Thursday, June 10, 2010

The BrawnyMan

Last night we went to Lulu & Ria's ball game. They
are having so much fun playing softball. Their Mom is one of the coaches and they play for fun-not for blood.

Afterwards, we went to a place called Happy Joe's for pizza. Happy Joe's is their sponsor so they try to reciprocate by buying their dinner there after the game.

THAT dining experience will be a blog for another day...but...after we finished eating TheBrawnyMan said that I hadn't featured HIM in my blog (lately, if at all). I told him he needs to read back through...but because I don't want him to feel bad (or think that he is not blog worthy) this
blog is ALL ABOUT HIM!

He's 6'4" and has "big guns" (you know-muscles-naughty girl-what DID you think?)
He's a contractor by trade. He says if his client is a COUGAR, he always gets the job! Hmmmm? What does THAT mean?

My friend, Laurie? She knows what that means! She is now drooling...she always does...we can't let her near him.....

That's him with TPot (my daughter). TPot was pregnant. There he is again with TPot and Ria (yep! pregnant again)

AND- there he is-proud Papa of 3 beautiful little girls-watching them find Easter eggs.
The best part about him? He loves his wife and little girls...As for me...what more could I ask for? Well, except maybe we need another grandSON? Just think about know.....
A LittleBrawnyBoy...I'm just sayin....

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  1. I love that you are already calling your not-yet-existent grandson'll be able to tell him he already had a nickname before he ever even was!


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