Monday, March 2, 2015


Get your coffee and a sedative
this is a long post. 

Now- Don't you all go sending me
The other day, Tessa,
said to not be afraid to 
let others know what you think...
that we often shy away from being honest

So, that being said, I claim these 
as my own and I am not 
speaking for anyone else.

Remember----These are just  
and I am not meaning to
hurt anyone's feelings or
criticize anyone.
You can feel free to add your own
at the end of my post
in the comment section.

I may, or may not,
adopt some of those as my own.

Ready? Deep breath-
Here we go!

#1- No Reply bloggers

that ask me a question.

I try to answer and have to backtrack through

links to TRY and find a way to answer them.

Donna's profile photo

Don't be a Donna Dolt!

Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage

tells you how to fix  

NoReply if you are on blogger.

She did such a great job I won't

bother to repeat it.

You can find that fix here.

Just for clarification:

This does NOT refer to anyone

I know named Donna so you can

climb down off that horse you're riding~

#2-Word verification
It takes SO MUCH EXTRA time.

Sometimes the words are so garbled that

I have to re-enter it two or three times

before I get it right.

Unless you are on a porn mailing list you
probably don't need this.
If   an idiot someone slips through
I just delete it.  It takes seconds and is no big deal.

#3- Nameless Bloggers

 Bloggers whose given name 

does NOT appear

anywhere on the their blog.

If you're blog is 

HAPPYLICIOUS and your real name

is Mary and is not in your profile

what am I supposed to call you?

Happy or Ms Licious?

Please identify yourself SOMEHOW on your

blog with a real name either on your sidebar

or above the comment space.

Don't want to put your real name out there?

MAKE UP a name so I can call you

BillieJo or whatever you choose.

Names are one way we identify other bloggers

and get to know each other 

on a personal basis.

I hate to see this when I get to the bottom of 

a blog and there is no name in the profile

or anywhere else:

#4-No links back to your blog 

 or attached to your name.

I think when Google Plus came along 

and people signed up for it 

they didn't realize that a lot of times

it does NOT tie back 

to your email OR your blog.

So, if your are a NO REPLY blogger and 

connected to Google Plus with no profile info

I can't contact you.

Test it for yourself so you know.

After you leave a comment click on your

name to see where it takes you.

If it takes you to your blog-GREAT-

if it takes you to a

google plus profile page

check to see if the name of your blog is there

AND to see if there is any way to 

connect to you there-email or otherwise.


There are some bloggers that are 


There are some people out there that are 

so jealous of other bloggers that they 

leave snarky comments.

This also applies to those that sit in judgement

of others choices; religious or otherwise.

If that is YOU-you need to get a life. LOL

They are usually done under the blanket

of anonymity

That is why I don't allow.

ANONYMOUS comments

 any more

It goes back to that old saying-

If you don't have anything nice to say

don't say anything at all....


that translates to:

Move along to another blog doodyhead

#6-Blogs that have black backgrounds

with small white print.

I find them almost impossible to read.

#7- Blogs that have super small fonts

 that are single spaced

and hard to read
Sometimes all I can do on those

is look at the photos.

Don't write a blog that looks
like this because us old gals
can't read it even if we want to.

Can't read it?


It says:

Don't write a blog that looks

like this because us old gals

can't read it even if we want to

Check your blog.

 It looks 

different to an outsider

than it does to you when you are in 

the create a new post mode.


Speaking of photos-

I DO love to see pictures 

that show different angles

and/or different views.

I am just one of those people that does

not want to see the same rose

photographed in 200 different "poses".

I know- I just ticked a lot of you off.


Yes- I am a pain in the butt-just ask MyHero

#9- People that NEVER 

leave you a comment-

NEVER-unless they have a post up

that they want YOU to visit their blog.

If you never visit me or let me know

that you got my comment I will

probably not visit you after awhile.

Blogging to me means building a

relationship of


with another blogger.

I am getting ready to clean up

my sidebar soon.

I will be saying Buh-bye to a few

blogs that I no longer follow.


This is a touchy subject-

I won't say I hate ads because I know

they provide a living and extra income

for a lot of bloggers.  

So-I don't hate ads....

BUT--- it bothers me when 

ADS are pop-ups

and/or roll across my screen 

and hide the content of YOUR blog.

Some of them are so "aggressive"

that they won't even let me click out when 

I hit the X.

And, yes, I do have my pop-up blocker

activated.  It just does not work on

ads on blogs.

I have stopped visiting some blogs 

because of that.  

I just don't have time to 

navigate those waters.



This one is on BLOGGER!

What the heck????

All of my comments used to come through

my email so I could reply to them easily.

Now-some just go to comments and I have

to check three places for comments'

my email-the comment section of my blog-

and the "hidden" comment section hoping

there might be an address there.

I can't reply directly to those

leaving me comments that don't come

through email easily-if at all

If I don't take the extra 2 steps to 

jump through the hoops 

don't feel bad.

I read your comments and love them

but I just run out of time to respond.

No wonder people are getting so 


with blogger. 

They are certainly not interactive 

with other platforms like WordPress. 

While I am at it-

Let me just say here and now


There I've said it and I own it!

It has caused irreparable harm to 

many bloggers and their settings.

It's a pain.

#12- No Way To Leave You A Comment

I take the time to read every word

of your blog.

I am enthused and enthralled about 

something that I see there.

I am excited to tell you about it.

I get to the bottom and there is

NO WAY to leave you a comment.

I don't want to post it to Facebook,

I don't want to PIN it.

I just want to tell you 


and I can't do it.

Please reconsider letting us leave



IF you have an issue with someone

please take it up with them.

Don't be emailing every Sue, Sally  & Sharon

I wanted to say Tom, Dick & Harry but that

 didn't seem to apply here.

Please try to keep issues between the people

that they belong to.

I hate all this schoolgirl stuff where we are 

expected to "take sides" and drop this blogger

or ignore that one for some indiscretion

that didn't affect us directly at all.

Who needs that?  Not me!

I am here to blog and share life and 

my wacky sense of humor with others.

I don't want to hear that Mrs. Kitchenaid

stole Mrs Souphead's recipe for 

sauerkraut and called it her own.

I don't have time for it and


you really need to sign up to volunteer

to do something worthwhile with your time.

Well now, I guess that is all 

I dare write for the day.

I will be looking for some hate mail, I suppose.

However, I think I may have spoken 

for a few of you 

that don't want to rock any boats.

I rocked it for you today..

you're welcome!

Any pet peeves you add will be well received.

Have at it, folks!

Let's see if SweetCheeks was right!

We'll see, darlin', we'll see!

your photo name


Debbiedoos said...

This is a great post Diana! Most of these are my pet peeves as well and have been since the beginning of time! Oh well, some people just don't know so I think it is good you put it out there!

