Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Ria - You Are Such A Special Girl

Here is the earliest picture

of Ria I have scanned into my computer.

Look at those eyes!

This one is

 is not great-

not sure what camera it was taken with.

Look at those curly little piggy tails.

She was SUCH a sweet little girl.
That is SweetCheeks to the right as a baby

crawling around..

she looked up to her

big sissy-even then
You will notice that SweetCheeks is 

getting INTO the cabinet~

When she was three

she and her sister

were in a wedding that

was photographed for a

national bride magazine.

This is one of the pictures

that appeared in the spread.

Our little thumb-sucker...

Look at those eyes...

She has always been a little princess~

She loves everything and everyone!

I love her serious look.

She is growing up fast.

We are thrilled to have this 

sweet little girl in our lives.

She is one of 

Three Sisters Cookie Company

And all Three Sisters are as sweet as can be.

Summer or Winter

Yep-She is growing up fast!

She is our ballerina.

Beyond good for her age 

and dancing with girls

that are two and three years older

and doing solos.

She is just a slip of a girl-

teeny-tiny-a good wind would

blow her away-

(but we hope it won't!)

Don't grow up too fast, Ria!

We are missing our 

"little girl" 



Love you to the moon and back...


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  1. Happy Birthday to your little Ria. She is so pretty and it's obvious that Nana Diana really loves her a lot! You have such lovely and sweet grandchildren.


  2. My goodness she has grown up fast! Happy Birthday, Ria!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ria.....she and my granddaughter are the same age. A magical time for sure. But I agree, I wish they would stop growing up. I miss the little girl days.

  4. Happy Birthday, enjoy the day and hope you have many more.

  5. Yes...we do miss their little selves.....
    the girls are all so pretty..

  6. Aww Happy Birthday to Ria! I do hope that you are taking it easy and resting. Feel better and have a nice Friday and weekend!

  7. Happy birthday, Ria. So is a pretty girl that will grow up to be a beautiful young lady! Love all the photo's.

  8. Oh those curls! Especially love the photo from the wedding. Happy Birthday Ria!

  9. and she is the beautiful middle one, I think I remember.

    a beautiful, beautiful girl. always was. and I'm sure, always will be.

    happy, happy 11th Birthday to your Ria.

    gentle hugs,

  10. Awwwwww...our grandson is 11, and I think that's the age where you really start to see that they're no longer 'little' and are growing up way too fast. It's funny, no matter how many times I told our daughter to stop growing, she never listened! How rude. :/

    Hope you're feelings better Diana!

  11. She is just precious! I hope she has a very happy birthday!

  12. They grow up way too fast, don't they? I have 2 dancers, they are all tiny girls too. I sure hope you are feeling better!! What kind of bd celebration did Ria have? will you post photos?

  13. Awww!! Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!! The years go by too quickly, don't they?? Blessings to you and yours my friend!

  14. Happy Birthday to Ria.....your grand daughters are lovely and have the sweetest smiles! I saw your note about my Email....don't know what's wrong....I didn't change anything! (well, knowingly that is......I may have hit the wrong button or something on my

  15. Happy birthday to sweet, RIa. She is just beautiful. xo Laura

  16. Happy Birthday to Ria! Such a beautiful and sweet sweet girl. We only want the sweet ones! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  17. Awww...the sweet, good Nana is back! What a delightful way to wish a special girl a very happy 11th birthday...a Very Happy Birthday to her!

  18. Good morning, The sun is shining but it is really cold. Happy Happy Birthday Ria. They grow up so fast and those beautiful eyes. Grandparents are proud of all the things they accomplish in their young life. The hours of enjoyment. Just wait until the teenage years as pretty as she is the boys will be around. The year is already flying. Hope you are feeling better each day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri friend. Shirley

  19. Happy Birthday to Ria! she is a beautiful girl. Hope you are continuing to rest and get better.

  20. Lovely Ria, Happy Birthday! And as in Dutch custom, happy birthday for your lovely grand-daughter Ria to you, Diana. I could eat a piece of birthday cake about now. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  21. She is adorable...they all are, no wonder you are so proud of her. HB day to her to.

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling better soon, that sounds like a whopper of a infection. Take good care of yourself so you can hang out with the girls again soon...


