Monday, August 30, 2010


Some of you know I work shift work
at a hospital.
Sometimes I miss exciting adventures
when I work the 11am to 7:30pm shift.
Sometimes I am happy
that I have missed
an adventure.
Case in point....
Can you guess what MyHero purchased
whilst I was working?
Yep! Geez! How did you guess?
The behemoth pictured below is now my own!
Somedays I just don't know how I can
ever truly
Thank God enough
for having MyHero share my life.
Yessireee...I love all the
little surprises that he
brings to brighten up my day.
Some of them are right up there
with the dead mice
my cat used to bring me..
At least those I could
dig a hole for and bury.
But this...
this is
and I think it would take a whole
lotta digging to bury this baby!
My daughter, Mimi came to visit
to see The Pearl..
cuz she didn't really believe that
I got A Pearl for my
Was it what you were expecting, honey?
To showcase the masterpiece
MyHero invited
the grandkids,
MamasBoy & TheSecretAgent,
Mimi & BabyE to take
her on her maiden voyage.
Frosty Tip in Dyckesville.
Yes! That's right!
About 10 miles from home.
Here we are...
At the top of the ramp off the highway..
Wait! Wait! What's that spluttering noise?
PEARL has gasped and
died because
who shall remain nameless..
Forgot to give her a drink!
And I'm thinking PEARL
I'm thinking she is one
expensive date.
Now me? I'm a cheap date
because I don't drink much..
Guess we'll see how much MyHero
likes supporting his new girlfriend's
drinking habit!
Back to the road trip here...
Hmmm...we can see the
little town ahead...
Only a mile away..
MamasBoy thinks (and says)
We can coast 'er in.
Kids are all excited..
Hey Papa! How come we're going so slow?
Coasting past the sign.
You would not believe the assortment
of people that you see
standing in front of this sign
having their picture taken.
Yeah...most of them have
out-of-state license plates...
and that's all I'm saying about that!

Look, Papa, Look!I can see the sign now...

It is straighway in the distance...but poor PEARL
has s-l-o-w-e-d to a stop!

MyHero to the rescue...

He & MamasBoy & TheSecretAgent

jump out and proceed to

All of a sudden..Lulu starts shouting

out the window..

Stop! Papa! Stop!

We're here! There's the Frosty Tip!But Papa keeps going!

Lulu sadly waves good-bye to


SweetCheeks uses her newest line...

I hate this wurhld!

Papa doesn't care what anyone thinks

because PEARL needs a drink


there are any ice cream treats.

Ahhhh....So Good!

Gas for one~

and finally....

Ice Cream for all.

All except Ria who was staying

overnight at a friend's house.

The next morning when she

came over she told

Lulu that she wanted to take

a ride in the

orange PLANE too!

Lulu is NOT a plane, Ria..

It's a bus!

It's not a bus,'s a PLANE
cuz Nana said that

Papa was FLYING solo

until he painted that thing!

Just as she finishes her conversation
the doorbell rings.
It is the next door neighbor..
She says that they can
smell diesel oil
and it appears to be coming from...
Yep! You guessed it
I rush around to the back garage
to check her out..
She looks okay
(well-as okay as she CAN look)
from the front..
But wait...
Hmmm...looks like OIL to me..
Do you suppose
The Pearl
will be visiting
The Pearly Gates soon? be continued......
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Melissa K said...

Oh my, what a good giggle - lovely post as always - Will be waiting to hear further updates on Pearl :)

Lin said...

Oh, poor Pearl:( I hope that she can get to see a specialist & that they can fix her! Great post though, I love to hear your stories :))

Diana said...

Great, fun post. I hope she "feels" better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Now I know they are brothers. They have the same taste in 'girlfriends', expensive and fickle. My thoughts, after a few expensive repairs, he'll put a for sale sign on it and MrP will stop by, and purchase it, and park it in MY drive.

WeeFaerie said...

Oh my goodness! What a surprise you had waiting for you! I hope Pearl is feeling better soon, you could have some amazing adventures with her!

sewingseeds4U said...

Sometimes the last laugh can be rather expensive! Cute story...Patty

A Cottage Muse said...

My husband did that to me with our very first camper! He was in cahoots with my Mom. I am so happy that we bought that lil' ol' trailer because it has given us 14 years of memories and life long wonderful friends!!

Donna said...

Well, I sure hope Pearl is feeling better soon! Don't feel bad that she "drinks" alot! Our motor home gets about 8.5 mpg (it's not diesel). But, we love it, and I am sure you will come to feel the same for your Pearl soon, too!

Makeup By LisaMarie said...

Awww isn't this cute!! Looks like you had a lot of fun with Pearl hope she's feeling better soon LOL!!!!!!! Thanks again for stopping by my page!! Oh and the salad dressing instead of Adobo you can just use plain table salt :) Enjoy your week Hun ((HUGS)) from CT

Julie Harward said...

LOL..Well lets hope there is a pearly gate for Pearl...soon too huh?! Husbands..what would we do without them? Blog posts would be less funny maybe! :D

Heaven's Walk - said... are not parking Pearl in my driveway until her 'colon problems' clear up. Here's hoping that she's not destined for the manure pile in the back 40.....

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Love of the Sea said...

Poor Pearl....and she looks so cute. Hopefully the plumbing will work itself out!!!

The DIY Show Off said...

Already a fun (after the fact) memory! I hope she's feeling better soon and provides a lot more laughs. Can't wait to hear the Pearl saga. And yes, I would be ready to paper mache and spray paint MrDIY too for pulling that one. Luckily in 5 years, it's only been the Big Green Egg that was a 'surprise' and that one cooks delicious meals so, so far so good. ;)


Debbie said...

Poor Pearl~~~ I can relate to the "problem" with her colon.I have Crohn's Disease...I need extra care at times. maybe Pearl just needs some TLC. Be patient with her, Diana...that could be you losing your stuff in the driveway someday.

NanaDiana said...

OMG-Debbie! Now THERE'S something to look forward to!

And to all those inquiring was her generator...she is still big and ugly and orange but she's kind of growing (or is that groaning) on me. *sigh* However, it is never going to be 1975 again and the burnt orange has to go!>)

Blessedmom's Simple Home said...

Oh my goodness, too funny! Is he regretting this little purchase at all or he just giddy over his new toy? I know my hubby would be overlooking all the little high-maintenance issues of this "gal" :-)

Blue Creek Home said...

The Pearl is just too cute! When she gets all tuned up I bet she will take you on some wild rides!!!
In our early marriage days, back in the day, we had the Silver Bullet that gave us lots of fun memories and drive way spots!!


Tootie said...

Poor Pearl, I'm sure your dear husband will find a cure for her ailment soon. :)

I just knew the whole family would fall in love with her. Lots of memories to be made with Pearl.

Your stories crack me up!