Julie's Lifestyle said...

Aww you won't get hate mail Diana, you just said all of your pet peeves. It's all helpful info for people! Have a nice Monday.

deb @ frugal little bungalow said...

This just cracked me up! You usually do but this was a very good one.
I am no-reply and will stay that way to avoid all of the bloggers who never visit your blog but send canned email responses to your visits and comments. Having said that, anyone that emails me finds my email's always listed in my response and on my blog.
Seeing someones same rose, vignette, etc 20x from 20 angles...ha ha yes, I feel the same way.

Tete said...

This is going to be interesting...

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

Great post Diana, you've got me wanting to look into the comments area to make sure I'm not missing some? I have a Google+ account but never connected it to my blog for the very reasons you mentioned, it is difficult to get to the person and blog of most that are connected . It is sad as you mentioned, no reply bloggers ask the most questions but there is no way to get back with them. As always thanks for sharing your heart!

Karen Ann said...

I'm frustrated with those darn comments that don't come through e-mail anymore either. WEird and annoying. Must be a blogger thing. And.. I have to admit here I don't visit the blogs of some awesome bloggers the way I used to but the reason is simply that I've got so much work to do on this darn computer that when I'm done with it.. I don't want to spend my free time STILL sitting here. So, I have been remiss in visiting friends I have made in the blog world, and it shows in the number of comments I no longer get. But.. it is what it is, and I still enjoy catching up with blogfriends now and then when the work load slows down.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a few more!

Linda said...

I did a blog post like this a while back. I got some great suggestions for improving my blog. The text size was indeed too small and the type color gray instead of black. I had never even noticed either of these issues since I use an iPad for posting. And what do I hate ( oh, now I'll get hate comments!!!): light colored type and posts that are centered ( please spare me, Diana!!!). As an old English teacher, I taught my 7th-11th graders that colored print was for children and artwork and that poems were centered. Okay, I said it, too. But I read just about any way anyone blogs. As long as I am interested and they are nice to me. And I won't even correct your spelling or comma usage. Hope no one noticed that I forgot a few commas. Too lazy to preview and correct ;))) Linda@Wetcreek Blog

Gail @Purple Hues and Me said...

Amen to everything you listed, Diana! I think we all could do a better job in the world of blogging - I know I can!

Beemie said...

Wow...I have only been a blogger since has been a wonderful outlet away from my full-time job as a teacher (when I have the time to write)...Ice Day here in the mid-Atlantic so I will probably write something later, but #7 is the problem with my blog...I can't seem to enlarge the font...still working on it...also I have a pop-up (subscribe to my blog) I can't seem to get rid of...I do not have enough readers to earn any kind of wealth other than the riches I receive from those who now comment on a somewhat regular basis...that means more to me than anything else. Your post was well written and I too am saddened when I can't comment because I am only able to use Name/URL to comment...I am a WordPress blogger, but when I try to use the WordPress ID it states I don't own I feel your pain.

Have a great day.

Lori said...

I am clicking on my name after I post this commen to see what happens! You made me smile with this one. The ads all over the place drive me crazy too. I have almost considered dropping Savvy Southern Style. One of the first blogs I followed, from way back when, she did not know what an ad was.

Lori said...

FYI - Links back to my blogger about me page and "Hi, my name is Lori". You love me don't you?

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Diana girl .. I know, it takes me forever to get back to taking a peek at my favorite blogs and here you are with blogging pet peeves day! LOL
I am on Blogger for my blog and I don't think people have had too many problems with mine .. but I only have a tiny group of people that drop by .. sweet people that they are : )
Plus I mostly stick to one subject .. plants and gardening ... so my interest base is very (boring) limited ? haha
I can't imagine anyone would send "nasty" mail about this .. like you said they have no life if they obsess over this kind of thing!
I don't know if you noticed but this section's font is really small (I don't know if you can adjust it at all either .. but it is a little small)
Then again this is early morning for me .. maybe my eyes are too squinty still ? haha
In any case .. helpful suggestions to new comers indeed !
Joy : )
Cute picture of SweetCheeks mulling life over for you !

Bethany Carson said...

Amen! Great post, Diana! I always wonder what other bloggers like and dislike in the blogs they read, and I agree with you on just about everything (well...maybe everything!) you posted. I think a lot of people are just no-reply bloggers through ignorance--I was one and didn't realize what I was missing out on till someone pointed it out to me.

Anonymous said...

Diana my comment will be anonymous because I don't know how to do the other profiles. Sorry but I have tried and it just doesn't work. I love your blog and agree with everything you said - especially the photos. OMG 200 pictures from different angles drive me crazy. Keep up the good work.

Linda said...

Sometimes we hafta get those pet peeves off our chests! It's YOUR blog and YOUR opinion....go for it. I think I agree with all of them.

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

You speak for us all and we could all probably add to your list. And Sorry to say, I have probably hit the annoying blogger list more than I want :( I just can't see the purpose of Google+ but still post there. Same with Twitter.

vivian said...

thats it! Im deleting you! lol! not really. Im right there with you on most of it. the google plus thing has been a big issue for me. Especially when someone wants to join in a swap, but I cant find any info on them. I have to turn people down.. and dont even have a way to tell them that.. plus.. I just cant figure google plus out. it is frustrating. YOu are very good about commenting on everyones comments to you. I am not good about that. Perhaps you are the Emily Post of blogger! lol! have a great day my friend

Pondside said...

I think you spoke for a lot of us. I don't do google+ or twitter. If someone doesn't allow comments, or only allows google+ comments, then I just move on - no conversation there! I don't reply to comments unless someone has asked a question - but I try to read the blogs on my list every week. If I didn't work full time I might switch my comments to email and then email back - it is something I'd love to do, but for now it's just the status quo.

Kim said...

I was no-reply. My profile was linked to G+ and no matter how many times I changed it, it kept reverting back. I finally got so frustrated I unlinked my profile. That solved it and I really enjoy getting email responses to my comments. Although, I must say that I agree with Vivian, you are the Emily Post of blogging. I receive very few email replies to my comments. Only a dedicated handful of people ever reply. Thanks for being one of them! :)

Hartwood Roses said...

Diana, I love you! I know that this post took quite a bit of time, and I can tell that it comes straight from your unfiltered heart. Cue the applause, because you deserve it.

Chatty Crone said...

I agree with most of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And my name is Sandie (Chatty Crone) - lol.

Patty Patterson said...

I agree with most of those things, too. I think the only one that doesn't bother me is the too many pictures one. I like seeing EVERYTHING - but I am very visual and I love pictures. :-) But - I know I'm the weirdo, there. One or two photos is probably enough.

Laurie said...

