Sunday, August 22, 2010

Did you say Buckingham Palace?

I was going to write about my
Anniversary get away..
but this...well...this
supersedes that!
Indeed it does!
I came home early from work because
MyHero called and said he wanted
to show me something special.
Ooooohhh...I LIKE surprises..
We drive North about 30 miles to Door County.
Where are we going I want to know.
You'll see-is the answer.
Hmmmmm...looks pretty the stonework.
Okay then...I LIKE the name of this place..
It's kind of dark in here but it doesn't smell
like smoke...all public places here
are smoke free as of July 1st..
Yeah...I'm liking that
it has granite topped booths..
So good!

Are ya with me here?
Hmmmm...eyes are adjusting to the light.
What's that at the end of the booth.
When I said I wanted MyHero to have a 6 pack
this wasn't exactly what I meant.
Oh yeah...Wisconsin has its
own rules.
I glance up..
What's that hanging over my head?
Why it's a wasp's nest...
of course it is...
Ah...sorry about the picture was kind of hard to
see and I didn't want to drag out my tripod
and angle lights..
People might talk...and...
they might not feed me.
I glance slowly behind me..
Oh. My. Good. Lord.
They have killed Bambi,
stuffed him,
mounted him,
and placed him
under the head of his mother.Okay...I could have taken a hundred
flipping pictures
each one showing a
DIFFERENT animal..
but I will stop with this one...
which was straight way across
from our booth.
Cute, huh?
Yeah....He needs a bit of flossing I think.Not to be outdone by the hunters in the family
the bowlers have put on their
proud display.Nice place-I tell MyHero.
I know-he says-smiling broadly!I must say the food was DEEEliscious
and the drinks were COLD
and the food was HOT
and the portions were
KING sized-get it? Castle? King?
Never mind
MyHero tells me to hurry up
this is NOT the surprise..
I start looking for the door...
Aha! There it is..
cleverly stationed beneath
the GIANT stuffed fish!We drive a few blocks.
Close your eyes...MyHero intones.
I can't-I reply...I'm driving...
Oh yeah then...
don't look to your right yet.
NOW you can look.
I am standing in front of a
For Sale sign.
This does not bode well...
because I really don't want to
When he sees this post he will want me
to remove this part...
because he won't want anyone
to beat him to this great deal.
I can hear him now....couldn't you have
erased the information off before you posted it?
Here's the shiny door thingy..Is your little heart beating fast and furious?
Do you think you can stand it?
Are you going to die because
YOU don't have anything like this?
A peek through the window
(because the sucker is locked)
shows a beautiful, gorgeous
burnt orange interior..
yeah...remember those?
It also has a microwave from that era.
Great! I can stand in front of it
and do my own tumor treatments.
(should I ever need them)
Radiation Plus!
Ohhhh...he says...
wait til you see how nice the couches are...
they fold down into beds..
The light glowing from said couches
almost blinds me..
Nice-I tell him.
I know-he says.
Next he enthusiastically whips me to
the back window.
Where I climb up on a doohickey that holds
something...who knows what..
and I see
It's a toilet/sink/bath combo.
With orange curtains. matches the front end perfectly!
Ooooh...I'm loving that
retro wallpaper..
Gollleeee..I just can't wait
to get inside.
Please take note of the
orange shag carpet!
You don't see that much anymore.And now...for the outside...
Well, MyHero, finally asks
trying to contain his excitement.
What do you think?
Was I supposed to be thinking about this?
Hmmm...well...I tell him..
I really HATE... the ORANGE!
Oh- don't worry about that-
We can paint that-
We can get rid of all the orange-
It will be all cream colored when we're done.
It will look just like a pearl..
It can be your anniversary present..
Yeah? Well, let me tell you buddy..
That was NOT the kind of pearl
I had in mind!
I meant THIS KIND!Yeah, You girls think this is funny?
Huh? Do you?
Just wait til I pull this sucker into your driveway
and you have to explain to your neighbors
WHO you know
that is driving
The Pearl!
your photo name


Donna said...

Oh Diana,
You are just too funny! I was laughing so hard thru your entire post! I don't know which would traumatize me more, the sight of poor stuffed Bambi, or those lovely bright orange couches! Please, please tell me you didn't buy it! Please? But then again, if you Did buy it, you could go rv-ing with me & hubby! Tee, hee! Meet you up in the UP! :)

Debbie said...

uummmmmm...the door handle is nice. The ouside isn't so bad. the inside just needs a little work, as far as color goes.
I say....go for it!!!

