Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Easy Peasy Applesauce Spice Cupcakes From A Cake Mix NOT Gluten Free

First of all,
thank you for all the positive feedback
from my pet peeve post yesterday.
You are the best!!!!

I needed to use up a 
that was hanging around my pantry.
It's always fun to throw together

Basically, I am a lazy person
and I was out of 
vegetable oil.
I did not want to go to the store.
I improvised.
I can always improvise
especially when MyHero wants to know 
how much something cost.

Here's the yummy result
of my little deviation from the norm.
How did I get from HERE
to HERE?
I dumped the cake mix in my mixer bowl.
Then I added the following:
I'll give you the recipe at the end

Then I baked those babies up
and frosted them with 

Now if you all are still frosting 
your cupcakes with a knife
or spatula
(like I did for 50 years)
let me just say right now.
You are CRAZY working too hard.

I cut the tip off a baggie and fill it with
Snip the end off and pipe it onto the cupcake

Here's an easy way to fill the baggie.
Stand it up in a tall glass.
Pull the edges down over the glass.
Fill with frosting and the shut the top.
You probably already knew that trick,
didn't you?
These are SOOO good 
they just melt in your mouth
and land right on your hips.
You will LOVE them.
Trust me.
They are a snap to fix fast.
If you put them under a dome
the rugrats grandkids won't eat them 
they are afraid touch the dome
for fear of breaking it.
Am I smart of what?
So...there you have it.
Here's the recipe:

Preheat oven to 350

1 Super Moist Spice Cake Mix
2 eggs
2 cups applesauce
1/3 cup mayo
1 Tablespoon vanilla
(nuts if desired)

Mix above ingredients until well mixed. I did 2 minutes in the mixer.
I added nuts to half the batch  
Some idiot one does NOT like nuts.
Spoon into cupcake pans.  
I always use liners in mine.
Bake 15-20 minutes until a toothpick comes out clean when you test it.
Cool on rack
Frost with Buttercream Frosting or Cream Cheese Frosting. (I was out of Cream Cheese-Darn it)
1/2 cup butter-beat until creamy
3 cups confectioners sugar
Cream or milk to make it spreadable -sorry I never measure 
1 Tablespoon vanilla.

Frost and eat.
Feed them to your friends.

Remember my motto?
The more they eat--the fatter they get---the skinnier you look next to them -- uh huh!

Have a GREAT day!

Oh- wait- gotta show you something.
My oldest son 
gave me a dozen monogrammed 
restaurant style napkins for Christmas
He did good, huh?
I might leave them to him in the will.

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  1. Uh, Diana, did I miss it or did you not say how much applesauce!!
    Looks and sounds good and easy!

  2. Hi Diana,
    These sound yummy and at my age I've stopped worrying about my hips!!! Love those pretty monogrammed napkins...can't resist anything with monograms. I was reading your post yesterday about blog peeves and suddenly my computer shut down. Weird. Well I repowered it and your post disappeared from my blog roll!!! I went back and searched and couldn't find it. Anyway, all is well to day and you showed up! I agree with everything you said and I think what bugs me the most is all of those annoying popups that you cannot get rid of and the slowness of some blogs that are overloaded with ads. I did a dumb thing and signed up for google+ and I think it tells everyone that I'm a noreply. I cannot fix it. I've tried. It says if I delete google+ that I will lose everything. I'm afraid it will delete my blog so I don't mess with it. duh!

    thanks for the great post!


  3. Yum! Sadly I have sworn off all that good stuff - but I do like fattening up the rest of the family and friends. Love a good box mix recipe too! I always add a teaspoon of vanilla to the box mix, although it looks like you've added something a bit more potent, lol. (Works for me!) Your son scored some major points with those beautiful napkins! Have a wonderful day young lady! Jane

  4. they look and sound amazing, I copied this one down, your son is very handsome, he has your eyes, I think, he did real good , beautiful napkins,

  5. They look yummy!!!! I could go for one right now!! Your son is very handsome!


  6. Spice cake is my favorite. With chocolate icing. So these sound good!

    And I wish I had a spice cake mix now that you have me craving it! :)

  7. Diana, The cupcakes look great...I like that the frosting isn't on the edges....neater to eat.:):) You brother is a handsome fellow. Good looks run in your family. I am probably going to be one of your fat friend...dang. xoxo,Susie

  8. Diana, That looks delicious, and I can't get over your son giving you those napkins...that is truly incredible... and a treasure!

    Flora Doora

  9. Those look DELISH! I like the look of the piped on frosting better than spread on too.....hugs.....

  10. Wow, those look good! And as far as I'm concerned, the more nuts the better! Your son did really good with the monogrammed napkins! You've taught him well! :)

  11. I love those napkins and, hey, they have my initial on them! ;)

  12. oh yes, we can use apple sauce for stuff, in baking. and it even makes it more healthy. which of course, is kind of silly, since the rest of the baked goods, are hardly *healthy*... but, just sayin'..... -grin-

    and they make batches of G/F mixes these days. so that part is pretty easily solved.

    hey, I don't care about the napkins. I just notice how hunky, handsome your oldest son is! come on! I pay attention to the most important parts, ya' know. ,-))))


  13. Those look YUMMY!!! Can't imagine the mayo in the cupcakes ? ? ? But hey, the proof is in the taste. Those napkins are GORGEOUS!! Yep, the boy did GOOD!! Blessings my friend!

  14. those look yummy! i love spice cake. i have an icing decorating kit that I use so I don't have to fool with the baggies, but I would definitely do that if i didn't. they make the cupcakes look so pretty that way.