You are a good boat rocker! Seriously, I don't need a sedative. I need some Dramamine. LOL!!!! Hope you know I'm just loving on your wacky sense of humor! When I see you've posted a new post, I'm like OMG! I drop everything to read it. HaHa! Seriously!! I think I have the same pet peeves as you. Can't think of any new ones to add.

Stephanie said...

Preach it Sister! Okay, I hardly think you could get hate mail....if you were than lets just call those people "Doody Heads" - I think that's what you said :)

You know what I admire the most about you, Diana, is that you speak the truth and it is refreshing! I always appreciate your posts and your point of view on many things. It needs to be said and like your friend said, don't shy away....that goes for all of us bloggers!

I had to giggle about the 200 photos of the same rose. There are times I have to tell myself to keep the photos simple and just pick the very best :) Thanks for sharing, my friend, and happy Monday to you. Hugs!

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...



thank you!

and thank you for giving ("big mouth") me, a shout out! I do believe we have the blogging right, to give some of our opinions. I do.

did I say THANK YOU? yes, but I say it again.

and I hope that this amazing post, will encourage others, to do their own similar posts.

aka "big mouth"

carolann said...

I took off Google + long time ago. A gal asked me to join. Like when I got there. I seen all the blogs of her. I tried to comment her after I signed in. . I got know-where. I wrote on her private email. (Help). Two of them matter of fact said. Do this. Easy for them to say. That was like a Maze there. Most frustrating place. Now face book is starting to be the same. Oh I found out if I go to browser and put my name in. It will come up. So then the world knows what site I belong too. Nothing private anymore. You cough, sneeze your doomed. Try it. Put your name down in browser and see what comes up. Scary.

One question I have. How do I remove the Google + from my post near comment. It sits there. People say the cannot contact me they write me on Hotmail addy to tell me.. Like the one gal said. If she sees Google + on a blog she also avoids it. I am out of Google +. I took off completely. I am so frustrated as others are. I wish I never went on and one girl who is faithful on many comments is one who encouraged me to join. Nice lady. How many more has she asked and are in same boat. I love your blogs and they are so interesting. Your funny, your down to earth. You know what people like to read. Your honest. You are the entertainer of blog land. You deserve your audience. We all missed you when sick. My daughter took ill after her Birthday and she has now two inhalers and meds and she is bed ridden . She has now bronchitis bad,bad. So that darn cough can lead to many things to a persons body. You were coughing so much. I am glad your better now. Fan of yours.

Junkchiccottage said...

Good Morning Girlfriend. I love this post and am so glad you spoke your mind. Hey if someone doesn't like what you posted here then I would refer them to Pet Peeve #5. If you don't like something on someone's blog post then move along! Hoping everyone will take this just the way it was meant your thoughts and opinions. Diana one of the things I love about you and your blog is you are a straight shooter. No crap just honest and fun posts. So I hope you do not have to go into the Witness Protection Plan after posting this!!!!!!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I agree with all of these, esp the myriad pictures of the same thing. But, I never thought about putting my name in my blog when I was blogging. Big oops. I think sometimes I would remember to write my name at the bottom of an email. Anyway, somehow you figured out I was Patricia and I'm so glad! Also, I'm really glad to "see" your sparkling personality back in your writing. You must be feeling lots better.

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

yes, "CGJ"... the print here in Diana's comments, is very small. don't know if one can adjust this.

but what I have to do sometimes, is use my iMac 'command +' to increase the size of the print I am reading. I'm sure you can do this on a Pc, too. :-) just sayin'...


Shirley said...

Diana, A great post and I agree with them. I try to not to bore people with pictures of the same thing. I have changed how I sign my comments after seeing about a name. I am like you. I would love to call the person by name instead of maybe hey you. Have a wonderful day and I enjoyed your post. Take care and hope you are feeling better. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Susie said...

Diana, I like everything you wrote about. I used to leave comments at some blogs that had the verification. Yikes, I would just give up after a couple tries. I am not going to ever be mean on blogger...there's other places for political sites and such.LOL. Why be mean , when maybe just a couple kind words can help make someone's day. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

What a great post! I remember the old days of blogging....and really, I don't think I will be a blogger much longer. Not blaming anyone, just saying I work to do an interesting blog, but no one visits....or at least I don't know they do. I don't do Twitter, honestly don't know what it is.....and I frankly don't want 100 blogs coming up on my FB. I keep it separate for a reason. And I won't even get into the scrolling ads.

Debby said...

Yes, yes and yes. Let me add a couple. When I go to leave a comment and you have to add your name, blog name and email. I also would like to see who I am responding to. Post a picture of the blog owner. Good post. Hugs

Vee said...

Hello from the tea cup whose name is not "Vee." I agree with many of these; however, I reserve the right to close my comments or to be a tea cup. I do wish that blog-ger worked better. I no longer receive all comments in my inbox and it is an added step. It's okay. I can let it go. Maybe. No hate mail from me!

Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

Don't you feel better now that you have that off your! Well said....hugs....

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Oh Diana, I love you to pieces! I ditto what you said and thank you for being the brave one! You made my day! ~Maryjane xox

Down On The Farm said...

THAT IS HILARIOUS AND SO VERY VERY TRUE!!!! Thanks for giving me a chuckle this morning! Blessings from Missouri!

living from glory to glory said...

Good Post Topic, and yes, we can get Hate Comments...
One thing I think is hard for me is when a blogger will not add my blog to their sidebar, after we have become friends! I also do not care for the feelings of like blogging is a race! It reminds me of who is going to get the last word. I also want to blog for the reasons I starting blogging in the beginning of this adventure. My style as for centering is just that my style! As in real life, I would rather have a few true friends than a bunch of people who really do not care about me, or is interested in what my platform is!
This post has helped me to get back to the basic's of why I blog...
Google+ is a web that is very hard to stop, even if you want to!
Pictures are very powerful in a post, and I enjoy seeing them that others have on their blog post!
I also do not like canned replies to my comments, I really enjoy when others come back to my blog and comment on what I have written!
I want real people and real comments as that is the only things that have substance. So much of what we do will all fade away...
Thank YOU!
Blessings, Roxy

Kathy Piper said...

I agree with Debby. I do not want to give blood just to leave a comment! Also, as Laurie commented, I need to be publishing my post but I am sitting here reading yours!!! Lol When I started my blog, I believe you have to be attached to Google + The same for You Tube. If you make videos, you have to be affiliated with Google + You are the only blogger whose comments go straight to my email. Everyone else goes to my Google + account. Great post!!

Marissa said...

