Monday, March 9, 2015

Jan's Bathroom Remodel- GREAT Before & Afters

Quite a while ago I helped my friend,
Jan make some decisions
on her kitchen remodeling project.
We also revamped her living room a bit
because it flows into the kitchen/dinette area.
There is a post about that project here.

You know I am a coffee drinker, right?
I KNOW you know THAT!
You know what coffee drinkers need, right?

Well, let me tell you something,
Jan's bathroom needed a makeover
even worse than her kitchen.
as much as her kitchen did..
I was nice enough to point that out to her here.

Anyway, how do you like THIS?
Isn't it classic and gorgeous?
We decided on a black and white color scheme.
Do you see the shelves above the toilet?
You can cut the drywall out between the studs
and gain about 3-1/2" of depth for shelving.
They do that for medicine cabinets all the time
and you can do it for shelving, too.

Here is what she started out with.
The window was replaced
with a waterproof one that still lets in light
but doesn't give the local
Peeping Tom a show,
There was new white subway tile put in.
The wallpaper was all stripped away.

This was the old vanity and countertop:
Makes you want to poke your eye out with a stick,huh?
Ain't never gonna be 1970 again.....
Janet was ready for a change.
We went from that to this:
Jan's son, Nate, came home for two weeks
and did this project for her.
Isn't he a great son?
He does this sort of remodeling for a livelihood.

The walls are a soft grey.
Jan likes purple (cuz she's a royal kinda gal)
and pulled some nice pops of purple into the room

No more THIS!
Look at that Jan- she jumps into the picture
every chance she gets!
Oh- she is gonna KILL ME-
more than once!
.But she will calm down
as soon as she slips into her new
spa-like bath retreat.
After our discussion(s)
Jan picked out everything herself.
She has really good taste
and just needs to trust her own instincts.

Her hubby is my hubby's best friend.
That's MyHero and Mikey.
I wonder if that
is big enough for both of them?
OH! There's another "picture" that makes me want to
poke my eyes out!

Have a great Monday.
Pick a project and go for it!

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  1. Wow what a huge improvement and she chose a great look! I like the wall built-in shelf idea! That's wonderful how her son did this work for her! Labor can really add up on a project so that's quite a savings! Nice thing too is she can add any color she wants to this design.

  2. Love black and white bathrooms! They never go out of style. Great job! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. shelves between the studs! yesssssssssssssssss!!!

    oh those poor guys. when they posed together for that happy, smiling picture..... they never knew that you would us it, to poke fun at them. over and over. -evil giggles-

    don't worry! your secret is safe, with us. >,-)


  4. Looks wonderful! My apologies to the local peeping Tom!

  5. I love the new bathroom! The subway tile is fabulous.


  6. Wow, nice update. Love the tiled tub surround. Great idea with the built in shelf.

  7. what a beautiful make over and the purple mat just makes it!

  8. I really like the subway tiles - it's timeless. You did a terrific job on the bathroom. These older home did not have big bathrooms but you did wonders with it.
    I hope your resting and now poking around doing remodeling with all that dust...... It will make you cough..
    Have a good one.

  9. It looks great!!! Enjoy your week, Diana.

  10. What a dramatic it looks so modern and it!

  11. Your talent, Dinanie, is just dripping off you darlin'! Oh, her bathroom turned out so beautifully! Love the idea of tearing down the walls and poking in those shelves! Love that. I hope you're outta the dog house with her now! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Looks like a million dollars, Diana! I'm sure she appreciates your subtle (not!) push out of the 70's, lol! Jane

  13. You mean to tell me the after photos are from the same bathroom as the before photos? No way! What an incredible and beautiful transformation, Diana :) You have a special gift and it's a blessing to see how you use your talents for others. You are one of the sweetest women ever.

    Hugs to you!

  14. what a fantastic transformation! The black and white is so classic that she won't ever have to change it now. i'm sure she enjoys her new bathroom.

  15. Looks great! You must be a fine encouragement to your friend Jan. She has to be a peach to let you feature her bathroom.

  16. What a great makeover! The bathroom looks classy and chick and Jan sounds very happy with it. Way to go, Diana! You're very creative, inventive! Wish you lived near me. :-)

  17. You know you would peek if you could.

    That beautiful countertop in bathroom, I have a similar one, but mine is all blue 'marble' and it is time for it to disappear.

  18. Diana that's one stunning transformation! I love Black and White for its contrast and dramatic impact. You're a good friend and one heck of a designer!

  19. That's a great transformation! The difference is night and day. I never thought about cutting the drywall out between the studs to gain some depth for the shelves. Such a clever idea!

  20. This transformation put a smile on my face. Well, along with the husband and friend commentary!!
    I love, love the touches of purple. xo

  21. Wow I love the way the bathroom looks for the after job! Great job helping out your friend with a new look! Have a nice Monday!