  22. She's beautiful Diana !
    And the perfect graceful ballerina !

  23. Oh, she is so sweet! I love the thumb sucking one - so charming. What elegance and poise she now has. Happy birthday!
    No, I haven't changed servers but I have been having problems with comments. I have no idea what is going on! Crazy!!

  24. Happy birthday Ria! Have a great day.

  25. Wishing a very happy birthday to sweet, beautiful Ria!!! Wow, eleven years old already. Time flies!

  26. The thumb sucker is a doll baby!!! Happy birthday.

  27. Beautiful pictures of a pretty girl. Happy Birthday Ria. A princess for sure. Don't you wish you could freeze them.

  28. Happy Birthday Ria...I can tell Grandma loves you very much!!!

  29. Happy Birthday to your beautiful Grand Girl!

  30. Oh, she is a true beauty to behold! What a fine dancer's form she has as well. She is lovely, Diana!

  31. I can tell by her smile and the twinkle in her eyes she is a good-hearted person who will always be as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside!

  32. Those eyes and curls! Happy birthday sweet girl!

  33. Happy Birthday to Ria! I love all the face expressions, and it's her smile that always warms my heart. It shows her sweetness and innocence. I enjoyed seeing the pictures through the years, and please tell her that Sheri says HAPPY BIRTHDAY - CELEBRATE YOU!

    love, ~Sheri

  34. Happy Birthday Ria...You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady..

  35. Those are lovely children. Happy Birthday Ria.

  36. Happy Happy Birthday to Ria. All the girls are so beautiful Diana. I know you love them to pieces. Ria is growing into a beautiful young lady.
    This Happy Birthday Post is so sweet to her Diana. You are the best Nana ever.

  37. Diana, I am sending Birthday wishes to Ria...she is a beauty. All the girls have beautiful eyes. I know you enjoy your little sweethearts. xoxo,Susie

  38. Such a cutie! And what a smile those girls have.

  39. Great pics....HAPPY BIRTHDAY RIA !!

  40. Sweet! What a sweet post. I just love the photos you shared. And beautiful eyes and smile. :-))
    Happy Birthday Wishes
    xx oo

  41. They do grow up too fast. I always wish we could have childhood last longer!

  42. Such a special post, Diana! Happy birthday to Ria! Eleven is such an important age! That is the same age as our grandson! xo Nellie

  43. The time does go fast, hope the birthday girl has a great birthday.

  44. Growing up goes so quickly when you're watching the grands. She is lovely!

  45. She is precious, Diana, yet all of yours are! Love her pretty blue eyes. HapptyBirthday to sweet Ria!! :)

    Jane xxx

  46. She is so sweet, Diana! Happy Birthday to this lovely young lady. And may I say that your family is very beautiful! Hugs to you :)

  47. Happy Birthday to a beautiful girl. She is very pretty Diana. I swear you have the prettiest grandchildren, even the boys are so good looking.
    God has certainly blessed your family with these beautiful children.

  48. OMGosh...she is so big! Time is sure flying by all of us. Happy Birthday, Miss are so special.

  49. what a sweet girl! Happy Birthday to your lovely grand daughter! I know you'll be helping her celebrate and will be pouring lots of love on her!
    happy weekend

  50. What a lovely post and a lovely girl! Grandkids are theeeeee best!

  51. She's such a beauty! Glad you continue to feel better and better.

  52. AH what a sweet birthday post ...she's lucky to have a wonderful grandma :)

  53. loved that picture of her at the wedding. so adorable.

  54. Happy Late Birthday to sweet Ria! How pretty she is!

  55. Happy Belated Birthday to Ria! She is beautiful! Her eyes are gorgeous! I think bright beautiful eyes run in your family! She's a beautiful ballerina! I know you are all so proud of her!

  56. She is beautiful and her eyes are mesmerizing. She has kind eyes and an incredible smile! They do grow up wayyyy too fast don't they? You are so lucky to have these 3 beauties plus the darling others.


  57. Happy birthday to your precious granddaughter. They are all beautiful.

  58. she's just darling! hope her day was special:)

  59. Happy Birthday Beautiful girl, Nana is very proud of you, and so are we.
    Diana, I'm reading blog but I've not commented much lately.


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