Love it! Especially #8 .. And I'm guilty of not going to your/anyone's email to return a " thank you" I do it right on my blog...I do... Im a new mom and I try to simplify everything around me.. When I first started blogging I had some older lady bloggers that I apparently didn't sit well with them they emailed me telling me about " blogging rules" dos and don't s.... I quickly deleted their blogs I didn't or don't like any DRAMA.. I blog because it keeps my mind going and I love it... I don't have a million followers and I don't follow a million. I just follow those that are fun and easy to read like yours. I don't read every post because I simply don't have the time. But when baby naps and house is clean you betcha I'm reading and laughing its the highlight of my day sort of like going to the mail box haha.....great post..oh and let me add another loooooooooooooooog posts that could really be divided into 3 ... Hallelujah!!
Xo Marissa

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Way to go Diana...this was an awesome post!! I have some of the very same pet peeves!!

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Thank you for taking the time to write from your heart your pet peeves. Your pet peeves are mine too and you voiced some I didn't think about until you mentioned them. I blog to share and I read blogs for enjoyment and inspiration. I especially respect you for sharing your mind and love your humor.

Connie said...

Hi Diana, this was probably a hard post to write . . . or maybe to start. I know that sometimes it's hard for me to voice an issue, but when I get started, watch out. My poor Steve will testify to that, LOL. We all have some of those peeks and I could add a couple more . . . but like I said you don't want me to get started, LOL. I hope it feels better to get all this off your chest . . . get mad at you . . .NEVER!
Have a great week . . . love you, Connie :)

Pom Pom said...

The way I see it is that blogging is a sweet venue for sharing. The style, choice of photos, and subject matter are preferences that belong to the blogger. There's a lot of choice involved because there are SO many blogs to read. Some of my favorite bloggers only post occasionally and because I know them, I don't misinterpret their absence. I've met a few of my blog friends and I must say that while I LIKE them, they are very different than how their blog might depict them. That seems a feature of the platform of blogging, too. Just like Facebook, it doesn't cost us much to put our words and pictures online. It costs more to sit across a table face to face and really listen to each other and tell our truth. Sometimes I consider stopping, but then I don't want my mom or my far away friends to be sad that they can't peek in on me and my family's doings. Remember how long ago the movie Julie and Julia came out? Blogging is sort of a thing of the past, a casualty of a fast pace technological world. It's been such an inspirational joy for me but not as much as it used to be. Sad. Thank you for your thoughts, Diana.

Gayla said...

You feel better? Lol... I understand your comments. Now, as to this reply blogger stuff, I am bum foozled how to get myself bacK. I have fixed my email and gone through the steps on that post and one on BJ's Sweet Nothings.... It looks like I am okay, but I'm not. Also every time I leave a comment any more on anybody....... I get an email that it cannot be delivered... Yet the comment shows up.......... Blogger is screwing with my already frazzled mind.

And yeah, your comments are shown as incredibly teensy! loL.... I'm a no drama zone. I taught high school for th try seven years. that's enough drama for this old bird

20 North Ora said...

ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto,ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto and ditto! Go girl!


Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I hate google plus too!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you're bringing it to everyone's attention. You explained it perfectly too...when a google plus person leaves me a comment, they (usually) show up as no-reply, so I have no way to reply to their comment. Also, I like how you explained that when you click on a google plus bloggers name, it DOES NOT link back to their blog or email. So, again, there's no way to contact them or figure out what their blog address is. So frustrating. I agree with every single thing you said here. You go, girl! :)

Nonnie said...

I was thinking I had seen your pet peeves on this topic before. I won't make any excuses, but I hope I don't ever peeve you off!!
I agree with you on all of the above (or at least the ones I understand.) ;-)

Gayla said...

I'm not on your side bar.... :-(

tammy j said...

LOLOL!!! i LOVE IT! ditto to it all!
to think i got so DISGUSTED with wordpress a few months ago... all i could think of was wanting to be on Blogger instead.
after reading this... not so sure. at least i know the snake in my own back yard.
btw... my email address is
i had complaints that i was a no reply blogger. and i didn't even know what that meant! LOLOL. i thought... all they have to do is leave a comment on my post! and then i reply to it on said post! how come i'm called a no reply blogger! LOLOL. i know. late to the party. DUH.
i love every person who replies on my blog. i don't have 40 eleven thousand like you do! so not much to complain about there.
and the blogs i visit don't do a lot of ads. but YES. that would be my number one dislike.
the captain has set up that math question on mine. when i first started i got a lot of Russian and Chinese hacks. i guess they thought i was a commodity!!! you know. the peanut on the table. LOLOL.
i LOVE rants. and you covered it. i admire you for a lot of stuff. you just confirmed it. i'm in for good. (or bad) :D

Jen Vandervoort said...

Diana, I am pinning this post!!

You have gotten so many of our pet peeves, and dislikes in one place it's wonderful, I hope that many people read this and understand it's not to be mean, but that some of the things on our blogs need to be changed. I am going to check out anything that might be "bad" on mine.

My biggest? Bloggers who's comments go to their G+ profile when they leave me a comment., if I click on their comment to visit their blog, it takes me so long to find their Blog URL hidden somewhere in the profile, that by then I am too tired. Since I hurt my back, my computer time is so short..that they are on the bottom of my to do list, I will return comments, and visit bloggers who's comment takes me right to their blog first.

I would add, blogs that don't have a date on their posts. I would like to know when the post was published, and if it's 3 years honest tell us...I want to know that any information I am reading, and pinning is up to date before I waste my time.

And thanks for letting us leave comments, many bloggers have adopted the "no comment" rule now...I'm in the let me leave a comment, don't make me search for your social media buttons to find your camp.

And while I am ranting,,sigh...Bloggers who don't use white space...give the text a bit of room to breath please! Put a space after your photos, and make your paragraphs bite sized. I don't want to read MobyDIck on your never ending story of a blog post. Give it to me in small doses, please?

We are all so busy, and our attention spans are short, we need things to easily scan, and read.

Blogger does make a terrible job of squishing posts, all of my older posts were perfectly fine when I wrote them, and then Blogger had it's nasty way..I am trying to correct them one by one, but it's a big job.

And I would rather read blogs, and leave comments then do that. LOL.


Teresa said...

Great post!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Well based on the comments above, you have clearly struck a nerve Diana! I agree with your pet peeves, but I did not know that some comments don't show up in your email. That's where I read and respond to all my comments. And what is the "hidden" comment section?

Cheryl @ TFD said...

I'm glad you told me that I was a No-Reply as I didn't know it! (Well, now that I think about it, someone else mentioned it awhile back, but I'd forgotten until you reminded me!) Don't know how that happened as I haven't changed anything...on purpose! Maybe! I'll see if I can fix this as soon as I finish this comment.
I agree with most of your pet particular, #9! I don't have gazillions of lookers, but only about a tenth of them will leave a comment. Grrr.
Have a lovely day! Now I'm off to check out that No Reply problem.

Gina said...

No hate mail, just an Amen! We share many of the same blogging pet peeves, Diana.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

Sing it out loud, Sister!
Much love to you, our favorite Nana.

Jettie said...

