Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One Lovely Blog Award-Huh?

You girls know the rules...
Most of you do anyway..
Ya gotta grab this button..
and then spill your guts..
about 7 things no one
knows about you.
Yeah...but if I TELL them
then they'll KNOW?
Is that how this works?
Well...leave it up to Laurie
to stick me with this sucker.
She is just trying to find out my
secrets so she can blackmail me..
I know her better than she thinks I do!

So...after I confess my every sin and unmentionable act..
What? Oh! It's not THAT kind of things you want to know?
Well...it IS...you know it is...but..baby..
THAT ain't gonna happen..
No sireeee...You are getting the watered down
version of my life.
Anyway...AFTER this I get to stick some other
poor unsuspecting soul with the task of
revealing everything they dare tell about themselves.
Ok-then...GAMES ON!

1. Back in "the day"-don't you love that expression..Anyway, back in the day
when I was young and cute...
my first big REAL job was working for WBBH TV20
in Ft.Myers, FL. I even made a few little commercials
and was the Lee Carpet Girl (Lord how embarrassing that sounds now)
for a while.

2. I rode in the Edison Parade of Lights (in a ball gown)
on a float with Ronald McDonald. Nuff said!

3. I was the first WOMAN sales rep in the Southern USA for
Georgia-Pacific corp. I sold lumber to MEN in a world where
WOMEN did not sell LUMBER to men.
That's where I met MyHero...I'm not sure who sold whom a bill
of goods. (don't you love working whom into a sentence)

4. I was decorating before it became a "craze". I talked my
friend in Florida into selling all her fine things and she "countried up"
her house. Her relatives came from out of state and asked her if they had
lost all their money and did they have enough to eat...
yeah...I'm still laughing about that!

5. Hmmmm...this is no easy task...it's like..okay..I COULD
tell this..but do I really want people to KNOW...yeah..
Let's see....Working at my job in the hospital is one of the most
rewarding things I have ever done...it is also one of the most
heartbreaking...sometimes I go into the back room so I don't lose
it in front of a patient.

6. I like to drive. I drive everywhere. MyHero likes to ride. He rides everywhere.
I am the Princess Driver. I think it would be fun to drive one
of those stinking tourist buses around and tell people facts about the area.
I would have to live somewhere else to do this because this area is
all about the PACKERS. And I dunno nothin' bout those Packers. All I know is that Brett Favre (whose name is not pronounced like it is spelled) left the Packers.
I know there was a lot of whining and gnashing of teeth when that happened.
I know that when the Packers lose the Emergency Room is
extra busy. I know that they should have
a sign at the city limits that says.
You don't like football?
Please catch the next plane out of town.
You are not welcome here.
And that's about all I know about football.

7. I have found a whole new world here in Blogland. I can finally amuse someone
besides myself...and MyHero...who only thinks I
am funny on occassion. However, he dutifully laughs
because he likes clean undershorts and pressed shirts. Amen.

Now..here you go..
The next poor suckers to get this award are...
(as they say in the Acadamy Awards...in NO particular order)

1. MySummerhouse. Laura is just a sweetheart of a girl. She is a beautiful person
who knows the depth of life and loss and her blog is lovely...and so is she.

2. Bella'sRoseCottage Hosted by the Beautiful Bella (who else). Her blog is
as pretty as she is. You will find tea and treasures (including her).

3. SoManyThingsToLove Gabriele Augustini (doncha love that name)..it sounds
like she'a an exotic princess (or exotic dancer?-just sayin...) but NO she
is a painter of silk-the likes of which you have never seen.
But don't be calling her Gabby cuz she does NOT like that.
And don't let her painted potato head scare you away..scroll down to
the silk scarf-oh yeah....baby!

4. ACottageMuse Sandi (whose name should be Sandirella or something
swirly and ruffly like that) has a dreaming-of-white blog. You will love her
thrift shop finds.