  15. He did do good and the cupcakes look great!

  16. Love those napkins-noticed them right off the bat (Yes, I did play baseball for about three weeks until I was asked to leave the team for unsportsmanlike conduct).
    Anyway, I'm not eating carbs until my birthday (May 19) and this is just cruel. Especially when I'm trapped at home due to freezing rain and have a whole pantry full of stuff...

  17. Besides looking yummy, they were some really cool tricks that you shared..See I don't bake or I would probably know them?? Love the napkins..Will you be able to get all the food stains out of them or do they go in the will too??

  18. Hi,
    I did not know that trick of the frosting. So cool. And I have a son who will really appreciate this. :-)) He loves to help in the kitchen and this will be a lot more fun to frost then the old spoon or knife.
    I like the napkins too.
    We are receiving snow today, how about you?

  19. HI Diana..wow that sure does look delish (:)

  20. Diana these look pretty Yummo! Your son is so sweet to give you those monogramed napkins. He has gorgeous eyes like his mom.
    Have a good day.

  21. Your son did good, yes he did! I love the napkins! The cupcakes look delish, too! And just why are the grandkids afraid to touch your glass domes? Huh, huh? I like the tip for putting icing in the baggie. Lord the more I talk about this, the more I want to go make them.

  22. I use apple sauce a lot when I bake desserts. Although I don't think I ever used mayo. I think sour cream would work as well. These cupcakes look like a perfect breakfast for me!

  23. You did good on that recipe and your hubby did good on those beautiful napkins!....you two make a great pair!!!

  24. I noticed them quickly and admired them.

  25. holy canoly! i can even make THOSE!
    you make me want to make those.
    get thee behind me satan!
    you have a beautiful son.
    i guess you already know that.

  26. Hi thanks for letting me know about my email. I checked it, and it all seems to be okay. I don't know why it is doing that. I'll have to try to figure it out.

  27. Well they look good and you said they taste good that's all you want.

  28. I don't think I've ever tried spice cake

  29. Gosh, your son is handsome! Also this is a test!!

    Thanks for the help.

  30. Cupcakes look awesome. Love your new napkins - you raised him right.

    Hope you are feeling better.


  31. I'll take one of those cupcakes and a cup of coffee. I'll be there in a minute... :-)I
    Love those napkins! Pretty Pretty!

  32. I'll take a few of those, Diana. I substitute applesauce for oil in a lot of recipes. Even works in brownies. The cake dome does not work in my house...wish it did! LOL
    Any son that gives his mother monogrammed linens is a catch in my book.
    xoxo, T.

  33. Never thought of using Mayo in my cupcakes and that is one wicked looking vanilla bottle! Lol
    Thank you for sharing!

  34. Wow, this looks and sounds so yummy! I love spiced anything! Thanks for sharing this recipe. My husband uses a little mayo in creamed potatoes; it's yummy too. Love the napkins! What a sweet son!

  35. I love spice cake and these look especially moist and delicious!

  36. Sounds like such a yummy treat! I love spice cake! Hugs, Leena

  37. Those cupcakes look so yummy!! Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  38. Those cupcakes/muffins look yummy. Going to give those a try. Where did you get the vanilla ?

  39. Since I do not cook anymore, will take one of your cupcakes no matter how you made them. Very thoughtful give from your handsome son.

  40. The cake looks marvelous, darling. Yum yum - thanks so much for the recipe. Also great tip on icing the cup cakes.
    What a handsome son you have. The napkins are lovely. I must have missed your post yesterday will go back and check.
    Stay warm and get well.

  41. I've never used the mayo but I have used apple sauce instead of oil, and they are every bit as good or better.
    Spice cake or Carrot cake love them both.

  42. I have never heard of using mayo in a cake recipe. You really do know how to improvise! I will have to remember that one. Hope all is well with you! :)

  43. Do you know that I LOVE spice cake and cupcakes, Diana? And Yes, I still use the knife to spread the frosting. :~) Those are nice napkins your son gave you. I tell you, sons are just so special no matter what age.

    Have a lovely evening, my friend. I'm tired and going to bed now.

    love, ~Sheri

  44. They look great, Diana, and I did not know that trick about the glass! Going to try it!

  45. Yummy looking and I imagine moist with the apple sauce you inventive baker. Love your napkins!

  46. so yummy looking! and the napkins are darling, diana!

  47. Those look delicious! I remember using applesauce for a cake before and I think I've used yogurt too. It's been a while since I've tried either. I like the frosting tip....I should've thought of that one a long time ago! Those are beautiful napkins- you almost hate to use them!

  48. Well I'm probably still a no-reply blogger, but I wanted to say that your cupcakes look really good and I could sure use cake to pacify me right now while I'm trying to figure this whole blogger/google+ mess out. Yumm! And yes..your son did good!

  49. Shhhh.....applesauce has been my secret ingredient for years. I was always asked to do the cupcakes at the kids school because no one wanted the sugary sweet ones from the local grocery bakery! They are so moist and light. I am so happy I stopped by, take care sweet lady!

  50. Please tell me I am not a no-reply blogger now.

  51. I LOVE using up things in my pantry that have been forgotten about for a while - and what a way to jazz the recipe up with the applesauce and mayo - what a combo! I also liked your idea of putting the icing into the bag inside a glass! Sounds like you've got a winner recipe!!! Hugs to you today :)

  52. I'm sure they smelled wonderful while baking ~ love the spicy fragrance. They look delish! I like to use the baggie deal to frost items too. Just toss it when you're finished. Those napkins are stunning! Yes, he did good and he's very handsome too.



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