Sunday, September 12, 2010

Frozen Faces XIV

Don't Be A Linda!

magazine image-Edible Arrangements
Linda was quite taken aback.
This was not what she
was expecting when
Lori confided that she was
bringing a fruitcake
to the party.

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  1. LOL!! Thank you Diana for your comment on my last post about Myrtle. You are a wonderful friend I have here too.

  2. Now that's a funny one! Those Edible Arrangement commercials crack me up! I saw one the other day where a dad picks up his little girl from summer camp. She looked so sad until she saw all that fruit, then was jumping for joy! Cupcakes maybe, but fruit?! Now come on! :)

  3. Never seen a cake like that before!!

    That home is not abandoned but would you help me break in just to snoop around? Your my kind of gal...lots of fun!!!!!!!!!
    Pamela xo

  4. LOL...thats a good one! And Happy Birthday to brawny man! :D

  5. I received a cake like that some time ago. It's wonderful!

  6. HAHA! Too funny!

    Those are really good, though.


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