Now you know why I don't visit many blogs. By the time I chase down the directions to comment, or whatever, I'm headed to the door.
My blog is for my own thoughts, and I've deleted a few 'bad things' that were said along the way.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Blogger certainly has made some "not so fun" changes. Great list. I can definitely tell by my traffic that I have lots of silent observers. Oh well. Hopefully, they're having fun stalking it. Hugs!

Debbie Kay said...

Hi Diana, I love this post, you said EVERYTHING I have been thinking. Preach it !!!

Debbie Kay

Old Time Cindy said...

Interesting post and I agree with a lot of what you say. I do want to point out that Blogger can be the culprit for word verification. I think you may have told me that mine was on. I panicked as it has been off for years. Well, there it was in all its glory even though it was turned off. I addressed the issue in a post and quite a few bloggers responded by saying it was a new Blogger problem and we can't do anything about it. Thank you, Blogger! LOL!
No hate mail here, just farmhouse hugs,

Pam said...

Great post, Diana! You are right on target with all of those issues. I'm new here and will be looking around your blog now. Have a good week, and Happy Blogging!

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Hello Diana, It's me again! I use to have my email on my blog when I first started in 2007, but I was getting some inappropriate emails. So that was the end to that unfortunately. So I have always considered a "reply" a nice comment left on my blog. Thanks for still loving me! LOL! xox

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

Like the Budweiser commercial, you've said at all! I am still pretty unsavvy in the blogworld, but I do know Google + has not been my friend and that commenting is even more important than posting! Commenting on other blogs and comments left by readers is what gives a purpose to my blog! So many sweet friends out there, just waiting to reach out to. You have helped me so much over the years with your blog advice and pointed out that I needed to link my replies to those who comment on my blog to my email, otherwise they don't go any where. That was a biggie for me and I thank you! Jane

Anonymous said...

Hi Diana....gosh I hope I am not one of your pet peeves....I leave anonymous because Google does not allow me to leave a comment for some reason. I don't know why, can't figure it out. Then there always seems to be so many hoops to jump through on different blogs just to leave a comment. I mean every one is different. Then if I can't leave a comment, I email and sometimes the profile cannot be found. So....I read the post and off I go to familiar grounds where at least I can say you blog.

There is one blog I like to follow on wordpress.....but lately it is getting so hard to leave a comment and then for some reason as I scroll down on the post, it freezes and I sit there waiting for it to move so I can finish reading the post....not sure if it is all the ads or what, but very frustrating. Oh well....I do what I can....just know even if I don't comment anonymous or go around to the back door and leave an email, I have been here and read you posts everytime I see you on my sidebar. I enjoy reading the things you write and pictures you post and your humor....Louise from cards4ubylouise

Anonymous said...

PS.....I am not a robot and I am not sure why I have to keep on proving that....why does blogger need to know this?????? Oh peeve!!!

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

PREACH, Diana!!! I was nodding along, and it's time someone mentioned this list. XOXO

Sylvia said...

Love it Bj !! I do have a headache, but not from reading your post, it's from driving from Atlanta this morning in all that 'NASTY' traffic.
I agree with you on all your pet peeves I don't like Google plus either, it has and is still messing up my email comments. I love comments and try to answer them by emails. Here lately google and yahoo are not speaking to each other and sending them back undelivered, maybe one day they'll get a life, grow up and share! Take care and have a wonderful day.

hugs, Sylvia

Sherry @ Thrift My House said...

I remember when you first started this ruckus... I agree with you. I always love your honesty.

Sylvia said...

Sorry Diana, I told you I have a headache, I just called you Bj, I had just read her blog and guess my mind was still over there! I apologize to both of you!

Stephen Andrew said...

I agree with this list and applaud your restraint! I'm sure you could have been a little ruthless but this is a nice way to keep it clear-cut. I think one issue is that we all have different ways of blogging and sometimes things get lost in translation or subtext. Sometimes I read things I've read and think "oh my, I'm such an asshole!". Things that would come off in person as humor can come off as rude in writing. One of the reason I love visiting you is that I know we share a similar "off beat" humor :)
I think one of the harder elements of blogging is just accepting that sometimes people will not understand your point of view.
By the way, I didn't read yesterday's post but if I had, I would have giggled through the whole thing! But since I wasn't allowed, I didn't not read it. :)
My biggest complaint about blogging is that there are too few bloggers being themselves. I like to read unique little windows into real people's lives. Not people trying to grow a following.
Don't even get me started on the glitchy interface of blogger. I can't edit my blog without deleting 50 things in the process. I think I'm going to just delete my blogroll all together because it allows me to edit it but then never actually changes it. Not to mention my weird photo formatting. Oh well. I guess for what I'm paying, I can't complain.

Terra said...

Sweet cheeks is right, I hope. I agree with some of your blogging pet peeves.

Quilty Nana said...

I'm a non-blogger but read many every day. What is annoying to me (and this has happened twice with different bloggers) is to send an email complimenting a particular post and then asking a non-personal question about something on the post. Example: loved some drapes and asked what kind of fabric she used. Never did get a reply of any kind. I think if you take the time to read a blog, send an email with a compliment, and ask a very generic question about something you like, then you deserve the courtesy of being answered. Obviously my email address was there since I sent the question from my personal email. Makes me think they are snobs, but maybe that's an unfair judgement. Nevertheless, I don't bother reading them anymore.

Michele @ The Nest at Finch Rest said...

I agree with all your pet peeves being mine as well. Except for the drama mama - I have been blessed not to have anything like that happen.
(So far, crossing my fingers.)

As far as Goodgle Plus, I hate it too, but not even to go to the intensely expensive impossible to deal with HTML code-learning Word Press.

Hope you get ZERO hate mail. Hugs. ♥

Katie Mansfield said...

Hi Diana, For some reason, someone told me that if a Wordpress blogger is trying to leave a comment on a Blogger blog it will come up as "No Reply."
I love visiting your blog because I know you are authentic. I had no idea that bloggers were having squabbles. I have enough drama in my life, I don't have time for that. I'm not in competition with anyone. I want to blog for fun and be authentic in the process.
I may have broken the too many pictures rule. I love to take pictures!
I hope you don't get hate mail or that people no longer follow you as a result of this post.
Have a great week.

Ramblingon said...

Love you bunches and I hope I am not one of them. But if I am,,,,I sorries. xoxoxo

Ramblingon said...

I fixed the reply thanks to the instructions.

Richella Parham said...

You're so right, Diana! I think you're right on!! I'm hoping that this comment doesn't show up as "No Reply"--why in the WORLD would that happen every now and then to someone like me? Maybe it's the effect of Google+!

Honestly, I like being able to make a little bit of money with blogging, but mostly I miss the old days when we were all just part of a big online community. Now promotion is more important than interaction. I think it's a shame.

