Friday, March 27, 2015


I may get my picture files all cleaned up yet 
by doing these 
Finish It Up Friday posts.

What do you get when you
put a bit of polish to tarnished silver?
It sure is pretty here, huh?!'s the before.
Yes- it is tarnished.  DON'T judge!
I've been sick, remember?
I may use that as an excuse the rest of my life...
The grammas would be rolling 
in their respective graves seeing this~
Next up-Someone sent me this and said
 it reminded them of
Baby Bright Eyes.
I can't find a source-
if you know it I will gladly give credit for it.
So sweet-I think that is the connection-
They are both just SWEET!
Let's see-
What else?
Why is CJK so happy?
Cuz he knows Nana does not care 
he makes with a sticky sucker on the tile tray,
~ dominos and  other boy "stuff"~
SweetCheeks asked Papa to be her
at school.
He brought her flowers and she was thrilled.
Doncha love those dimples and NEW teeth?
Papa was so thrilled that he was her special person!
The next day he
 offered to take SweetCheeks to see
Here they are -ready to go~
I told her if she wanted to have a 
I would be glad to host one!
I will invite them all over and they can
 Yes. I. Am. Wicked!

Have a 

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  1. wickedly funny and cute! have a great weekend!

  2. Love all the photos! Have a great weekend.


  3. Great photo's makes a Great blog post!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Diana!

  4. I see that SweetCheeks has the dimples, but I am trying to figure out which one of them has new teeth ; - )

  5. Certainly was fun, these five!

    Happy weekend,

  6. I cannot believe that you are wicked! How wonderful for Sweet Cheeks to ask Pappa to be her special person!

  7. Wrap silver in plastic to store. I use old laundry bag covers. Or shopping bags. Whatever it takes to keep less air from circulating around the silver.

  8. awww, she loves her Grampa, I think its wonderful that he takes sweet cheeks out, what a great way to show her his love, both those babies are just so sweet, beautiful babies,

  9. Diana, Now I am hanging my silverware looks like the before shot. .:( :( Your grandkids are adorable. That is so sweet of SC to pick her papa as her special person. What a good idea buying her flowers too. Well I do believe you are wickedly funny . LOL. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

  10. Of course your sweet little granddaughter is pretty with her grandpa
    however that baby in the Pink snowsuit with fur trim is over that top sweet and pretty, don't you know that was a fun photo shoot

  11. I think Baby Bright Eyes may have a modeling career on the side. All my tarnished silver is hidden away. I haven't polished silver in 20 years... Have a wonderful weekend, Diana!

  12. He makes a great "special person" I'm thinking, especially with a movie date!

    Yes, you can have those gals polish all your silver. Wouldn't that be great?

    That little pink bundle in the snow is darling and she does look like your sweet baby granddaughter.

  13. I love the Cinderella themed party idea! My house could stand a good cleaning! It is so sweet to see another Grandpa that worships and is worshiped! More Grandpas need to get involved instead of just leaving it up to us awesome Grandmas!
    PS Amara and I played with that exact same set of dominoes this weekend! We couldn't find the rules so we just made up our own and had a blast!

  14. That is so neat SweetCheeks took her special person to school! And he brought her flowers AND took her to see the movie! It looks like your Hero is eating those flowers in the photo:) And that little baby is just a doll, she does look like your sweet Bright Eyes. CJK is such a happy and cute looking little boy, he looks just like his daddy:) Oh, and that's not tarnish, that is PATINA!:)

  15. What a giggly hoot you are NanaD! I love your running commentary about your sweet grandchildren... and of course the part about getting your house cleaned sounds like a marvelous plan, lol! Beautiful pictures of all the grandkids, and the picture of Bright Eyes melts my heart, and then my heart melted some more to see grandpa doting on Sweet Cheeks too... all of it so special and wonderful!

  16. I love when you clean up your picture files! Little boy messes are no problem. They can always be cleaned. But little boy smiles last forever on the heart <3
    Have a great weekend :)

  17. Oh Diana, you are hilarious, but way! You are one of the sweetest bloggers EVER.

    I enjoyed your random photos :) Happy weekend! Hugs

  18. Love all these photos! Have a great weekend.

  19. Diana,
    As always your posts invite laughter and heartfelt connections. Love the photos of SweetCheeks and Papa, school and a Cinderella movie, so endearing. loving her new teeth and I have dimples and like them, SweetCheeks are adorable.

  20. There will be a ton of Cinderellas running around on Halloween this year

  21. I could definitely use a Cinderella or two around here.:-) Wonderful pictures of your Finish it Up Friday! Dimples and new teeth! Can't get much better - unless it is a little beauty in a snowsuit or someone enjoying playing at Nana's house. xo Nellie

  22. yes, the polished silver is lovely. but all that work! polishing it! I'm glad no one left me any. -grin- yes! I am the Evil One. but you know that. and you still love me. :-)

    "new teeth"... ok, you know I can't just let that pass. _who_ has the "new teeth"?????

    ducking, running, and hiding...

    oh and be so grateful, for this comment. I am pecking, with 2 fingers, because I have a sore middle finger, on my left hand. and 2 finger packing, is not easy! lol


  23. That pic looks just like Baby Bright Eyes!

    I think it is wonderful SC asked her GPapa to be her person of honor at school....and his bringing flowers is just too chivalrous! She will remember it forever!

