Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Sailor's Dream

Monday was a hot and humid day.
It started off hot...
and got hotter!
MyHero and I decided that we
would take a short ride across
the peninsula to a little town
called Manitowoc.
We were checking out a motel on the water
to see if it might work for an
"escape" every once in a while.
Lo and behold..
Look! Look!
What IS that at the edge of the parking lot
that borders the hotel?

WHAT in the world is MyHero
looking at?
Oh..it's only a bunch of old telephone wires..
isn't it?
No! It's not~ but I had you going there
for a minute didn't I?Ooooh..there is an adventurer hidden in
every man's heart.
Did you know that?
Trust me!
And-putting the laundry away
isn't on the list
of adventurous things to do.
Oh..look...there are the sheets
MyHero would like to fold!
Men don't dream about fresh laundry.
No~men dream about things like
sleeping outside under a tarp,
attached to a ship,
floating in the water,
with no wives..
joined only by..
scullery maids
and wenches
who will do their every bidding.
Under canvas covers-like this..

Don't believe me?

Ask your hubby.
If he says he is 100% happy with NO adventure
in his dreams..
that he loves you SOOO much that he
never thinks of another thing...
sorry to
burst your "happy" bubble..
He's a liar..
A big, fat
(or skinny, depending on the man)
MyHero's eyes glisten
as he takes in the front of this beauty.
There is nothing like a boat..
or a special car..
or a motorcycle..
or a piece of new carpenter's equipment..
or a new tool..
to make the man's heart go pitty-patter..
sometimes they will even grin...
MyHero gets all excited when he sees
this... Come aboard, mate..
Adventure beckons..
The boarding planks are in place.
Step Aboard!Oooooh...and here's the tender
(the little boat behind the big boat for all you land lubbers)
Yeah...that's the kind of junk in the trunk my old boy likes.The flag is unfurled and blowing in the breeze...
Are you ready?
Step lively!
The tall ships are leaving shore...
Sadly, MyHero decided that
his big adventure today would involve
something like this..
Goodbye-Goodbye Tall Ship...
Maybe next year..
I will sail away with you...
(if my wife will let me)
Sure I will...
In your dreams!
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Bonnie@Creative Decorating said...

You are too funny!! My husband would be thinking the same thing!! What a beautiful boat!

Janean said...

matey diana, i could almost feel the sea waters splashin' me face - argh!

uh, and i could almost taste a DQ sundae!!!!

Sweet Tea said...

GREAT photos!!
I enjoyed seeing it through your eyes.
Now if I could just taste the DQ part along with you. Yum!

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

My husband's dreams are tied up in cars. Old cars that he is restoring. He can't wait to get his camaro to the painting stage. Bit by bit he has been working on it. Beautiful boat there.

Pamela said...

HA Ha Diana that was a hoot! My husband dreams of a boat to cruise in the ocean with! Yes he openly admits it all the time and yes i am totally on board with that!!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments on my little blog!
Pamela xo

Diana said...

Boys and their toys!!! We have our share.....

Enjoyed the post.

Heaven's Walk - said...

Hi Sailing Diana! I don't want to admit this to you...but Hubby and I took a couple Windjammer cruises many years ago and sailed from St. Maarten, BVI. (They also have them from Maine, USA too.) It was absolutely amazing and quite an adventure! We loved it! You should definitely look into a trip like that for your Hero and surprise him with it!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk