Monday, June 21, 2010

The Present

Because of this.....

SweetCheeks is spending a couple of days

At Nana's house.

It's a bit quieter than at her house

and she can't rough house with

her sisters.

She has been keeping herself busy

In a limited way.

She has "whrapped" a presunt for Nana.

Open it, Nana...

Open it..

Isss for yoah trippe!

I'm taking a trip?

Shure yoah ahre!

Heres whut yoah gunna need!
Ah-It is a "layered" present!
OH MY! Some of my favorites.

A book to read...

And some good lotion~

(A present from TheSecretAgent),

And a coaster...

And some glasses (?)

Thems foahr reading, Nana..of course they are..

And a spoon..(foah eahting soup)The next layer provides more gifts from the heart.
I find a clear ruler..
And a 1/8" dowel...
And the cover to a special candle.

Underneath & hidden away

Are some shoes~special shoes.

I bemoan the fact that~I don't think the shoes will fit me

I am asssured that they are

VWERY Stwecthy!

And extra spoons-

Just in case!

And underneath everything else is....

SweetCheeks informs me ISSS...

The Bestest Present Of All...

Swan Lake Barbie.

But to me....the very BESTEST
present of all..
Is the dear heart
that gifts me
her presence!
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  1. That is so cute and I so needed this today!

  2. Oh I know you two have a FUN time together!
    She will NEVER ever forget those DAYS spent with you!
    Oh how I remember the days I spent with my Mamaw and Papaw!
    Some of my BEST memories!
    Her little chin is hurting me!
    Looks like when I jumped off the diving board and my chin hit the side of the pool.
    They had it on video...and would play the accident backwards and forwards!
    My chin hurt every time I watched it!
    I just want to thank you sweet girl for all the LOVE you leave on my blog!
    Your comments make my day so sweet!
    Thank you for sharing YOU with ME!
    And you MUST make these hushpuppies!

  3. Oweeeeee. That scrape on her chin actually chills me, I never could have been a nurse. I hope she heals fast! The gift is so precious. I have a feeling you will remember it for a lifetime and now because you chronicle so many of your grandchildren's antics and your experiences with them we all get to share them and you'll have them archived for always.


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