Friday, March 13, 2015


Yesterday I told you I was Irish.
You KNOW that the Irish 
are a superstitious lot, right?
Well, I don't have 
MANY superstitions but I
the #13.
Did you notice that SUPERSTITIONS has THIRTEEN LETTERS? creepy, huh?
Did the Devil do that just for me?
Moving on---
I would NEVER live in THIS HOUSE!
You will learn something new about me today.

I count things!
There!  I've said it.
I have a bit of OCD.

However, I do NOT count EVERYTHING.
But- I do count things like STEPS!
We have moved MANY TIMES over the years
and rehabbed MANY HOUSES
I won't buy a house that has 
That is just ASKING FOR IT
if you ASK ME!
There is just something 
about the #13 to me.
Even writers like James Patterson
know that is true.
I love a good old scary movie..
The Shining,
The Changeling.
So-it is nothing to do with being scared.
It is just a quirk of mine.
It is mine and I claim it.

It MyHero wants to get rid of me
all he would have to do is 
have a tattoo like this.....
I don't know where this is on that guy's body
and don't WANT to know-thank you!
I see some of you are emailing MyHero right now.
So-There you have it!
Here's my advice to YOU for the day.
Just realized I have to pick the girls up from 
school today for the weekend.
Wish me 
Good Luck........
and if I don't come back... luck ran out!

It would be just like 
MyHero to bury me under this sign.

If he did I would come back to haunt him.....
Maybe I will anyway---just for fun.
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  1. You're a nut! to me.. its just another friday.. and you know me.. I love my fridays!
    Have a great weekend oh silly one..

  2. Too funny! I've never been superstitious but now you have me going to count my steps!

  3. Oh no, just counted and we have 13 steps! :)
    Have a great day!!!

  4. Love ya Diana! Once in a while it does seem like lady luck forgets we are Irish! But maybe that's in part because I'm hesitant to believe in luck. Let's just pray the dear Lord keeps us through the day--He's stronger than both good luck and bad!

    I don't consider myself superstitious, but not long ago our van broke down and would not start in the parking lot of a coin store. Next time we went looking for more coins to collect, we went to a coin auction in another city. We stopped at a grocery store on the way home, and guess what?! Our van would not start again; this time we had to take a tow truck to get home! It was quite the coincidence, and we did think twice before going to a coin store next time. Thankfully our car didn't break down the third time--that would have *really* gotten to me! I enjoy the scary episodes most of the old tv shows have--though I think I'm starting to get immune to them: they're not nearly as frightening as they used to be. Have an awesome day!! ;)

  5. Good that I am not superstitious, Can't stay home today,Diana, I am off to many yards sales today....Peaches to the beaches! Wish I could make it all the way to the beach on Georgia's shores but will stay around the peaches. Hey I am a little Irish!

  6. Funny isn't it, how something like the number 13 can make you think about bad luck and that thought will be stuck in your head all day. I know my superstitions are from my maternal grandmother who taught me all about "bad luck/good luck" I still hold a button when I see a funeral passing by and when I enter a house, will only go out the same door that I used to come into it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I don't give it a thought. Interesting though- when we used to visit the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, there was no #13 listed on the floors to go to! So if we were on #14 were we really on #13??? LOL...

  8. Diana you always give me a good laugh!! I never thought of 13 as being unlucky we closed on this house on Friday the 13th and everything went smooth...but you did just make me count my stairs...15 phew!

  9. You are too funny Diana! Have a good day and thanks for the laugh!

  10. You crack me up girl! Thanks for the laugh, have a wonderful weekend! xo, Liz :)

  11. Getting a good laugh on this spooky day, thanks to you! Horror movies terrify me and I haven't watched one since high school when I gasped and choked on my popcorn and my date had to run get me a Coca-Cola! So embarrassing!

  12. I absolutely cannot watch scary movies anymore - saw all the ones mentioned above and they've scrared/scarred me for life LOL - and you didn't mention Carrie - which was the last one I saw I think !!!
    Unless you count Friday the 13th - in 3D - of which I kept my eyes shut behind the glasses throughout the entire movie and no one knew I hadn't seen it at all LOL
    Happy Weekend Diana

  13. I do the same thing-count steps no matter how many times I go up the same ones, I count them every single time! But the number 13, not so unlucky to me...I got married on June 13th! Have a great weekend!