Rebecca said...

I'm smiling from ear to ear. I say GET IT! You live once. Even if you travel in it only for a couple of years you'll have experiences like never before.

About it's orange...and size...

Well my neighbor continually parks his ugly red mini truck just outside of my property line by the curb. Secretly I want to smash it up so he'll haul it away. But I know if I do he'd keep driving it and it would look worse than ever.

If I can handle this your neighbors can handle that big ol' thing! :)

Love to you~


Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

Very funny Diana!! I have a few of those animals hanging in my family room! I am trying to decorate around them!!

When I look at "The Pearl", I see a project!! How fun! We have a 1988 camper that we remodeled and just love, so don't worry! It can become your pearl! I did a post about it if you want some ideas!!

Hopefully you like to go camping....Happy Anniversary!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL....I loved this! Looks like you had dinner at Bass Pro Shops, (which would thrill my Bobby G. to no end). I especially loved the beer carton holder thingie. I will remember that for the pool party next weekend. :) know...I like that trailer. Fixing it up would be so much fun and you can come visit me and park it in my drive way 'cause I live in the middle of nowhere. xoxo

Gabriele Agustini said...

Too, TOO funny!!!!
I love waking up and heading for your blog, to see what craziness you've been up to! :)
I hate orange too! I loved the smile on your husbands face! Ha!
He looks like a little kid at Christmas!

By the way, thanks for commenting on my blog! And, NO! Nobody was allowed to call me that! I dislike that name even more than I dislike that vehicle! :) (Maybe.)


Lin said...

That's quite a place you ate at, not sure if I could eat with that bear staring at me!

I would think once the inside of the motor home is redone it will look nice & cosy!

vignette design said...

You are hysterical! Could you hear me laughing? Actually, I think remodeling a motor home could be a fun challenge! Oh, the places you will go! I want a "Pearl" too! --Delores

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Lol, you're making me smile. Remember, it did say it was "always stored inside" :-), so none of that stuff will be worn out!

Jettie said...

Do I see a trip south in your future?
That thing would look just fine in my driveway, lol. Would fit in with the rest of the retro stuff that we have.
None of those animals reside here, thank goodness.

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Funny post! Loved the part about the "tumor treatment" with the microwave :) PS Orange isn't my favorite color either...

Pamela said...

Oh Diana you are too funny!! Did he really buy this thing? OMG flashback to my childhood!!
Did you know orange is back in?
I'm glad you don't know my address lol but then again i'm in the country and i think i have seen some people around here living in that!!!!!!!!!
Pamela xo

Julie Harward said...

LOL...what a could you pass it up! ;D

Debbie~ said...

Hey Diane, We'll have to exchange camping stories, well in my case it'll probably be hunting...the animals on the wall aren't to different from what we're doing for trailer decor! Honestly, my McGiver would be drooling if I show him what you're getting because he really wanted a camping van for hunting so he could be more like a snail and take his home with him!!! The orange...well I have no doubt you'll have that all covered up in no time, with it and go retro all the way! Thanks for the laugh tho, I can just hear your hubbies excitment! Big Hugs, Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

You are definitely a writer who can make me
laugh! I loved this post. It was like I
was right there with you. The bear made me
laugh out loud for some reason!

Flora Doora

Heaven's Walk - said...

HEY!!!! You can wear that polka dot blouse under that orange sweatshirt you were fawning over when you were shopping with Mimi the other day! Then nobody would be able to see you in the motorhome......LOLOLOL! Oh, Diana! You crack me up, girl!!!! You best buy it. AND redo it IMMEDIATELY before you even THINK about parking that in MY driveway! LOLOLOL!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Heaven's Walk - said...

Oh.....and I don't even want to get started on the poor, helpless, DEAD ANIMALS hanging out on the walls of that restaurant....Definitely a man cave....Enough to give me the shivers....

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Tootie said...

I want to laugh, although I do feel your pain. :) Men sure look through different eyes than women. But, he's right, it can be painted and striped of all orange. I really dislike orange too! You could have a lot of fun times with that baby! You could leave the orange and name her 'Carrot'.

Pam said...

So are you buying the camper? It will come in handy when you retire and start traveling the country. I've heard that orange is coming back into style, but shag carpeting is just nasty. I picture things living in the depths of the carpet.