Nana Diana Takes A Break

Nana Diana Takes A Break

Monday, April 30, 2012

Take Your Best Guess!

Today's the day.
What day, you ask?
Well, the day to paint
the bike.
Yes, Yes, It's true...
I garbage picked it...
We don't want the 
neighbors to know!
You didn't really think
I could use
when SweetCheeks was here
did you, you silly goose?
We had other fish to fry...
er...crowns to polish...
and SweetCheeks just kind
of sounds like a 
scary duo to me.
Now then..
Back to the bike painting~
Here are the choices.
Do you think I am going to paint
the bike 
(I will list these for all
you color blind people)
#2 PINK?
above images here
#4  WHITE?
image here
Did you know they call
white bikes
Well, they do!
No ghosts in my gardens so far...
although I have a few skeletons
in my closet...
And MyHero?
Well, he has even 
in his closet....
after all he once wore
something that looked like

So, if he 
to help me spray paint
today I will tell him,
"Thanks, but no thanks".
C''d say the same thing!
What's your best guess?
#1, #2, #3, #4
Tomorrow we will see
how well you know me!
your photo name


  1. I am thinking you will pick #2 PINK! Just for those little cuties in your life :)

  2. I'm going to go with the pink, Diana! I can't wait to see it!

  3. I'm favoring #3. Can't wait to see what you end up doing.

  4. OMGosh I'm going with #2 pink because I just love pink! And I can see a lady tooling around town on that bike, painted pink, with a basket on the front filled with flowers! awesome! Love your blog by the way! Such fun to read!

  5. initial thought was pink, but I'm not so sure. Aqua is my other thought.

  6. Oh my, this is tough Miss Diana! Okay, green!!!

  7. Personally that Green one, #1, is calling my name. Though this isn't about me, so I am guessing pink #2.

  8. I'm thinking #2 but I would choose #1 if it was me.


  9. I would paint it pink - because the green won't show up well in a garden full of green things. But - you didn't ask what I would do. I think you will paint it tourquoise/aqua.... number 3. And really, I don't know. It's just a wild guess!

  10. Diana, That is the reason my own bike isn't painted..It's too hard to decide. Are you painting tires and all?? that's another choice. I love the green.. You know what the princess will want. Can't wait to see. Hero's shirt is wild.Smiles, xo, Susie

  11. Oh Diana, of course you shall paint it PINK!... and then you shall fill the basket with plants and flowers like heavenly blue trailing Lobelia and pink Ivy Geraniums and then I shall want one too... I can't wait to see her! (of course it is a "her"!)... xoxo Julie Marie PS Who doesn't have skeletons in their closets???... sometimes mine come out to play too!... like your super hero's shirt!

  12. I vote for green. Its the one color that will go with all the holidays.

  13. Oops! All the holidays except for Valentines Day and Fourth of July. So never mind on the last comment about the holidays, hee hee. I still vote for green. Hugs...

  14. Green one....the polka dots are so cute.

  15. Oh Diana,

    You beat me to it!! Of course it will be #4 - Princess Lane! After all, you are the Queen!

    Guess that means you can have any color you want then.

    Better keep Hero's skeletons in the closet. They say if we wore it once, we're not supposed to be wearing it next time around. Nothing sadder than a 50 or 60 something with saggy knees wearing a mini skirt! At least I thought those were her knees?! he he he! (I'm in trouble, huh? OK, going to the corner!)

    I've been looking for a bike for the corner of my yard, and when my Sweetie finally realized what I was going to do with it - he said it better have training wheels on it or don't bring it home! Nothing THAT big is going in the yard! "But, Sweetie, it'll look great!! Please??" So it's a little bike now, but he doesn't know what else is going to be there with it - no he doesn't! Nope, and I am going to be in the corner for a long, long time!!!

    Love you, girl!!

  16. You seem to be getting a bunch of pink votes but I'm thinking white. I can't wait to see what you decide!

  17. I love the pink and aqua but the green is pretty too...I guess I'll go with pink:)

  18. I'm taking the Princess Way sign as the clue and going with white. Now, I'm wondering what those skeletons in the closet are! ~ Maureen

  19. Diana: Ghost or no. I still think you will paint it white. Whatever, it's too cute..Happy Monday..Judy

  20. Well, I'm probably always going to vote for aqua if given a choice! I can't wait to see it. I've considered painting mine.