    Now - as for the new Cinderella. IT IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I am the leader of the Evening Movie Group for my civic local women's club and that's what a bunch of us middle aged gals went to see and every one of us loved it.

    Seriously, if you get the chance see it too - it is so beautifully done, and has such a GOOD MESSAGE! it isn't silly or babyish at ALL.

    Have a great weekend. Hugs.

  24. Cinderella needs to show up here with a shovel..
    I don't have a lot of silver, a few pieces, and your's before polishing, is shiney compared to mine.

  25. Diana, your grandma's silver looks gorgeous. My mom's silver tea set was handed down to my sister, and I remember polishing it when I was little (the things we remember). Love the similarities between Bright Eyes and the other baby in pink. I bet your husband was thrilled when SweetCheeks asked him to be her special person at school. You know, Cinderella is one of my favorites hehehe.

    I know I've told you before, but your "this and that" posts are just fabulous.

    love, ~Sheri

  26. You are very wicked..I got rid of most of my silver for just that reason..Looks beautiful..Have a wonderful weekend Diana

  27. Well, heck. I'll have to have me a Cinderella party too! Give them all mops and scrub brushes and make a game out if it !

  28. That was a nice finish up Friday post! I remember when I was little and helping my mom clean her silver! It's so nice to see your hero with sweet cheeks together and how nice that they saw cinderella too! Hope you enjoy the chicken dish if you make it. Have a nice afternoon and weekend!

  29. Making memories with the grandkids...priceless. When they grow up, that's what they will remember

  30. Why....I would have never thought of such a great idea. I'm SURE Emily would love one of those parties and the whole family can join us...and oh my, I'm already making plans. WICKED.GRANDMA.YOU.ARE.BRILLIANT!!!

  31. Love your sense of humor. Did the girls take you up on it. Such cute pictures. Have a good week-end.

  32. You crack me up - I am setting here laughing. I think SC loves her grandpa, How nice of him to take her to the movies.
    Have a great weekend and behave yourself LOL

  33. Polishing silver is not my idea of a good time - that's why I hardly have any! ;-) Your granddaughter is her dimples.

  34. Love the idea of a house-cleaning Cinderella party. Silver is so beautiful when polished (she says as she glances at the very tarnished pitcher on her china cabinet).

  35. the pink picture does look like bright eyes-alot! how happy sweet cheeks looks with her g-pa! love that he takes time to make memories with her:)

  36. Hey now that sounds like a great Cinderella party to me!!!! Lol! Love that picture that looks like baby bright eyes. It really does!

  37. I like tarnished silver ... great photos Diana. Happy weekend my friend :-)

  38. Such lovely grandchildren and so happy!

  39. SweetCheeks looks so grown up with her new teeth. I like your idea for the Cinderella's sure to be a hit across all of blogland. ;)

  40. Right. Here are my two inputs re Cinderella:


    #justsayin #LOL :P

  41. That grandbaby is absolutely precious. My girls each had pink ski jackets like the one in the picture, with big furry hoods. They were some of my absolute favorite baby clothes! Sweet Cheeks is so lucky to have such a wonderful grandfather!

  42. Ah!!! I love your posts and do not comment nearly enough!!! I am going to fix that!!!

  43. Your grandbaby is beautiful. She should be a model for baby pictures. Looks like your granddaughter had so much fun with her grandpa. So sweet she invited him.

    So did they fall for your evil ploy to get them to clean??

  44. Oh, Diana, you are so right, what happens at Nana's, stays at Nana's! Of course that goes for sticky messes, too! That is really cute that your little cutie had a date with her gramps!

  45. Oh my goodness, a Cinderella party...and they can all be Cinderellas! I love it. I may have to steal that idea!

    You're brilliant!


  46. Love all the photos! I would kill to see Miss Bright Eyes in person and kiss those cheeks! :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  47. That's quite the compliment to be asked to be the 'Special Person'! I'm on a finish things jag myself and the silver is wayyy down on the list of things to do.

  48. Love.Love.Love the silver...

  49. Too funny about the Cinderella party! Lol! That pic really does resemble Bright Eyes. So cute! You really do have beautiful grands!

  50. I put my silver in a box in the shed.....but if I host a Cinderella party, like yours, I might just bring it back in the house! Even the kids don't want it. Hope you are feeling better and ahhhhhh those pictures are adorable. How sweet Grandpa is such a big part of his grandkids lives! I want one of him!

  51. Sweet photos but the one with SweetCheeks and her Papa are really, really precious!

  52. I have my silver tea service packed away, I would hate to see how much tarnish has accumulated on it. Sweet checks is one lucky girl to have such a wonderful and thoughtful Papa to take her to see Cinderella. I like the Cinderella party idea, I think that could work out to your advantage.


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