  14. Hi Diana I too count, our steps number 14 ... But I've slipped on them many times, probably because I am a klutz at times. I too love scary movies but I've never watched Friday the 13th. For the Chinese the number 13 is lucky, go figure.
    Happy Friday,

  15. Good Morning, I do like Friday the 13th because our daughter was born on Friday the 13th. I have other things that I don't like, but the 13th isn't one of them. It is a beautiful sun shining day and I hope the same for you. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

  16. hey there, "soul mate'!!! I count things too. like steps... it just sort of happens, and I may realize I'm counting, when I get to the top. -giggggles-

    OCD? what's OCD? me? me? OCD? nahhhhhhhh.....

    oh yes! me! OCD. but, I don't HAVE to count. there is the difference between a problem, and a cute little 'tick', which we two cute gals, just happen to share!!!!

    -big smile- I am pleased-as-punch with how I can rationalize things like that!!!!!!! >,-)

    13... hmmmmm... I forgot it is friday the 13th, till you said this. so it's not all that much of a bug-a-boo with me.

    guess I just look on it, as one of those trumped up things, to help blaming witches for every bad thing, that used to happen. and I don't take part in those things! :-)

    I'll do an intervention with you Dear.

    (eeeeek, I hear computer keys clicking! telling you to not, not, not take any help, from me!!!!! -gigggles-)

    ok, now that we have had our fun, I'll toddle on... to leave some fun-and-games, in the comments of other unsuspecting bloggers.



  17. I'm sending you a bit of that GOOD Irish luck on this Friday, the 13th! xo Nellie


  18. Glad that you are fighting back against Triskaidekaphobia. Yeah, like that word just floated into my vernacular...don'tcha hate a show-off? Anyway, as I was saying, good thing otherwise you would not be available to pick up the grands since you'd be in bed or under it. Have a happy, blessed day!

  19. Hmmmmm be careful today running around on Friday the 13th. I am hoping this is a good day for good news and lucky. We will see.
    Have a great week end.

  20. Love getting a good laugh from you! I'm a tad bit superstitious- walking under ladders is one for me. I'm not a good horror movie person- I tend to grab the person I'm with in the scary parts of the movie! Have a great weekend withe the grands!

  21. Oh shoot! I probably would have gone through the day without knowing had you not mentioned it. But at least now I know to stay home. I went through Sunday anxiously awaiting a few TV shows at night, which is the only time I watch TV. I felt so discombobulated until at 10 p.m. I finally figured out I was off and missed everything because I didn't know it was Daylight Savings Time! Sometimes I count things too. But I've finally overcome not stepping on sidewalk cracks. I had my first ankle surgery on Friday the 13th.

  22. I never liked the number 13 either, until my first born popped out on one! Now it's the luckiest number in the world to me! ;)

  23. You are so funny! Good luck picking up the girls and don't step on any cracks or let a black cat walk in front of you. ;) Enjoy the weekend!

  24. I live in a tri-level...7 steps to go upstairs and 6 steps to go down to the I never take 13 steps at one time.

  25. So that's why I am totally physically and emotionally exhausted today. I can now say that I was afraid to move. You are a hoot, my friend. I don't know either where that tattoo is but it's a bit creepy.

  26. You are just a hoot Diana! I don't believe in all that superstitious stuff, but 13 is definitely not a good number... I better go count my stairs now. I can see how that OCD thing could be a problem though... :)

    I hope you have a great weekend! Just think at least tomorrow will be better!

    Hugs to you,

  27. OMgoodness The Changeling! That was one scary movie. And I just checked you can watch that movie on You Tube would you like the link!!!

  28. HaHaHa. I went right outside and counted the steps to our apartment...."16" Thanks we don't have to move. You made my day, I love laughing on Friday the 13th, and you've made it happen. Cheers!!

  29. This is too funny. I have 12 steps going to the second floor thankfully but not really superstitious except 13 is not my favorite number or I don't like to be on the 4th floor of a hotel. Thanks for the Friday the 13th fun!! Have a great weekend!
    Hugs, CM

  30. I am not superstitious at all, in fact I forgot it was friday the 13th until my sister reminded me. She spent the day in the hospital having her heart checked out and said it had to happen, of course, on friday the 13th. I count steps too, but I think it's b/c I worked in a factory and had to count stacks of tablecovers and counted them as I talked. Sure hope you made it back from picking up the girls. *wink*

  31. Oh, you'll come back to haunt him..He can count on that!!..I'm hoping you and the girls are home safe and sound..Have a wonderful weekend..