Thank you for being you. I like you just the way you are. And if I didn't like something about you, I could 1) overlook it; 2) discuss it just with you or 3) send you hate mail--because at least I know your name and how to contact you!! :)

XO, Richella

Curtains in My Tree said...

dito, dito,dito,dito,dito,dito,dito,dito,dito,dito,dito,
Did I dito all of them??/

I AGREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joanne said...

I see you hit a nerve here! I agree with you, especially being able to leave comments BLOGGER, I put it all on them. take care.

Merlesworld said...

Always a few problems with most things but I'm happy with my blog and others most of the time, if I get annoyed I leave the computer closed for a few days.

Something Nice and Pretty said...

Such a great post Diana...a big YES on the ads, I've had to delete some because it's just to time consuming to try and get to read the post!
I use live writer and lately if I refresh my blog it comes back with a small font so sorry for that, believe me I like a larger font too!
There was a moment when I was going to stop blogging but then I thought "Hey, I enjoy doing this and also visiting blogs that I love, I'm not quitting I'm just going to go on like before and post when I want! No pressure!
Have a good evening!

Maria Elena said...

Diana, I just love, love this post! You are so right about everything! Another thing that bothers me is that I can leave comments on fifty blogs today and I won't even get one back. It makes me think my blog is maybe not that interesting after all. Oh, well! I try! Thank you so much fro bringing all this issues to out! xoxo Maria

Adam said...

I know someone who recently did number six. I hate it

Missy George said...

Great post Diana. I totally agree with you on all of thosecounts. I hate when I dictate that I can't go back and put a space where it should be😘I know some of those things are referring to me but I blame it on Google because I didn't change anything. Try putting your email in my "Followed by email" button. I just on the city subscribe from a blog you describe. Single space, small font, and long and nevercomments on my blogi'm sorry if I offend you in anyway. You are one of my favorite bloggers.I spent several hours a day trying to answer questions, respond to blogs, comment on blogposts. I try to do what I can but everything you said is so true. Sometimes it's not fun anymore. But I really appreciate all the friends that I have made. Have a good evening Diana

SpicingUpIdaho said...

HI NanaDiana! I imagine that a couple of the posts you were referencing me... and it is a personal thing, but our family does not want our real names posted on the internet. We are not on facebook either, for that matter. I hope you'll understand :) As well, I don't know why you can't reply back to my posts, but I do not subscribe to every post that I make, because that is just too many emails, which may be why you got that message. ? Anyway, I enjoyed your thoughts, and agree that pop up ads, and way too many pictures of the same thing are frustrating. Great post overall! Blessings to you and yours today :)

Donna said...

I am SO glad you wrote about this, Diana! I agree with all of your pet peeves, especially the ads (but unlike you, I DO hate all those ads, especially those that constantly pop up!). Something tells me those mean girls and all those mama drama queens don't see themselves as such. There will always be way too many of those types in this world, I'm afraid! Oh, and the Donna Dolt thing? Wait just a minute as I step off from my high horse!! PS: Blogger has been driving many of us nuts for the past year with all their darn glitches!!!

Chris K in Wisconsin said...

I am a non-blogger also, and feel the same way. I think I have mentioned that many times I feel like all of YOU are at the "cool kid table" and I just don't belong. I am never sure if bloggers appreciate/ care if non-bloggers read their posts ~ because we really can't do much for them. But I want you to know that I DO recommend blogs I follow to so many others!!!! Some people are wonderful and welcoming and some are absolutely not. Just like real life, I guess. Like QN above says, after a while I simply unsubscribe. And super ditto on the 200 pics of the rose. I sometimes wonder if it is one of those things where they show the same pic and we are supposed to find something "different" in each of the 199 photos that follow.

Sarah said...

Diana, I'd say I agree with all of your pet peeves, especially the pop up ads that cover the blog text or won't let you close it out.
Also got lots of giggles with the previous post. You hit them all! '-) Oh, maybe you left out pantyhose. Those were life changing! Of course now, who wears hose?

Carla from The River said...

Well Done. I agree.
I am struggling right now with #9.

Consider It All Joy said...

Well, that just about covers it for me! Except that I wish people would use correct spelling for words such as they're, their, there, etc... you know what I mean but that's an entirely different set of pet peeves :) Blessings dear friend! Cindy xoxo

Patricia @ Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Yay Me! I think I passed.
I got them all right.
I do think I've read this before...but hey, if it needs to be said, then it needs to be said...
Of course... I'm an arm-chair activist, so I'm not always the first to jump out there and say it. So from the bottom of my pea-picking Little blogger big -heart...

Red Rose Alley said...

ok, I am laughing.....Posted by At Home With The Hogs haha. I can so relate to that one. And number 7, the super small fonts! Oh, and Google plus, not for me either. Oh my gosh, I just noticed your collage of pictures - I didn't pick that up the first time reading it hahahaha. That is just the thing that SweetCheeks would say, I love it.

I know I can think of a few more if I thought about it for awhile. :~)

love, ~Sheri

A Joyful Cottage said...

Well, now, that's quite a list, Diana. The whole Blogger, Google+ thing is confusing to many of us. I'm still working my way through it all. I'm not a high-tech type anymore and don't care to be. I'd rather spend my time doing things that make me happy, that's why I appreciate people like Kris and you who give tech tips. Makes my blogging heart sing! Here's something that bugs me though. . .I go to a blog and there's pop-up or sliding screens that prompt me to subscribe to the blog. Really? Do they honestly think I don't know enough to subscribe if I'm interested? As soon as I see that I click off the blog and I never go back. Same with bloggers who rat on other bloggers. That's just bad form and life is waaaaay too short to spend time reading somebody's rant about other bloggers. It's ugly, and I don't like it. (There, I've said it.) In the words of Rodney King, "Can't we all just get along?" Love you, girlfriend. P.S. If you get anonymous hate mail, it's not from me. No really. It's not. Honest. LOL

Quilty Nana said...

Don't forget correct usage of its and it's - drives me up the wall!!

Dolly Sarrio said...

I'm commenting to see if mine still comes up no've tried to fix it Please let me know Diana..Love ya

Dolly Sarrio said...

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

I know I commented through e-mail but am going to try clicking on my name to see what I get..You are the light that drives this institution, Diana, and I hope no one is nasty because this all needs to be said..Happy Monday..Judy

Kay G. said...

I agree with every dang thing you have listed.
If anybody ever gets nasty with you, send them to me. My husband is an English gentleman. I am just an old Southern REDNECK! :-)
Sweet Cheeks is so cute, no matter how you photograph her!

Betsy@ coastal-colors said...

Amen, sista! Well thought out and well written! You covered them all! Love ya! Betsy

Cristina Garay said...

I agree, agree, agree, and agree with all of them, Diana. However, Google + keeps on sending me as a no-reply every couple of months, is a pain. Well, the good thing is I know how to fix it quickly. :/ Great post!