  22. Oh gosh my bathrooms need an updo, badly! We just saw out shower on an episode of "buying Alaska" and the potential buyer said something to the effect of how old and awful that it was. Geesh..mine is only 18 years old..that's not OLD is it? HA HA Yes..we need a makeover. This one is pretty- I love purple.

  23. Wow, Diana! I need you to come south and supervise some upgrading around here! You've a great eye for projects like this! xo Nellie

  24. Wow! What a transformation. Jan's bathroom is gorgeous. Great job Diana helping Jan out.

  25. It turned out fantastic. Very classic.

  26. Oh, my! That is one HUGE difference. Too bad you couldn't have saved that "vintage" countertop and put it to use somewhere :)

  27. Amazing transformation! What a lucky gal!

  28. Jan's new bathroom looks great, Diana. I really like the shelves and the black and white. And from one Purple lover to another........this bathroom looks luxurious.

    Have a happy week.

    love, ~Sheri

  29. Wow! What a transformation! It turned out great - I love the subway tiles and the idea for cutting into the walls for shelving. But now I am having trouble seeing...all that eye poking....Have a good Monday. Is there such a thing? Hugs xo Karen

  30. Wow, what a transformation! I love black and white together. The pops are purple are great too. I also love the idea about sinking the shelving into the wall is fantastic! This is definitely a jewel now!

  31. Wow! This project is so impressive. It's such an amazing transformation. I need to show Chris this post, I'm especially loving he the built-in shelving. Well done!

  32. what a gorgeous bath, diana! LOVE the shelving idea, too!

  33. What a change! Come to my

  34. Nice reno! The black and white really does look classic. Hero and Mikey looks like two peas in a pod. Lol!

  35. What a fantastic update! Great ideas and love the color scheme! Just excellent and inspirational!

  36. I love the pops of purple. Very pretty remodel; what a drastic change.

  37. Wow, what a huge improvement, Diana! I love the subway tile, and the black and white color scheme. And the built in shelving is such a great idea. It really does feel spa like! I bet you saved that lovely vanity top to reuse in your home, didn't you???

  38. That is quite an improvement! I love the subway tile.

  39. Hi Diana, beautiful bathroom redesign. Love the shelves in the wall and the color theme is really classy. Subway tile is gorgeous!!
    What a wonderful update!!
    The guys look joined at the head!!
    Hugs, CM

  40. Gorgeous bathroom! What a great job and how wonderful that their son does this for a living.

  41. Really pretty! Love the details! You gave some great advice friend!

  42. It looks so pretty. Great job.

  43. Beautiful transformation! I love the shelves recessed into the wall.

  44. We used to have a window on the shower wall before the last remodel. I don't miss it.

  45. Love the black and white. We too have a window in the shower. One day it will be gone.

  46. You definitely have a gift Diana to update the outdated! Seeing these remodels (as well as your own) makes me want to go find a really out of date house and have you help me update it! lol

    Blessings ~ Lisa

  47. Wow - what a fantastic remodel! Really hard to tell it is the same bathroom! Love the black and white mixed with the purple too. And the shelf in the wall caught my eye, may have to put that idea to good use! You definitely have an eye for design, and your friend Jan does too, and your helpful ideas made a huge difference for her, I'm sure!

  48. Hi! Great job on the bathroom redo. I love the big shower head and the purple rug but I am a country sort of decorating gal.with doilies! Guess I am dating myself! Nancy

  49. That's a great bathroom redo. It does help to have a son who is 'in the business'!!! Enjoy the week! Blessings, Cindy

  50. What a great job! Love the black and white.

  51. LOL you are so funny....Gorgeous bathroom! I am in the middle of a master bath remodel right now.....It is taking much longer than I anticipated...How great that her son did it!!


  52. I love this little bathroom. That just shows you-- it doesn't have to be large- to have a spa like feel to it and to well, conjure images that make you want to poke your eyes out!
    It's also nice to have a friend like that... you know, let you poke around in her bathroom, poke fun, and poke eyes!
    I'm done being funny now. ;)
    cute bathroom-- like the between stud/ drywall shelving.

  53. pretty .. what a nice little friend you are.. I just have to tell you that Ive been sitting here giggling everything I think of you poking your eyes out over the two men in the tub! LOL!
    thanks for the tuesday morning giggle!
    happy day

  54. That turned out amazing. I am loving the space above the toilet. What a fantastic idea that was and the colors are perfect! Very excited to see her kitchen! I just have to add that I wasn't thinking about what those two would look like in the tub....but now I am. This is just not right.....I think I need therapy ;)

  55. What a transformation! It looks so beautiful now...night and day...

  56. The bathroom had a wonderful transformation with your help! It doesn't even look like the same that subway tile and want to use it in our bathroom,. Your a sweetie friend. Love those shelves above the toilet!

  57. what a great transformation. I should add some purple in my bathroom...because I am royal kind of gal as well :)

  58. Beautiful! Certainly moved out of the 70's ~ :)



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