You know the worst part of this whole thing is deciding who gets
The Award
There are SOOO many people out there that deserve an award..
it's like how do I begin to pick?
So...I picked those that have been commenting..
and following...
There were those that I would have liked to give it to that
have a NO AWARDS sticker...
Yeah...they probably got stuck doing this about a
gazillion times and now they are ashamed of
spilling the beans about themselves...
or...some of them could be wanted by
the IRS and don't want to make themselves
too available...
And there are those that have so many followers that
I figured they have done this more than they ever
hoped they would have to...so I hesitated to ask them...
Well, whatever...
Just know that if you have found me here
I love having you here and will
do my best to include you
in any way I can..
so...if I didn't give you
an award...
and you thinkyou deserve one..
please send me cash...
I might get another chance to do this.

And, Laurie...Thank You-love you girl!
(You owe me BIG time) Diana
your photo name


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

OK, OK, I need to stop laughing now! You are
right about amusing other people! That was
the funniest yet.

Flora Doora

maddie/cadesmimi said...

Oh, Nana Diana, you are on a roll this week!!! Yesterday's post was hilarious! Then today you have "outdone" your self with this blog award post. I love both of them--even better than the one about the camper with orange interior! Keep those posts commin' girl! You may be the next Erma Bombeck :)

A Cottage Muse said...

Sandirella?! Love it!!! I do have a fabulous vintage tiara!! Thank you Diana for another post full of giggles and for including me!

Heaven's Walk - said...

LOLOLOL! Oh, Diana! I can never get through your posts without busting a gut and peeing my pants! Lol! I think Maddie hit it spot on ~~ you ARE the next Erma Bombeck, girl!!!! You should seriously consider writing as your career.

Soooo....the Lee Carpet Girl AND Ronald McDonald's Princess, huh? Oh baby. That's definitely blackmail material..... :) (And to think that I never thought that you'd catch on to the fact that I wanted some dirt on you...)

Love ya back, D!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Donna said...

You are just too funny! Since you like to drive, maybe you could turn the orange RV into tour bus (since you said you would love to be a tour operator!). And maybe Ronald McDonald could join you! :) Sorry, just couldn't resist!

Debbie said...

Ronald, huh? Did you get to call him Ron? I think Donna has a great idea for that tour bus thing!! Leave it orange...it will match Ron's hair.

simpledaisy said...

Well Hello!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog!!
Love the post! Too funny:)

Bella said...

Hi Diana... Oh I get it now your blog IS YOUR TOUR BUS, and we are along for a ride of fun facts!!!! You are a great driver, and we are all very entertained :-)))
Thanks so much for thinking of me... you are so so kind!
Have a great day!!

Lin said...

As usual I have been entertained by your post! Your quite an amazing lady & I have enjoyed learning more about you :)

sewingseeds4U said...

Oh, Dianna...that was laugh out loud funny. I needed a good belly laugh and you came through as always. I'm so glad you chose to amuse us, too. I must have missed the orange trailer story so I'm off to find it. Have a wonderful day! Patty

Rebecca said...

Girlfriend...you are one hysterical babe! You are! I'm laughing my beau-he-mous off (um...that is what I call my BUM!). I love your outlook and your muse. I'm smiling from ear to ear.

Now...just have to comment on #5 (hospital job).

I admire you for what you do. I could NOT do it. I couldn't face sickness and death every single day but MOSTLY I would struggle with those left behind when someone they love passes on. I would be of no good to them. I would only weep and weep and weep and then probably start wailing like I was a family member.

No..it's best for me to do what I do and leave the real life jobs to those who can put aside their own sufferings while ministering to others.


Love to you~


Gabriele Agustini said...

I agree with all the other gals, you are hysterical!!
I love reading all your posts, as well as all the comments.
Makes my day!

I couldn't get back to you yesterday, because I was out of town, spending time with my sick friend. We laughed so hard I think she busted her stitches! :) That's one of the greatest things in life - laughter. And I thank you for giving that to your readers - on a daily basis!

As far as the 'award' - I feel bad for saying this, but I can't think of anything to write. (Or is it that deep-down I don't want to reveal my secrets?:) Does that mean I have to give it back? It's looking SO good on my mantel.

Again, my apologies, and my thanks for the wonderful things you wrote about me!! I REALLY appreciate them!!!!

Huge Hug,