Sunday, April 15, 2012

Where Is Nana Diana Today?

We are not Catholic
but my daughter married
a Catholic
and they are raising their
children in their chosen faith.

The above invitation is an
actual picture of Ria in
her first communion dress.
It's the same one her sister
wore but she got to pick
a special pin to make it
her own.
In a couple of years it
will pass down to

My daughter has been
working around
the clock to get things
ready for a big brunch
for 50 plus people
after the service.

I, on the other hand,
have had SweetCheeks
for a couple of days.
is my
BIG contribution.
As you can see she
loves herself almost
as much as I love her.
sigh...I have 
It's been just
And, if you believe THAT
I might have a bridge
in Brooklyn you
would like to buy.

I'll be back
tomorrow with
pictures and story.
Have a wonderful
your photo name


  1. I love that image!... and the one of you and sweetchecks together for a couple of days :-)

  2. Blessings to your dear Ria!

  3. I am so looking forward to having conversations {in some form of the English language} with my granddaughter, Diana. Reading about you and Sweetcheeks really makes me look forward to it. She chatters on and on, especially at night, and if we could understand what she was saying, I'm sure it would be quite interesting.

  4. I am so glad you are a good mother and can sacrifice your time to watch Sweet Cheeks. ha

    I am sure you 2 will have a ball!

  5. What a beautiful invitation. I'll have to remember that for Josie's future first communion. Have a lovely celebration. Sounds like you have had a fun weekend already.

  6. I'll bet Ria is so excited about today. She sure has grown so much since I first started watching her on here. Best wishes to her today.
    You sure had the tough job this week. Grab the shovel, its getting deep in here!
    Love ya- have a great time with them all today!

  7. Have fun today, Diana. Sweetcheeks is so cute looking in the mirror. I am ready for a break today LOL. Just a couple more crafts to make. Smiles, Susie

  8. In all my comments I am always saying how funny she is.....but she is also very pretty.
    Wish we could get S.C. and Goose together. They sure aare two peas in a pod.
    Congratulations to your other granddaughter.

  9. Hope everything turns out just perfect today! Looking forward to tomorrows pictures.

  10. That invitation is beautiful! I love that the communion dress is getting passed down.

    That picture of Sweet Cheeks is just too darn cute!

  11. Have a wonderful time celebrating this special day! She sure is a sweetie looking in that mirror.

    God bless you!

  12. congrats to your granddaughter on receiving this most precious sacrament.

  13. Such a blessed and beautiful day for Ria and all who attend the ceremony and celebration!
    Both images are precious.

  14. I know how difficult it has been for you minding Sweet Cheeks. That is how I entertain one of my granddaughters, the one I call Lady Gaga. A stool in front of an elaborate mirror and she's good to go for an hour! ~ Maureen

  15. Enjoy it, Diana. They grow up so fast and then we're just left with the memories. Is it enough! Well, it has to be, I suppose. They go on and live their own life, as they should, of course!

  16. Have a wonderful celebration with your family. Sweet memories.

  17. Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing! Joann

  18. How lovely to share in such an important time. So hard to have to look after heart bleeds for you...where did you say that bridge was??? Love your blogs....please keep them coming. Hugs. Joan

  19. How lovely to share in such an important time. So hard to have to look after heart bleeds for you...where did you say that bridge was??? Love your blogs....please keep them coming. Hugs. Joan

  20. Enjoy...I love that picture! Both of them.

  21. What a special day for Ria and your family. Such a precious photo too.


  22. How very special, Diana. I hope the day has gone well for everyone.

  23. More than precious. Just beautiful.

    xoBlessings and love~Rebecca

  24. Congratulations and blessings to all! And yes, we ALL believe that you have suffered through a terribly difficult assignment, watching Sweet Cheeks. :-)
    You poor baby ....

  25. Blessings to Ria!
    And have fun with Sweet Cheeks. I think you got the best job of all.

  26. Diana: I love the picture on the invitation. How nice each girl just changes a piece of jewelry and makes it her own. Picture of all three together will make it very special. Have to do some fancy trick photography thing to make that happen!! Happy Sunday..Judy

  27. Lovely pics and I look forward to your next post.

  28. Oh I love the idea of the girls all wearing the same First Communion dress! Sounds like a weekend of celebration! And I know that you had the really tough job - ha!

  29. What a cute photo of Sweetcheeks! Sounds like a wonderful party is in the works!

  30. What a sweet little girl!! It sounds like you are a fabulous grandmother!!

  31. Hi there,

    How sweet. :)

    Cute pic of that smilie little one.

    I am not catholic either. What does this mean in the catholic church?

    Congrats to Ria. :)

    Have a blessed day. Take care, Janet W

  32. Blessings to Ria. The dress and the veil are beautiful. I am not Catholic either but it is always wonderful to see people have a deep faith. It looks to be a wonderful celebration. How lovely the children were able to witness the baptism.
    I have been scrolling down and loved your post with the monkey sheets and the Olive Garden visit. I loved All your posts!
    They just closed our big Barnes & Noble and put in a furniture store. There are other B&N's nearby so all is not lost.
    Love to you all. XO

  33. Great fun, I am guessing.
    Hugs, Ginger


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