Kelly said...

Well I have to agree with you on these. I don't think I'm a participant in these things am I? I have the same problem with #11. It causes me extra work to have to check comments both ways. I'm sure I've left some people out because I didn't even see their comment! I try to reciprocate back to those that take the time to leave a comment on my blog.


I agree with some of your issues. I do not like the ads. I don't like mean girls either. You can have your opinion without being mean.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

Nana Diana, YOU ROCK. I always appreciated your sincerity. You are so fun. You also care about people, and I love that about you.

LV said...

You hit the nail on the head on all these issues. I applaud you for taking the time to say it like it is. I do not have Google +,Facebook, Twitter or anything like it. I do good to do just the simple things to share a post. I dearly enjoy your visits and comments. Anything you suggest to make blogging easier, tell me.

amazingsusan said...

Yep :)

bj said...

Google+ is the worst thing to happen to blogging. If it takes me to Google+, I used to spend the time trying to locate their blog address but now, I don;t. I know a lot of bloggers have lost out on comments but maybe they don't really care if they don't get off Google+ and make their blog easier for us to get to.
Too many ads DO bother me...and the pop up ads makes me leave without leaving a comment.
I think the one thing that bothers me the most...answering every comment in THEIR comment section instead of coming to my blog. Oh, yes, of course it's easier...but it's rude and it goes against every thing bloggers stand for. We all visit, comment and then when someone expects me to come back a 2nd time to the same post....well, it just pisses me off !
I am sure I also do things that bother others...please tell me about it, ya'll....I'll fix it because YOU MATTER TO ME.

bj said...

bj here...Tessa, I do the same on my laptop...I have to make this section larger, too. However, it's not something that bothers me at all.
Not sure if this can be made larger or not.

Cozy Thyme Cottage said...

Hi! No hate mail from me. I can adopt a couple of these for my pet peeves I think. Nancy

cathy@my1929charmer said...

You won't get any hate mail from me, cause I agree with everything that bothers you, bothers me! But you said it so much better than I would say it, really you did good!. What I hate, when I've visited a blog and left say anywhere from 8 - 10 comments, and not once have they visited and left me a comment. they comment by email, but that just ain't the same thing. So would you stop visiting. Another I hate is the "groupie" bloggers, the blogs who only hang with their "in" girls. So high school. Have a great day! PS, thanks for allowing name/url, it's so nice to be able to comment as myself!

Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home} said...

I'm with you on most of those pet peeves, Diana. But I did want to mention one or two things (I apologize in advance but I can't help myself, I'm a lawyer, remember!) For some reason Blogger has chosen to randomly require word verification on blogs that have not enabled it. I have NEVER had word verification turned on but I got word that it was coming up for some of my readers. Bad Blogger. Also, I apologize for the small print of my blog but there is a reason for it, albeit a superficial one:) Those of us who are not tech savvy might have a hard time with custom fonts and print sizes. I have always wanted to use a pretty font (which is not provided unless you use custom fonts) and make it a decent size. But I'm such a spaz when it comes to changing my template to accommodate such a change that I usually just throw my hands up and let it go. Not all is lost, however! I am hoping to get some professional blog design help in the near future and one of my first things is going to be asking for a pretty, LARGE font. With regard to Google+, I am with you 100% I found it to be such a pain in the you know what that I never even used it. And tonight I'm seeing a story trending on social media that Google+ is disbanding as we know it! YAY! We can only hope that rumor is true. Whew, I'm done. And don't worry, you're not the only one with pet peeves:)

Teresa@magazineyourhome said...

And This post my dear Diana is why I LOVE YOU!!!! I wish I could add some pet peeves of my own but I think you covered the gamut hahaha. I'm sure you've shrunk down to a 28AA now that you got all that off your chest LOL

Carol said...

No hate mail from me, Diana, because I agree with each and every one! I might as well add one of my own. Maybe it's because my eyes are aging, but some of the print colors on some blogs is so difficult to read. I know some bloggers have paid to have their blogs set up by professionals, and they are pretty, but reading what they have to say is next to impossible. Good job, Diana!

Mindy said...

LOL!!!!!!! You and I have several of the same HATES. ER, I mean pet peeves. What the hell is with the comments not coming through email anymore!? I thought it was just me. One of my favorite blogger's comments are only showing up on the posts and it makes me CRAZY to have to check ONE MORE place. So frustrating. I probably fall into the photo category, though. I might be guilty of numerous pictures of the same plant. I can't help it, it's too hard to decide! ;)

Janet said...

WOW! Over 114 comments.....couldn't read them all :) The ones that I did read were nice....did you get any hate mail? These things bug me too. Several times I have gone to another friends blog and it is just not there anymore.!!! Where did it go? What's up with that?? This is currently happening with her blog again. :( When I comment on another friend's blog I get 'mail delivery failure emails. And it recently happened when I commented here. That's so weird. I think blogger needs to get with the program. Straighten up and fly right, if it wants to keeps us on here.

Anyway, that's all for me :) Have a great week Diana, Janet oxo

Ron said...

Diana, this is a great one that I may have to steal one day. I applaud your pet peeves and notice that one of the righteous bloggers (in my opinion) has not left a comment (yet). I have had a problem with only ONE blogger since the beginning. Her issue is my photos. She says they are not professional. Excuse me ma'am but I am not a professional photographer, and I do not want to be. She has been downright rude at times, and she is supposedly one of those "popular" bloggers with over 5000 followers. Woo Hoo to her! Girl BYE!!!!! And her blog has those dreaded pop-ups and ads all over the place......UGH! I am myself in my blog. That is what I like about the blogs I follow. Way to go, Diana!!!! xoxo

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

Oh I couldn't agree with you more!! Especially when I HATE GOOGLE PLUS TOO!!! I might add that I dislike the awards thing...even though I have a statement that says I don't want them...I still get them and I ignore them. Also...I wish every blog had a search button because sometimes I want to find something on a blog and although I can remember whose blog it was on....I have no way to search for something specific.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think we can all hear a BIG AMEN about now. One thing that bothers me.....and it happened this morning. People that reply with a personal email to you comment but don't come and visit your blog. I don't very often respond to comments unless someone asks me a question. But I TRY to repay the blog visit. Thanks for a good post my friend. We need the reminder! Hugs, Diane

Debbie said...

Agree with all of the above.

Shirley@Housepitality Designs said...

Great post Diana!!!....and I love the caption on the always make me smile!!!

Renee said...

No hate mail from me :)

Renee said...

Darn, forgot to say what a great gift that was from your son. He is a handsome guy.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not sure why my replies didn't come through your email. I don't know what triggers that.

Anonymous said...

Consider me unsubscribed. Didn't realize how many rules there were to be in Club Nana.