  21. number four white how striking.. I like ghosts !don't you ?

    - KAT -
    P S... On my Kat's Nature blog - I posted about a re-useable shopping bag that I designed and entered into a contest online. if you have time could you check it out ? I need to try to get people to vote on my bag ( # 30077 KAT Griffin)

  22. Depends on how much you're willing to risk - Dad probably won't like a pink bike in front of the house; the green might blend in too much in the yard; the white would show dirt really quickly; that leaves the turquiose. not sure you would actually have something that bright, since you usually favor white, but I'm gonna go with turquiose. I think it'd be cute!

  23. I love the look of painted bikes! What a fun project! I vote for aqua, but I have a feeling you are going pink!

  24. I am thinking green. But then again green is my favorite color. lol. Not sure how it would show up in a garden though. Am I the only female that doesn't like the color pink? Pretty on some things,but just not me. I can just see this bike in a garden. It will look fantastic what ever color you paint it.

  25. How cool Diana! I am loving the turquoise color.

  26. I had a guess before I even saw the choices...that's how GOOD I am! I think it will be SHOULD be turquoise! I love it, girlfriend!

  27. I think you'll paint it blue...with some silver stars... great doncha think?! Joan

  28. Oh gosh, I going with pink! If the bike is for Sweetcheek's I'm sure it's gonna be pink! But the white is kinda nice also. I guess I have to wait until tomorrow :-( Hey, but wait, today is tomorrow in the Bahamas...

  29. I say pink! I have an old pink Schwinn up at the lake and it's so darn cute! :)


  30. I almost always say GREEN, but this time I think I'm liking the aqua! I love that you found this bike in someone's trash!!

  31. #2 Pink would be a beautiful backdrop for anything/everything in the garden.

    I love getting to guess!!

  32. You mean someone else goes dumpster diving too?!!! How cool is that! Well, as much as I LOVE pink and I do mean LOOOOOVE, I vote for the white one.
    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  33. Love the green with cream polka dots.

  34. I would pick turquoise! It seems like it's that kind of year.:-)



  35. I'm thinking you'll go with pink with some white accents!

    Ooh, I remember when we tie dyed our shirts and thought we were so cool!


  36. hmmm.. pink, turqouise... I don't know why, but I just wanna say PINK.

  37. This post is like those cliff hangers on TV! I think you are a pink person. You are going to post early a.m. so as not to keep us in the dark. Right? I can't stand the suspense. Give us a clue.

  38. Oh my! It could be any of them - you go good with pink but I'm guessing aqua/turquoise!

  39. White will be very snabby chic!

  40. I like the green one with the polka dots!

  41. I think you are going to pick two, white and aqua!

  42. I vote for #4 because I happen to love that color! Thanks for coming by...come on back next week and link up some of your fav plants!

  43. The rainbow one! The rainbow one! Ooops....guess that's not a choice. Well.....I guess pink because SweetCheeks won't let you paint it any other color. hehehe! Btw - how's that garden comin'.....? :)

    xoxo laurie

  44. Are you kidding me????

    PINK you silly tie-dye loving goose!


  45. aqua? That's what I'd do, anyway. Really, you couldn't go wrong with any of those colors.

  46. Hi, Look at all these comments-boy are you popular!!!! O.k. so I'm love the green with polkadots and also the pink-those would be my choice. I think you like pink(or at least your grands do)so that would be my first choice-but truly I think the polka dots are soooo cool.
    Have a great Tuesday.
    Hugs, Noreen

  47. #3!!!! pink :)

    kinda kidding on the pink....



  48. Well,

    I'm sorry I'd have to say that I would like the bike painted like the shirt. :)

    Very colorful. But probably a little difficult to do.

    I think all those colors would look great. Can't wait to see the after pics.

    Happy painting. :)

    Take care, Janet W ox

  49. Diana, I think you are thinking pink! LOL Can't wait to see it done!

  50. Oh my goodness what a find! Pink, white or green! They are all darling colors, can't wait to see it!

  51. I'm hoping for turquoise, but whatever you go with will be fabulous! I love a good bike with a plant or two in the basket.

  52. i love pink! my neighbor use her white bike as a mailbox holder!

  53. That's the bike you started with? I swear, that was my first bike as a kid! Not a tricycle, but my first BIG girl bike...wide seat, breaks, the wire rack on the back, red and tan....that was my ride.


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