picks up those colors.
Isn't it beautiful?

Can you decide which one
you like best?
I can't!

Please take a moment and
pop over to say Hi to Kat!
Not only is she a talented
 her pictures are 
nearly as good 
as my own....
Bwhahahaha - Okay-
I lied about THAT cuz
you all KNOW what kind
of pictures I take

Tell her the Easter bunny
sent you...cuz  I think
she likes to smile.
your photo name


Debi WeeFaerie said...

They are really pretty! The clouds in the top one are so beautiful!

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

These are both very pretty, and as you said, hard to choose a favourite. I shall pay her a visit right now :)

Susie said...

Diana, Those certainly are pretty prints. I love the teacup one the best.I also like the idea of it being in your china cabinet. Smiles, xo, Susie

Anonymous said...

Beautiful .... Beautiful!!
Have a Great Week!!

Japolina said...

So pretty!

Gina said...

Beautiful pictures! Enjoy!

Patty Patterson said...

I can decide! I like the little one, with the tea cup! Because, I like tea cups!

Lynne said...

Beautiful! So soft and pretty!
I hope that you share them once again when framed!
I'm headed over to visit Kat!

Mark said...

That girl certainly does some beautiful work!

Anonymous said...

she certainly has talent wow!

Miss Kitty said...

Yes, those are beautiful. I am going to visit Kat right after I send you this little note. Both are pretty, but I like the teacup and pansies best.

Pam Kessler said...

They are both gorgeous. I'll go on over and check her out. I always pictured you as a commune kind of girl though. Flowers in your flowing blonde hair and all that!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Those are beautiful, Diana! I will pop over because I am actually looking for something for under that shelf I did in our master WC.

Debbiedoos said...

I love them both, but the second one really pops out to me. Can't wait too see them framed. Never heard the term doping it, I know it is different now, as my friend just told me what the new term is. Of course I forgot, and I am not even dopin it!

Anonymous said...

Diana, these are gorgeous! The softness in the colors is so pretty. Lucky girl! What a lovely gift! I'm on my way over for a visit- thanks for sharing!

mo said...

Hi Diana,

I am in love with the second one!

How beautiful.



Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

The second one is one of my faves by Kat.

jessica said...

You always make me smile!!! I love reading your posts!! LOL Those are gorgeous prints!! Love the softness!


Jettie said...

I love the top one, those colors just pop.
You lucky broad you, always getting a package in the mail...

Cristina Garay said...

Hi Diana,

Both prints are very pretty but my fav is the second one! Have a Great Week!

Low Tide High Style said...

Diana you are too sweet...thank you so much, and I'm glad you enjoy the prints!

xoxo Kat

bj said...

OOO, I love 'em both but I'll arm wrestle ya for that first one....

Anonymous said...

Both are incredibly lovely - I can't choose a favorite!

Ruth Kelly said...

ahh, Paris - maybe, someday. I remember those crazy love flower children from San Francisco - I seemed to have missed the boat too.

Debbie said...


Maureen Wyatt said...

Those are so pretty that I have to go check her out! Eventually, we'll all live in a commune. It's called a nursing home. lol ~ Maureen

At The Picket Fence said...

What a beautiful print Diana! She is so talented! :-)

pembrokeshire lass said...

Love your blog. I'm just starting and finding all these wonderful people is just great...you go gran!!!

Debra from Bungalow said...

The colors are so pretty and Spring like. The first one is my fav. :)

I'll pop over and say Hi to Kat.


They are beautiful and would definetely make lovely artwork for any room. I want to wish you my sweet and pretty lady a wonderful EASTER SUNDAY to you and yours and many blessings too!

Nellie said...

Lovely colors! Some of the same ones that I enjoy! xoxo

Sweet Tea said...

WoW! Love your new prints/paintings.
You are quite the Show-Off, and rightly so.

Donna said...

These are just gorgeous, Diana! Pansies are my favorite blooms,so I really love your new prints! Oh, I thought you got your high at Starbucks?!!!

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

Those are both so beautiful! I love the little violets.

momto8 said...

both are so lovely! they will look great anywhere! have fun decorating!

Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... said...

Hey Diana!!!
They are good!
Framed , they'll be amazing....
Yeah! I missed all the FUN days too!
xoxo`Kathy @
Sweet Up-North Mornings...

Janet said...

Hi there,

You are so funny. I love visiting you here. :)

How lovely those pansies. I love those flowers.

Take care, Janet W

Little Miss Maggie said...

Your prints are beautiful. I love the Paris print. Stunning.

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

SO beautiful! Kat is a wonderful photographer...I have some of her photos, too~ she is so talented!

Donna said...

These are both so pretty Diana! I'm going to have to visit your friend!

So blessed - I love the tea cup and violets!


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Both are beautiful!!


SImple and Serene Living said...

Diana, these are both so pretty. I'll have to pop over and visit her.

Special 'K' said...

They are gorgeous! I will pop over for a visit. Thanks for sharing. Happy Easter to you all. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh, they are both so beautiful!

Flora Doora

Gypsy Heart said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to see them framed and in place. You're going to really enjoy them.


Gypsy Heart said...

So beautiful! I can't wait to see them framed and in place. You're going to really enjoy them.


Sue said...

Isn't she talented? I have a framed "Kat" in my living room!

Annesphamily said...

These are both precious! So pretty and colorful! Love it!

Shannon Fox said...

Those are both just gorgeous. I adore the happy little faces of pansies!