NanaDiana said...

I love it when someone makes a strong statement but is afraid to leave their

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

I would have to agree with your pet peeves, even tho I am guilty of that no-reply nonsense which, as you know, is not my fault. It just keeps resetting itself! You know what really gets me? When people post on Face Book or where ever that they have something really cool coming up and that they're so excited but they can't tell us yet because they don't want to jinx it! Then don't mention it already! Sheesh! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm not "afraid" to leave my name. I just don't want you coming to my blog. Personally, I am thrilled when bloggers and friends come to my site and comment, don't comment, lurk, or maybe even have an opportunity to vent a little when they're having a grumpy day. It slays me when people get a blog and then complain when people come to it. I'm happy keeping my name to you as well.

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

I agree with all of your pet peeves. I hate the small print and black screens. I also hate when the blogger says no one ever leaves comments. Well maybe that is because you never answer anyone posts.
Great job well done!

NanaDiana said...

Thank you for coming back after unsubscribing. Each blogger has their own feelings about blogging. To each his own-that is what makes the world go round. Maybe you will come back again and read this. I hold no ill will to anyone for feeling the way they do. Kindest regards, Diana

Cranberry Morning said...

I only wish you weren't too shy to tell us what you think, Diana. LOLOL. Just kidding. I feel the same way, hate Google+, also hate the fact that I've been so busy the past few days that I've neglected my blogger pals. Love you, neighbor. My name is Judy. I'm from Wisconsin, where the harsh winters embolden us to deal with annoying pet peeves. :-)

Little Miss Maggie said...

Some of these are probably pet peeves of all of us in blog land. You really put a lot of time and effort into this post and I think you speak for many of us. Thanks for laying it all out there.

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

I share most of these with you, Diana. I didn't know about #11 - maybe I'm just not aware? Going to pay attention to this.

lynn said...

most of my peeves are caused by windows 8! just switched back to 7. #12 cracks me up--i wasn't aware that even happens! ha! great pic of sw:) have a great day, diana!

Annesphamily said...

You covered just about everything negative here sista! My absolute pet peeve is the lack of manners or just plain rudeness when you take the time to comment and others do not! I post at Alphabe Thursday and Pink Saturday and I get so frustrated. The AT crew is mainly good about commenting but Pink Saturday,,,, is sometime like high school clicks on steroids! Aaaaccckkkkkk............So I often stick to the tight knit group of commenters and kind hearts. Having lost my job, you know I can get a lil whiney and want to I enjoy a kind comment. I am home alone all day with the pets and it makes it tough, not much human contact and no $$ to have a nice lunch out! :-( ! But my little middle is taking some vacation time so she will spend time with me and she likes to do a lot of things I do so we are perfect together! Plus her honey is at a new job and he can not take off time! HaHaHa! I am not a loner although after celebrating my 621 birthday with the phamily I ventured over to the Olive Garden and had a soup/salad lunch. An old friend from my old job works as a hostess there so I love to see Patty and her sparkling smile! But it costs $$ to have lunch out and I am in the midst of trying to find some work. I am once again looking at direct selling, I was quite good in my days of Princess House and MaryKay and never stalked my friends and phamily! This information post was excellent. One last thing, I tend to shy away from FB because of the nonsense. We all have different views and the hatefulness should not follow us because we think a little different than the next person! Sometime I get long winded (like now!!) and post too much! FOr that I do apologize! ANyway thank you much for this post, I wish more were so direct. It might change the way some bloggers deal with the rest of us! WInk Wink! Hugs to you my friend!

Annesphamily said...

Oops, oh let's add check your spelling Annie! My 61st birthday was in December not my 621! LOL!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Here's my two or three senses, Diana, to your thoughtful post. I came to blogging for two advertise my Barn Sale and to provide a journal of life on my farm. The reality is that I have met some super nice folks, including you along the way. But I also appreciate that we each write our own rules in blogging.......and I rather like that. I work a full full time job directing an agency that addresses child abuse & neglect prevention and I run an antique business on the side...and that is while juggling all the health issues breast cancer has brought to each day. Blogging, is not in my top fifty or even one hundred things I do. So in my own blogging rule book, I keep it as simple as possible. If I choose to not open a post up for comments, it is not to offend, just to take away the guilt of that expectation. I love that there is no rule book for blogging, we each get to make it fit our own lives & needs.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I am confused over #11. You told me that that my comment..or was it emails were not coming in right. I had trouble following. Not exactly sure what to do?? I'm on AOL and my email will NOT go out. All sorts of things are happening. I get notices that my emails won't go through. I'm wondering if they are only sending them if they are AOL customers?? They wouldn't do THAT would they??
Well...I agreed with all of it. NO name is one that frustrates me. I'm going to check when I'm through writing this and see where it takes me..blah, blah, blah! !! I've pretty much given up trying to contend with the pop up's and ad's. Some of them..well..not very nice.
I think we all appreciated this post. I am late getting here...I'm sorry. It's just getting hard for me to keep up.

Gypsy Heart said...

Agree with you, Diana!! :)


Gypsy Heart said...

Bravo!!!!!!! I'm late responding but I totally agree! No-reply bloggers, Google + and word verification makes me turn into Freddy Krueger!!!! Another thing, and I may have overlooked it, are the so-called "big bloggers" that never visit and/or comment. The responses within the comment section is one has the time to go back and forth. At least, I don't!

May I borrow this?


LANA said...

Oh how I laughed when I read all your pet peeves! I do know where you are coming from. I have had lots of problems with Google and Blogger. Many times I comment on blogs and then I get an email that says my comment mail did not go through. No rhyme or reason why. I had so many problems with my blog I just gave up but I still love visiting you! Your grandkids are still cute as ever.

Candy S said...

Thank you Diana, you are right on virtually all counts. I do not go to robo-reply blogs if I can avoid them. I see no reason to visit a blog unless I am going to leave a comment. I leave a comment because I enjoyed, or was inspired, or learned something useful. I would much rather have no response than get a computer generated note thanking me for my comment. I cannot always respond to comments either. But I do make sure I visit back and leave a note to say Hi!, Sometimes it might be a week or so but I do make sure the kindness is returned. I have not been out and about much in the past few weeks but I will be visiting my blogger friends and making sure that I leave thoughtful comments now that I am getting over my winter doldrums a bit. I do want to thank you again for telling me I was a no-reply blogger when I first started blogging. I have to re-fix that Google+ glitch every couple of week's or so. Darn that Google+

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Thanks, Diana, for this post! I was a no-reply blogger and didn't have a clue until you and Tessa told me. Who knew blogging could be so complicated? lol One of my pet peeves is huge pictures that take up the whole screen so that I have to reduce the size of the blog (ctrl and the minus sign key). Sometimes I just stop reading it because it's so "in my face" despite how nice the pics or content are.