  32. I'm not a superstitious person. Friday 13th is just another day

  33. Oh, I have never counted my stairs - I will be right back.....Whew! Only 12! I met my Mr. when I was 13 and he was 15 - guess which one of us was lucky! ha ha! That tattoo is just plain creepy, if you ask me, even if it didn't say 13! Don't walk under any ladders today. xo K

  34. Hi Diana, I am not crazy about the number 13 either. Just my luck to be born on the 13th... of March. Yes, today is my birthday. Lucky me. :)

    The only other time I remember my birthday being on Friday the 13th was when I was a kid. And all I got for my birthday was underwear. Now how fun is that?

    I do think there is a worse number out there. One that I really don't care for....don't even want to type it. It's three numbers all the same. Do you know the one I mean?

    Anyway, I hope you and the girls are home safe and having a great afternoon. Take care, Janet W

  35. Hello, Okay, so you have a little quirk or maybe a big one, but OCD is not life threatening, unless it"s connected with Friday the 13th!
    I am Irish but no OCD I did stay home all day---Just in case--- call me when you get back home from picking up the girls Just in case...
    Hugs Roxy

  36. Hope you made it through the day Diana!

  37. Where are you now??? :) You've probably heard this but the #13 is said to be a reference to the Lord's Supper ~ 12 Apostles, Judas was the 13th and we know what he did! Of course, the Friday part can relate to the Crucifixion. Hotels don't have a 13th floor, airlines do not have a 13th row, etc. My mother was *extremely* superstitious so I think I've tried to avoid that.

    Hope you're ok! :)

  38. Believe it or not, I'm not very superstitious. I don't consider Friday the 13th a bad luck day. I think that if you're superstitious about certain things, then you will it happen. So, I just treat this day like any other. Black cats walking in my path are just a coincidence and breaking a mirror is just an accident. I swear it works! My oldest son, however is VERY superstitious and won't dismiss these things. He believes that Tuesdays are his bad luck days. Any time something bad happens to him, (and it happens to be on a Tuesday) he'll swear its because of that day of the week. He has a point though when I see the pattern myself. But, I will still ignore it.

  39. I never even thought about today's date. Nothing bad happened.

    We did not have a room # with 13 in it at the hospital :)

  40. Well I did learn something new about you today, Diana! I never have been superstitious, but I do find myself counting things like you do. And I don't even want to know where that tattoo is, ick!!!

  41. But I was born on the 13th! (And no, it was not on a Friday, it was on a Thursday!) So 13 has always been my LUCKY number! Oh, and my husband counts things, too. But I'll keep him anyway:)

  42. How very cute and funny. I built my stairs and I don't remember how many steps their are. Guess I will go and count them....

  43. Hahaha!
    Not something you take too seriously... I can see!
    But I've got Irish in me... and I count things.
    Some things. Not all things.
    I don't know that I've very superstitious--- but I am a BIG OL' SKEPTIC!
    (hey... big ol' skeptic has 13 letters counting the apostrophe...not the exclamation point)

  44. LOL!!
    I have a friend who was born on August 13th and got married on August the 13th is his Lucky number.
    xx oo Carla

  45. This is my first visit -- came over from FB -- love you sense of humor and fear!!!

  46. My birthday is the 13th and as hubby's. So how bad can it be? lol

  47. Ugh, that should be 'as is'. That's what I get for not proofing.

  48. I don't like the number 13 either...but oddly, I'm ok with Friday the 13th, probably because if was worried about it, I'd have to stay in all day! But someone commented to me on my blog that in Italy, 13 is a lucky number!

  49. You had a lot to say and like have to get it ALL out or all the other stuff takes over and then you have to sift thorough it. Your grandchildren...sigh. Such darlings. I get the most encouragement and good thoughts from you and I see why! They are beauties! And the selfies...that's something no one outgrows. Hmmmm...but only on a good day. ;-)

    I lost a lot of bloggers awhile back, the ones I followed. they just fell off my blog roll. I had to work and work and try to get them all back. All of this stuff is beyond comprehension to me. Sometimes it just works out by itself.

    Jane xxxx

  50. I'm not superstitious at all.... I think I'll paint a number 13 and hang it on the wall LOL! I do love a creepy movie... not gruesome but creepy. Have you seen the old movie "The Others"? with Nicole Kidman? Now that was a creepy movie.
    I'll make you something with a 13 on it and send it your way. That's what blog friends are for :))))))))


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