Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Hero Delivers (The Mail)

Yesterday was 

You know the one.
The one where you have
a kagillion things to
get done and
somehow end up 
getting nothing done.
that kind of day.
The kind that leaves
you feeling kinda
Yes-that's a real word.
It is in my 
Nana Diana Dictionary.
I will be glad to sell
you a copy for only
$38, 550.67.
Cash or Money Order.
Then you, too, can
have a vocabulary
that will amaze,
and delight,
your friends.

So, I was most happy
when MyHero came
in from the mailbox
toting a box with
a wonderful surprise inside.

A few weeks ago I won
a giveaway from
Kristin over at

Here they are-
3 of the cutest frames 
you will ever see.
Here they are with
a different light source..
Pretty sweet, huh?
The giveaway was sponsored by

They are darling and I love
Thank you Kristen & Jennifer.

I would also be remiss if
I didn't share what my friend
sent me a couple of weeks ago.
She is just a sweet, sweet person.
Here is what widened my eyes
when I opened her 
sweet package.
The tag is just adorable..
as is the necklace.
And some seeds to plant
to remind me of her
all season long.
Thanks so much, Mary.

Now....if you are very good
and promise not to spit
in the cat's dish,
tomorrow I will share
the staging I have been
doing in our friend's house
in Door County....
working with some
very meager furnishings
and accessories.
Here is a sneak peek...
Sneak Peek?
What did you THINK you
were going to see...
My Hero in his 
birthday suit?
Oh- Wait!
That was his 
THOSE were the days, huh?;>)
your photo name


Jettie said...

Isn't it so much fun to get a package with beautiful things inside? I love the frames. Need to do some decorating around here,err maybe undecorating....

Lynne said...

Wonderful gifts, Diana!
I am already visualizing the grands inside those fabulous frames!

Unknown said...

Wow! The frames are darling & what lovely tags. Lucky you, Diana.

Have a wonderful day ~

Patty Patterson said...

The leisure suit looks like it should belong to Ken.... you know.... Barbie's Ken! I think your hero would look much better in something else!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I know those days, too, Diana! It sounds like your little presents cheered you up. Those days are usually the ones where you want to find a good movie and just get engrossed in it. On one of those days for me, I got hooked on The Tudors on BBCAmerica. And it happened to be a marathon Sunday so I sat and watched it all day.

Anonymous said...

The frames are very nice! My hubby had a pale blue leisure suit!!!

Petie said...

I am laughing so hard, I am crying at the leisure suit. That is classic.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I just love goodies from blogging friends. You did very well. Have a productive Thursday (but only if you want to). Hugs.

Susie said...

Diana, Yikes, that suit !! I actually made one for my husband when I was the sewing queen. Along with western styled shirts with those snap buttons:):) My gosh, I have not thought of that for years. Can't wait to see all the decorating you have done.Nice gifts !! I like visiting Jennifer's site. Take care, Smiles ,xo, Susie

Karena said...

Dina I love you gifts, it is so fun when a package arrives! Adore the last two frames in grey!!

Hey that leisure suit was pretty conservative compared to some my 1st husband had!!

....I wanted you to know...I am featuring Anita Rivera, Friend, Designer and Paper Artist with Castles Crowns & Cottages, & her Giveaway on my site!

Art by Karena

Kelly said...

I really love those frames you won! It's even better that they are handmade. I wish I would have a good mail day like that today!

Tracey@Breathing English Air said...

Gorgeous gifts. Well done on your win.


Lol, I love the suit, such memories! Congrats, you got great gifts and you deserve it pretty lady! I haven't had a "good mail day" this year, last year I received 4!! Thanks for your lovely and kind visit my friend, I just love it when you do, makes my day! Lots of hugs,

jessica said...

Haha!!! Those frames are darling!!!! Have a wonderful day :)

Little Miss Maggie said...

Glad your day was brightened. I hate those sucky days. We all have too many of them.

Tete said...

Geez Louise, do you ever get the coolest stuff! Love the frames and the necklace is so pretty. Staging? You? I thought you didn't get anything done...hmmmm.
Those leisure suits were nasty, weren't they? A total polyester nasty. Shivers just ran down my spine. ARG!
So, whatja doing today??? We are at a stand still. Gives me computer time and walk time.

Cristina Garay said...

lol that suit is so ugly it just makes me laugh! Pretty frames you got, lucky you!

Nellie said...

Congratulations on those wonderful mail deliveries!
Also, anxious to see what you will have for us tomorrow!

Julie Marie said...

Oh Diana, your posts always make me smile so!... hee hee hee, I remember men in those leisure suits... they were quite the style back then! all of your pretty giveaway wins... and I would also LOVE a copy of the Nana Diana dictionary... can you bill me please???... I am sure it is worth every penny of that 38 grand!... xoxo Julie Marie

Maureen Wyatt said...

My day would certainly be brightened if I found those great things in my mail! I really hope the leisure suit doesn't make a comeback! ~ Maureen

Debbie said...

Oh, such cute frames!
What a great surprise for you.
Nice suit....NOT!!!
I'm home.....

Suzanne@Meridian Road said...

There's nothing like getting "good" mail. :) I love those frames, and the necklace is so cool.
Leisure suits. My mom made them for my brothers, in tiny little boy sizes.

Suzanne said... are one lucky girl! And i think i own a dictionary similar to yours:) Cute post!

Mark said...

Hmmm, you're right, they are the cutest frames I've ever seen. Enjoy them!

Ruth Kelly said...

You are a winner and a sweetie. I remember those iesuire suits - now the youngsters just wear pajamas. I can't stand to wear PJs all day in the house but my daughter does that. What a change in generations! I think I need your dictionary.

Anonymous said...

what beautiful gifts, I think I need one of those dictionaries,

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Diana: What a gorgeous give away. Those are beautiful little frames. Once again I am rolling in the aisles, I was going to give you one of my awards, but you have too many followers! Know in you head, that you have it...Happy Thursday..Judy

Blondie's Journal said...

Hurray on your wins!! I love when that postman comes, ours, not yours! ;-D

I had the same sort of day yesterday. I just didn't have the same get up and go. I thought today would be better, I just have to get moving! Have a good one!!


momto8 said...

lucky you! you got presents in the mail!!! how fun.
oh that suit...actually, it brings back good memories!!

LANA said...

Those picture frames are so sweet, and oh yes, I remember the leisure suits. Thank goodness no one wears them anymore!

farmhouse-story said...

such adorable frames--happy mail is the best!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Lovely gifts you received Diana. It is so much fun getting packages in the mail isn't it? Hope you are having a great day. Maybe your hero can put on his leisure suit and you two could go out dancing.


Donna said...

Yes, those were the days, my friend! Hey, that's the beginning of that silly song!

Great gifts for a wonderful lady!

Blessings my friend!

camp and cottage living said...

The suit is nice-I'm just wondering if he could dance as well as the Four Tops did in theirs
I always chuckle when they show that old footage.
Your gifts are sure sweet. You're pretty good at winning drawings. What's your secret?
Let me know when your dictionary is in print-I need to increase my vocabulary!

Diana LaMarre said...

It is so exciting to go to the mailbox and see a package from a blog friend. The same thing happened to me two days ago.

You received some lovely gifts.

Maria Elena said...

Oh, you are so lucky! Those frames are so pretty! What a nice gift!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

What wonderful gifts you have received! Lucky you! I have a feeling those frames will be filled with wonderful pictures of your beautiful grandchildren. Hope you are having a great day.

Japolina said...

You lucky duck. You keep getting cool packages. All that was in my mail box today was a genie bra that I ordered off of QVC during a sleepless night! Ha.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

haha..the leisure suite Diana!
Boy you hit the jackpot on the wins there!
And do I ever, ever understand those kind of days!
And then you said Door County!!! Oh I need to go again!

Holly said...

I think you are very loved, Diana, all over the place!! And, yes, I will take one of your dictionarys. I like the word "sucko". It's a =0)

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Too funny girl! Spit in the cat's dish now that's one that I have never heard. Thought I had heard them all. Do you think the leisure suits will ever come back in style? lol!! Did I read Door County? Hubs and I visited there a year and a half ago. Loved, loved it! Wish I had a cottage on the Lake! We stayed in Fish Creek, but visited all of the surrounding towns.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Spit in the cat's dish? Never heard of that one!!
Congrats on your win...the frames are so cute!